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Make Your Label Shine with Metallics

2017-05-03 09:00 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)


Metallic Label

Metallic Label Using Silver Film

There are a few options available when adding a metallic accent to your label design.  Your most cost effective option will be a base film material. This is also your most flexible option as the amount of metallic that shows through is dependent on your label design. When I say that it is dependent on your label design, I mean that the material can be printed over, allowing only sections of the silver to show through. This also gives you the option to adjust the amount of shine coming through on the metallic sections. Are you looking for gold instead? No problem! A simple layer of yellow ink can turn that silver to gold. This is the most cost effective option as it does not require any additional plates to be purchased.

If you would like to add a metallic accent to a label with a textured material, hot stamping will likely be your best option. You can read more about hot stamping here. These foils come in a variety of colors. If you have a temperature sensitive material, cold stamping will likely be your best option. Cold stamping also has the option of overprinting to change the metallic color. You can read more about cold stamping here. Whatever your label application, we can point you in the right direction!

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What is a Custom Die?

2017-04-21 09:00 by Ashley (comments: 0)

What is a Custom Die?

Custom Die

Throughout your label project process, you will hear the words “custom die”. A custom die is essentially a cookie cutter style tool that cuts through your printed material to create your custom label. This process is very particular as your die needs to cut through the label material, but stop short of cutting through the material backing or the liner. Dies can be made to your exact specifications, whether you need to add a tamper section to your cap label, or a main label in the shape of a sun.

What is a Custom Die?

Custom Die

Though custom dies do carry a fee, a unique shape can make all the difference when your product is competing for shelf space. Dion Label Printing also houses an impressive library of dies. If you’re looking for a shape that is not quite so specific, we may already have the perfect die in house.

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Choosing a Label Material & Adhesive

2017-04-17 08:00 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Material Selection

Material and Adhesive Selection

Choosing a material for your label can be a confusing process; there are so many options! Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your label material:

  1. Look: What look are you going for? A textured paper material can be used to create a high-end label look, or a more natural, organic look, depending on the label design. A metallic film is just as versatile, appropriate for applications from candles to nutraceutical products. There is no one size fits all material, adjustments will likely need to be made for each application.

  2. Environment: Will your labels be exposed to an environment other than a retail shelf? Environment is a huge factor in material selection. If your product will be labeled or stored in an environment other than room temperature, this should be taken into account. There are materials and adhesives made for refrigeration and water resistance. 

  3. Product: Is your product a liquid or spray? Oils and sprays can drip on and eat away at some materials over time. There are specific materials we can suggest for maximum shelf life.

  4. Container: What are your labels being applied to? Coated papers, glass, and plastic each have their own considerations and will interact differently with different materials and adhesives. 

  5. Imprinting & Writability: Some craft products, food and beverage, will write in their batch number. Some pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products will print their batch numbers and expiration dates on their labels as well. Depending on the material, some labels can be printed on directly. Others will need a specific coating to ensure the print doesn’t smudge.

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Eye-Catching Decorative Options: Specialty Coatings

2017-03-27 12:16 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Prismatic Effect

Prismatic Effect

Dion Label Printing offers a variety of specialty coatings, ranging from outdoor laminations to the more decorative prismatic effect. The prismatic effect is essentially a holographic finish that can be used as an integrated part of your artwork, as seen in the Mila label above. The colors in the coating will shift as your vantage point and light source shift. The prismatic effect can be used as an all-over coating or in select areas to enhance parts of your artwork. Markets that would benefit from this effect include wine & spirits, health & beauty, and candles.

Prismatic Effect

Prismatic Effect

Additionally, the prismatic effect be used as a security feature to prevent counterfeiting. This is especially helpful in the ski and recreation industry to avoid fraudulent ticket use.

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Eye-Catching Decorative Options: Hot Stamping

2017-03-09 09:44 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Dion Naturals - Hot Stamping

Dion Naturals - Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a process in which foil is transferred to a material surface by a hot stamping die. The die is heated then sandwiches the foil into the material. This relatively simple process adds a decorative aspect to your label and can be incorporated into your label design as it has a sharp, crisp appearance. Hot stamping will create a slightly raised surface and depending on your varnish, a matte or gloss metallic finish. It can be applied to both smooth and textured materials, making it a highly versatile decorative option in the label printing world. In addition to using hot stamping as a decorative finish to create a high-end, luxury look, it can also be used as a security or anti-counterfeiting measure.

In house, we carry a variety of hot stamping colors including gold and silver foil. If you project requires a more specific color, you our team can assist picking out the perfect hot stamp foil.

You can find hot stamping on:

  • Craft Beer Labels
  • Wine Labels
  • Spirits Labels
  • Food Labels
  • Health and Beauty Labels
  • Candle Labels

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Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Museum Association Conference

2016-11-16 09:30 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

NEMA Conference

NEMA Conference

This past week, the 98th annual New England Museum Association Conference took place in Mystic, Connecticut. Just over 50 companies exhibited at this intimate conference with over 800 attendees.

NEMA ConferenceNEMA Conference

NEMA Conference

Dion Label Printing exhibited in booth #18 at the Mystic Marriot Hotel & Spa. Dion Label showcased their flexo and digital ticket and label printing capabilities, with a focus on their 45 years of experience in the admission, ski, and recreation industry. Dion Label will work with each client individually to ensure their custom ticket specifications are met, from the art to finishing process. Some specialized features they offer include: hot and cold foil stamping, clear fraud seals, black light features, sequential numbering and custom perforations.

NEMA Conference

NEMA Conference

If you are interested in seeing samples of ski, recreation and museum tickets, request a sample packet today!

Beverage Inspired Watch Packaging

2014-04-28 12:16 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Thirsty Watch

Thirsty Watch packaging design

Thirsty Watch packaging design

Remember when we blogged about the underwater watch pouch packaging where a waterproof watch was actually sold submerged in water? Packaging innovation is more than the design of a label or shrink sleeve, and it involves the entire delivery of a product from the outer packaging to the marketing campaign. One French watch brand was looking to release an exclusive collection of brightly colored time pieces and named their company Thirsty Watch. Each watch is surprisingly packaged in a drink bottle and marketed as being a specific “flavor” depending on the color. For example, in the image above, the green bottle is kiwi, the pink bottle is dragon fruit, and the yellow bottle is papaya.


The almost four year old company worked with French design firm, Agence K2, to design the bottled watch packaging shown above. Each white base container has a show through center circle revealing the vibrantly colored watch held within. The cap and base of the container match the color of the watch and minimal text is printed above and below the show through circle for a clean design. To finish off the container, a small hang tag is included around the bottles neck with an image of the fruit being mimicked such as an image of a kiwi on the top left container. Consumers can easily lift off the top section of the container (including the cap and white body) and remove it to gain access to the timepiece.


What other innovative packaging designs have you seen out of the market that we could feature? Leave us a comment today!