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Using Labels to Expand Your Brand Presence

2017-05-22 08:45 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Expand Your Brand Presence

Expand Your Brand Presence

In addition to using labels for your products, labels can be used to expand your brand presence. Keep reading for more ideas!

  • Car Decals: With the correct material combination, your pressure sensitive labels can also be used as car decals. Car decals will expand your brand presence by putting your logo in front of an audience that might not normally see it. How many times have you been sitting in traffic, inching a little closer, so you can read the decals on the car in front of you?
  • Window Decals: Similarly to car decals, with the correct material combination, your pressure sensitive labels can also be used as storefront decals. Oftentimes restaurants and storefronts will have a collection of decals near or on their front door and are easily readable.
  • IRC Labels: IRC stands for Instant Redeemable Coupon. IRC labels are useful because in addition to your main label, they provide further incentive for a consumer to purchase your product. Once your product is purchased, your branding will be more recognizable in the future.
  • Packaging Labels: When a consumer purchases your product, how is it packaged? An additional label may be the answer to completing your packaging look. If you are looking for a more upscale look, use tissue paper to wrap your product and complete with a branded label. A branded label could be used to adhere a receipt to the product or shopping bag. Is your product shipped? Make your shipping boxes more recognizable with a label featuring your logo.

Looking for inspiration? Request a sample packet today!

The Importance of Press Proofs

2017-05-12 09:00 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Press Proof

An example of a proof.

Proofs are an important and integral part of every label order. They are used to ensure accuracy in content, color, and layout. A PDF proof is generally acceptable for simple labels with straightforward text and graphics or for labels that are not color critical.

A printed press proof is always recommended for more complicated artwork as it will show you exactly how your label will look, using the specific ink and material specified for your label project. Printed proofs give you a sample of your label printed on the exact press that will be used to print your order to ensure colors are accurate. Also if you are unsure about the size, you will be able to cut the label out and adhere it to your container for review

A proof is your last line of defense to confirm all aspects of your label are correct before going to print. Contact us today to find out more about our proofing process!

Label Review: Dorasti Imports

2017-04-14 09:00 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Dorasti Imports

Dorasti Imports

Dorasti Imports was established in 2016, and is an importer of caviar. Their mission is to, “discover, introduce, and share with their patrons the finest hand-selected caviar that meets their rigorous standard of quality, the expectations for their clients, and is worthy of any occasion and budget.”

Dorasti Imports

Dorasti Imports

Titov Sergey Design made sure that Dorasti’s high standards were evident in their label design and immediately portrayed the quality of the product in the type of label used. The circular cap and bottom labels are connected with a tamper label specifying, “quality control.” The minimalist design uses a combination of select UV varnish, gold debossing, and a luxe, matte black background. Each cap label features the Dorasti logo-a sailboat, with a starry sky over a line drawing of waves. Each bottom label features the Dorasti logo, the type of caviar and refrigeration instructions. With each flavor, the waves and box outlining the flavor change color: the Imperial Kaluga caviar uses gold, the Royal Siberian caviar uses glossy black, and the Russian Ossetra caviar uses a teal blue. The minimalist design and high decoration effects create a label that represents the luxurious nature of Dorasti’s product.

Check out our blog post on specialty food label design trends here.

What is Outlined Text?

2017-04-10 08:00 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Live Text vs. Outlined Text

Live Text vs. Outlined Text

So you have your material picked out, artwork ready, and size confirmed. You are all set to place your order when your artwork comes back from review and the text still needs to be outlined. What? What if I don’t want my text to be outlined?

Not all printing facilities and designers carry the same fonts, especially if they were purchased specifically for your label design. If you use a font that your printer doesn’t carry, the text will revert to the program’s standard font. The easiest way to get around this is to convert the text to outlines. This means that it is no longer text, but now an un-editable vector graphic. Because of this, we suggest saving an editable copy of the document as well. This is important for any typos or formatting changes that may arise. Another solution? You can also submit your font files along with your artwork.

You can learn more about our artwork guidelines for your upcoming label project here.

Textured Decorative Options: Embossing

2017-03-15 08:00 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)



Embossing is the process in which a tool or die is placed onto the label material using high pressure to create a raised portion of the label. Debossing is the opposite and would create a depressions in the material. Embossing offers a world of decorative possibilities for your label. Simply using different label materials will create different stylistic effects. Additionally, you can choose to emboss your logo, parts of your artwork, or even create a background pattern.

Embossing can create a premium or luxury look and is especially popular in wine & spirits label design and health & beauty label design. This decorative option is just another way to create a customized look for your product.

Are you interested in having your embossed label project quoted? Contact us today and a sales representative will be glad to help!

How to make your business brand standout with custom printers

2016-08-10 17:40 by Suzanne Soltau (comments: 0)

Custom Printers

Custom Printers

The business world is diverse and vast. Every business brand is fighting for the number one spot among the consumers and trying to win their hearts. Custom printing gives your business brand an added advantage especially if used the right way. The key things to make your business standout from your competitors while using custom printing are outlined below.

  • Packaging

Packaging is necessary for every company. It is part of their main focus since customers are able to learn more of the brand through packaging. Their methods determine how the customers perceive their brand compared to others in the market. Printing the company’s name and logo on labels, shrink sleeves or pouches lets the customers appreciate your brand more.

  • Creating awareness

Thanks to custom printing, one can make known of their brand effortlessly without breaking a sweat. Making your business name and logo known to the public ensures that your brand stays relevant in the market. Successful marketing depends upon your ability to create and communicate a specific image through your branding and packaging. You need to emphasize the most important facet of your message and keep repeating it over and over again. Rather realize that name recognition and image are established over time through repetition and consistency.

