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FYI: Benefits of Short Run Digital Printing

2017-03-24 09:00 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 1)

Digital Press

Benefits of Short Run Printing

There are benefits to running your label project in digital and/or flexographic printing environments depending on your project needs. Here we will discuss some of the pros of printing your label project digitally.

  1. Environmental: With short run printing, there is less raw material and energy waste which benefits the environment. There will also be minimum excess labels to dispose of.

  2. Costs: Digital printing will save you the cost of purchasing plates, a large savings if you have multiple varieties of one label. You can also avoid purchasing in bulk. Labels could sit on the shelves and become obsolete in design or ingredient information before use.

  3. Decoration: Short run digital printing provides many graphic decorative opportunities for on-the-fly orders. Digital printing effects and material can give the same artwork completely different looks, depending on what you are going for. This is beneficial if your product is sold seasonally; candles for example.

  4. Lead Time: There is a quicker turnaround time for short run printing jobs as the set up time is reduced and plates do not need to be made.

  5. Variable Data: Short run digital printing allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to label projects that require text, data, number, or micro-text changes with each run.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your First Label Project

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Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your First Label Project

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your First Label Project

Starting your first label project can be an overwhelming experience, especially when a seemingly small mistake can be costly. Here are a few of the most common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Material Selection: Material selection is important because it is the base of your design, and can make or break the look you are going for. For example, if you are designing a label for a high-end spirit, a standard paper may not portray a high end look, while a thicker, textured material will.

  2. Material Testing: Material testing is one of the most important steps in the label buying process. This ensures that your material will adhere to your container properly. (Please purchase your container BEFORE you begin this process). The material you test should have the proper adhesive and finish for your application. Temperature change, moisture, and exposure to the sun can affect the effectiveness of your label.

  3. Product Regulations: Many industries (pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, food & beverage, wine, beer, spirits) have labeling regulations. Doing your research will help you avoid having to reprint labels or dealing with legal repercussions.

  4. Label Size & Shape: Measure your container, have someone else check it, then measure it again. Your label should fit comfortably on the container with no overlapping or puckering. If your container is an odd shape or tapers, we recommend sending a bottle sample to us for our team to review and advise on sizing.

  5. Brand Consistency: From the beginning it is important to establish your brand’s look, including labels and packaging, and stick to it. Maintaining brand consistency will help to build a relationship and trust with your customers, they will recognize your labels and know how to find your product.  This includes your logo, brand colors, tag line, etc. Splurging on an experienced graphic designer in the beginning will save you money in the long run.

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Why Pressure Sensitive Labels Are Ideal for Craft Beer Companies

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Berkshire Brewing

Berkshire Brewing's unique die cut shape.

In the ever-increasing craft beer industry, standing out is becoming harder and harder. Getting your brand name and story across may be difficult when you are limited to a simple rectangular shape or a material that doesn’t quite match your image. According to Jeff Greenlief, a craft beer product and business manager at Avery Dennison, some craft breweries are still using glue-applied label solutions. Others have seen the benefits to pressure sensitive labels and have make the switch.

Digitally printed pressure sensitive labels are a premium option for application and quality. It allows for short run printing and hand labelling, which for burgeoning breweries, is a cost effective solution. The quality and durability of the label itself is higher as you can specify materials that will perform optimally in your chosen environment. They offer a number of benefits from a design standpoint as well. A unique die cut shape, a vibrant color, a textured material, are all possible. Embossing, cold foil stamping, and hot foil stamping are a few examples of additional features that can take your label to the next level.

Greenlief goes on to say, “With pressure sensitive, you’re getting everything together from the label facestock to the adhesive, and you’re more efficient in your line because you don’t have big costly changeovers. You just replace the label material on the applicator and off you go.”

For more details about the pros of pressure sensitive labels, read this great article by Keith Gribbins of the Craft Brewing Business website.

Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Museum Association Conference

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NEMA Conference

NEMA Conference

This past week, the 98th annual New England Museum Association Conference took place in Mystic, Connecticut. Just over 50 companies exhibited at this intimate conference with over 800 attendees.

NEMA ConferenceNEMA Conference

NEMA Conference

Dion Label Printing exhibited in booth #18 at the Mystic Marriot Hotel & Spa. Dion Label showcased their flexo and digital ticket and label printing capabilities, with a focus on their 45 years of experience in the admission, ski, and recreation industry. Dion Label will work with each client individually to ensure their custom ticket specifications are met, from the art to finishing process. Some specialized features they offer include: hot and cold foil stamping, clear fraud seals, black light features, sequential numbering and custom perforations.

NEMA Conference

NEMA Conference

If you are interested in seeing samples of ski, recreation and museum tickets, request a sample packet today!

MPS and Dion Label Printing Collaborate on Successful Open House

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MPS Open House at Dion Label Printing

MPS Open House at Dion Label Printing

Another great article that features our Dion Label Printing capabilities! Click here to read more on how we hosted this Improving Profits through Technology seminar and open house!

“MPS Systems North America and Dion Label Printing, along with supporting partners Kodak, Avery Dennison, Actega, Apex, AVT, CC1 and Kocher+Beck, organized a seminar and open house on Wednesday, June 22 in Springfield, Mass. The motto of the event was “Improving Profits Through Technology.” With more than 40 people in attendance, the program was split into two sessions, starting with a Technology Seminar in the morning and a live press demonstration at Dion Label Printing in the afternoon on its new 17˝ MPS EF printing press. “I am very excited about the success of this Technology Seminar,” said Michael Weyermann, area sales manager for MPS. “We are very happy with the number of people attending as well as their positive feedback. People not only got to hear about the advancements in technology but they got to see it in production first hand and that was exactly our goal. Last but not least, we especially want to thank Dion Label Printing for their exceptional hospitality and partnership in organizing this event.”

