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Beverage Labels

Dion Beverage Labels

Beverage companies are one of the largest and most competitive industries in need of labels. Think about how many drink companies and labels there are in your typical grocery store beverage aisle; your label needs to make you stand out! We print an assortment of juice, coffee, tea, dairy, energy drink, and specialty drink labels. A well designed beverage label can have a bold color pallet, be simple with basic nutritional information, use ultra-clear material for a “no-label” appearance or utilize shrink sleeve technology.

Shrink sleeves are frequently used in beverage packaging for a 360 degree contoured label that will stand out on the shelf and grab your customers attention. Eye catching bottle labels are a major step in branding your beverage company against your competition. When a customer forms trust with a brand, they are in turn more likely to buy other products by that brand. In the end, a well made beverage label should fit the bottle like a glove, be alluring to the customer, and facilitate brand loyalty. Dion Label Printing follows strict FDA packaging guidelines, and works with clients to ensure that every label follows a specialized printing, inspection, and finishing procedure. Dion Label Printing has control procedures to ensure a high level of quality for all beverage labels. Every roll of labels is labeled twice with production dates, product ID numbers, descriptions, batch numbers and accurate roll counts. Our shipping boxes also include detailed information and box counts. In addition, Dion Label Printing also offers your choice of rolls, sheets, and fan folding.  For additional quality control information please visit, Dion Label Printing's Quality Control page.

Dion Label Printing, Inc. offers both digital and flexographic label printing. Digital printing allows our beverage label clients to provide lot numbers in the label printing process versus the label application process and also manage obsolescence by reducing inventory. Digital printing is a great label solution for companies with multiple sku’s as varying graphics can be printed all at once without the costs of plates and lengthy setup time of flexographic presses! Digital printing is ideal for printing on a variety of substrates, custom color matching, and lower printing costs. Flexographic printing is available for longer run labels of one or more popular items printing on an extensive variety of substrates, and a large selection of tooling for specialty cuts.

Beverage Label Solutions:

  • Beverage stocks including:
    • Clear and Ultra-clear label material for a “no-label” look
    • Shrink films
    • Textured papers: Linen, Estate (Cream and White), and others available
    • Foil paper and film
    • Holographic
    • Metallics
    • Paper
    • Recyclable materials
    • Many more!
  • Cold foil stamping
  • Foil hot stamping
  • Embossing
  • Shrink sleeve technology
  • Beverages bottle neck hangers
  • Static clings
  • Cold temperature and water resistant adhesives 
  • Flash-Freeze material and adhesives
  • Selective gloss and matte coatings available in UV and laminations
  • Printing for hand or machine applied labels 
  • Soy, water-based and UV inks available
  • Certified label counts
  • Consecutive numbering and variable data
  • Validated inspection
  • Guaranteed barcode scanability
  • Extended content labels: two sided and multi-layer for additional ingredients, instructions, and languages. 
  • Capability to print product specific and variable information
    • Ingredients and nutritional information, varying weights, sell-by dates, shipping labels
  • Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) available
  • Over 45 years experience working with beverage companies
  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal materials, varnishes and laminations
  • Repositionable adhesives
  • Flexible film packaging
  • Digital printing for short runs, lower costs, and efficient production of multiple sku’s
    • Small runs for multiple product varieties
  • Short and long run capabilities
  • We carry 4,000 dies in-house for custom cuts and special shapes (save on die costs)

To request a beverage label quote online, click here! To request label samples click here!