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Top 5 Packaging Trends in 2012

2012-12-18 19:43 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Convenience Packaging: Just Add

Convenience Packaging: Just Add

We have talked about various trends in the packaging industry before, such as in our previous blog, “Modern Beauty Packaging Trends.” Recently we found an interesting article written by Suley Muratoglu the VP of Marketing & Product Management at Tetra Pak Inc. Below are the top five trends in packaging that he has found.


Convenience is one of the trends that has emerged in the packaging industry. Consumers are constantly on-the-go and need packaging that lends itself to a mobile lifestyle. A great example of convenient packaging can be found in our previous blog, “Just Add and Eat” featuring easy to use flavor shots and pastes (photo above). Other convenience based packaging utilizes resealable pouches or shatter resistant containers. A second trend was a switch in the market consumers to the baby boomers and millenials. The baby boomers have been identified as being more eco-conscious about their packaging and while the millenials are attracted to modern packaging. Another packaging trend is green or eco-friendly packaging. We have written about this trend previously in our blog, “Ashley’s Top Trend Alert: Going, Going, Gone Green.” Forms of green packaging include minimal amounts raw materials for outer packaging and compostable materials. Next, a downsizing trend has been going on in the packaging industry. Suley found that consumers are choosing to purchase smaller packaged goods as opposed to those marketed as “king sized” or “bulk.” Finally, making your product packaging stand out against the rest has never been so important. There is so much competition in the markets that eye-catching unusual packaging designs are a must!


What other packaging trends have you noticed on the market? Let us know by leaving a comment!