Contact Dion Label Printing today to speak with a packaging specialist on how to make your business brand stand out!

Is your Printer Personalizing Services for you?

2016-08-05 14:48 by Suzanne Soltau (comments: 0)

personalized service

Personalized Service

Printing should be a personalized service; meaning that your printer should be giving you customized service according to specific needs of your business. Individual servicing is your right ensuring that you get maximum value for your money. In a fast moving world of commerce, your business’ needs will change from time to time.


A printer is able to provide flexible service only if he has the technology to back him up. At Dion Label we take pride in our top of the range printing technology to provide a wide range of service to suit your different needs. We have two HP Indigo W6800 digital presses, flexographic presses, shrink sleeve equipment and other modern printing hardware.

Individual service

Our range of services include labels, shrink sleeves, tags, tickets and other customized products for multiple industries like beauty, food and drinks, recreation, pharmaceuticals and others. Each of our customers gets individual customer service as we understand that each business has unique needs.

Responsive service

Our customers are assured of fast turnaround time and response. As our customer you can be sure that we will take into account any changes that you make depending on changes in your industry. Customer service is Dion’s number one priority and you can be sure that we will listen to every one of your complaints or compliments.

Good Printing to Grow Your Brand

2016-08-03 14:40 by Suzanne Soltau (comments: 0)



Many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of good printing in growing a strong brand. First impressions count for much in brand visibility. Beautifully packaged products will always pull customers.  Good printing is able to bring out your designs properly and make the colors come alive such that your trademarks and logos hit the customer right away.  For some products, beautiful packaging can make or break the product.

Strong brand

Sometimes customers are not sure of which product to choose among several possibilities. Think of personal hygiene products, foods and drinks. In many cases, the product with the most presentable packaging is the most attractive choice. The customer will reason that if the outside looks good, what is inside is probably just as good.

Good printer

Your printer should be your ally in developing a strong package. He can advise you on what design will work best for the packaging you have.  A good printer will also ensure that your work will be done on time to match your production line. Get the printer with the best technology to match your needs. Modern presses like Dion’s HP Indigo W6800 will deliver quick turnaround time ensuring your product line is moving efficiently. With a good printer you can concentrate in making your product better knowing that the packaging side is in safe hands.

Dion Label Printing is always excited to help new business expand their products with our label services. We know that good printing will grow your brand and bring better business, which in turn will grow our business. Remember to always contact us with any questions about how we can help with your label needs.

Package Design’s Makeover Challenge 2016

2016-05-10 15:29 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Choice Organic Teas

Package Design Makeover Challenge

Package Design Makeover Challenge

Package Design Magazine has made big announcements for their 13th annual Makeover Challenge. With continued sponsorship from Printpack, the Makeover Challenge is a yearly competition that selects a brand to receive reimaging from design and consulting firms. As of April 2016 they have announced Choice Organic Teas, owned by Granum, Inc. as this year’s brand. The competitors will be Damen Jackson, Iron Design Inc, and Turner Lee Consulting & Design.

Choice Organic Teas is a socially friendly brand based out of Seattle, WA. They were the first tea brand to create brews that contain no genetically modified organisms, and are packaged in completely organic tea bags. Their mission is to change the world one cup at a time. Outside of their teas, as a company, they take part in various philanthropies. They work with a farmtrust to help ensure the sustainability of farms in the United States. They also raise money for Chai for Cancer as well as a scholarship fund for students at Bastyr University.

This year’s three competing agencies all plan on bringing unique values to the competition. Damen Jackson is a company based out of Chicago, IL that follows four principles in their design process; creativity, relevance, simplicity and results. Iron Design Inc. is from Ithaca, NY that specializes in the branding process. They’re work centralizes around branding, naming, packaging design, web design and communication design. Lastly, Turner Lee Consulting & Design is agency that prides itself on building strong, lasting brands and strong, lasting relationships. Turner Lee comes from the Black Hills of South Dakota and has other offices in Colorado and California.

New designs for Choice Organic Teas will be created by each design agency, but only one will be crowned winner. Check out Package Design Magazine to keep up with this year’s competition.

PepsiCo Introduces Pepsimoji Design as a New Universal Language

2016-03-30 16:41 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Image by Jen Ram

Image by Jen Ram

In an effort to create a universal language among its customers, PepsiCo has revealed their newest label design concept featuring customized emojis. On World Emoji Day, July 17th, Pepsi released a teaser video of their new emoji designs, by capturing a marriage proposal exclusively through Pepsimojis.

The idea of individual and international conversation is at the forefront of this marketing campaign. PepsiCo is introducing a way for consumers to interact with their beverages, as well as each other. Not only has PepsiCo introduced #pepsimoji to social media, it has released a Pepsimoji keyboard that can be downloaded for free on to smart phones. The keyboard is what they consider “the language of now” and is a way for consumers to “Say It With Pepsi”. With this strategy consumers of all ages are given the opportunity to interact in a new way and connect with the PepsiCo brand.

Image by Pepsi Canada

Image by Pepsi Canada

PepsiCo Design has created the yellow circle that reflects the iconic shape of Pepsi’s logo and gives face to their new emojis. The different designs are highlighted with the recognizable red, white, and blue colors that Pepsi has always featured. While there are a variety of global emoji designs, Pepsi encourages the creativity of local markets to introduce their own Pepsimojis. Some international markets, such as Canada, Thailand, Russia and Pakistan have begun to feature this new campaign on their Pepsi bottles and cans. The United States can expect to see these new labels on shelves beginning this summer.

Comment below with your new favorite Pepsimoji!