MPS Seminar Featuring Dion Label Printing

MPS Seminar Featuring Dion Label Printing

Dion Label Printing Featured in Label & Narrow Web Magazine

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Our Dion Team Represents Diversity, Dedication and Quality!

Dion Label Leadership Team

Dion Label Leadership Team

Check out this recent article feature on Dion Label Printing by Label & Narrow Web Magazine! Read a few excerpts from the article below and be sure to read the full article by clicking here!

“As Dion Label Printing heads toward the impressive milestone of being in business for half a century, it’s a fitting time to take a look into the operations and capabilities of the Westfield, MA-based label manufacturer. The company was the subject of a Narrow Web Profile in the March 2008 issue of Label & Narrow Web, and much has changed since that visit. During its earlier days, a significant source of revenue for Dion came from the skiing industry. According to John Dion, at one point, the company was responsible for more than half of the North American ski lift ticket printing business. “That’s where we really made our name,” he says. As today’s modern printing technology has evolved, quality has become easier to achieve, but as Duhaime declares, “We take quality to a whole other level.” The label industry is evolving and so too does Dion Label Printing. As the company closes in on its Golden Anniversary, it’s in the midst of a rebranding initiative. By design, Dion Label Printing’s growth has been controlled and steady. Quality, diversification and complexity of products have been key components to its evolution, and so is getting the word out about Dion’s many capabilities.”

Dion Label Printing MPS Press

Dion Label Printing MPS Press

Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Made Tradeshow

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Check Out Our Video!

Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Made Show

Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Made Show

As we announced last week, Dion Label Printing will be exhibiting at the 32nd New England Made Tradeshow at the Portland Sports Complex in Portland, Maine. Dion representatives will be available in booth #528 from March 19th - 21st in the specialty food section to assist with your label and packaging needs.

Join us on a tour of Dion Label Printing's capabilities by clicking on the top image to watch the video now!

Dion Label Printing Featured by HP

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Check Out Our Video!

Dion Label Printing Co-President, John Dion

Dion Label Printing Co-President, John Dion

Dion Label Printing has been in business for over 45 years offering both digital and flexographic printing capabilities. Dion’s leading industry partner, HP, recently featured Dion in a video detailing our new digital offerings and additional capabilities as a narrow web printer.

Co-President John Dion (shown above) opens the video detailing how Dion Label Printing was founded and other key members of the team discuss our featured offerings, and future goals as a company.  

Dion's Digital Printing Capabilities

Dion's Digital Printing Capabilities

Join us on a tour of the Dion Label Printing facility by clicking on the top image to watch the video now!

HP Digital Partners with Coca-Cola Campaign

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“Share a Coca-Cola”

"Share A Coke" packaging

Remember when we blogged about the introduction of personalized labels from brands such as Coca-Cola in our article, “Packaging with Your Name on It?” What started as a trial run was recently launched as a full campaign across Europe this past spring. The campaign is called “Share a Coca-Cola” and it extends across 32 countries. “Share a Coca-Cola” sent to market Coke cans and labeled bottles with 150 of the most popular names (ie: Matthew, Laura, Dan). Not only are the personalized cans and bottles available in stores but you can sign in through Facebook to share digital Coke cans with your friends!


Coca-Cola partnered with a company that used the HP Indigo WS6000 printing press to produce the millions of campaign labels. Twelve HP Indigo WS6000 presses worked 24/7 to produce over 800 million labels in just about three months. HP announced that the three month completion mark was a record breaking production run for the press. Marketing Manager Marit Kroon of Coca-Cola Europe commented, “The ability to personalize such a high volume of labels with HP Indigo Digital Presses, while achieving the quality and consistency that Coca-Cola requires, opens up new possibilities for creative campaigns moving forward.” Be sure to check out HP’s news page for their full press release on the record breaking print job.


Did you know that Dion Label Printing also has two of the HP Indigo WS6000 printing presses that were used by Coca-Cola for these labels? Contact a Dion representative for more information or check out our capabilities webpage today!

The Advantages of Digital Printing

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Digital Printing Press

Digital Printing Press

Digital printing has become a leader in the label industry. Digital printing is a method of professional four color process printing that uses digital-based images sent directly to the printer electronically. Dion Label Printing invested in digital printing in 2005 and quickly learned the advantages of this technology for our clients. Today, Dion owns two HP Indigo6000s presses, the newest and most productive digital presses in the industry.


By using digital printing for print packaging, clients have allowed reduced timelines in introducing products to the market. As opposed to conventional printing, printing plates and color changes are not required for digital printing, making reducing setup-time time and costs from conventional printing. Digital printing is ideal for packaging of multiple sku’s as setup can be easily changed out using a computer operated system.


Another advantage to digital printing is high quality color and images. Digital prints have less dot gain which in turn creates a higher resolution image. Four color process printing is utilized along with custom color matching upon request to obtain the perfect color for your print project. Exact printed proofing is also available with the material and coating selected. Dion Label Printing offers digital printing for both labels and flexible packaging including shrink sleeves and pouches.


Check out the video HP recently published on digital printing called “Racing to the future: HP digital presses transforming print businesses.” And be sure to visit our digital printing webpage for more information on Dion Label Printings capabilities!