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Designer Rebecca Atwood Collaborates with Method for Limited Edition Collection

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Hand Soap and Household Products

Rebecca Atwood Collection for Method

Rebecca Atwood Collection for Method

In preparation for the spring season, Method has released a new line of household products. Method is a socially and environmentally conscious company that strives to reduce the carbon footprint behind making hand wash and other household cleaning products. They have committed themselves to only using packaging that is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again after use. With goals of a greener future, Method has become the first company to use a packaging design that blends plastic recovered from the ocean and post consumer plastics.

For their new products, the Method design team collaborated with Rebecca Atwood, a Brooklyn based designer. Atwood describes this project as one that was inspired by the upcoming season of spring. Sweet citrus, sandalwood, herb garden, and sea spray are the scents that are paving the way for the transition into the season. These smells are also what inspired Atwood to use a colorful palette to create this limited edition collection.

Method Hand Wash

Method Hand Wash 

The new design features colorful shrink sleeves on a variety of bottle shapes to introduce style into home and bathroom products. Method has kept their familiar tear-dropped shaped bottle design for their hand wash, as well as their cylinder shape for their cleaning products. To introduce new features to the bottles, Atwood used various color schemes, such as oranges and yellows that compliment each other, as well as light and dark washed blues. While some designs provide total coverage of the shrink sleeves, others remain clear so that the product inside can be seen. At the final stage of the design process, the design team at Method and Atwood decided to use a matte finish that featured glossy accents. 

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Re-branding Helps Boost Sales

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Seventh Generation soaps use new packaging to stand out

Seventh Generation Labels Before & After

Seventh Generation Labels Before & After

In today’s world, eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular.  Eco-friendly products offer a certain level of natural well being that other products cannot offer.  They are good for the consumer, and also great for the earth.  Seventh Generation is a New York based company that specializes in eco-friendly cleaning products.  In a market that is constantly changing, Seventh Generation looked to re-brand in order to help boost sales.


To reach their sales goals, Seventh Generation brought in Beardwood & Co., a design firm also based out of New York to work on their packaging redesign.  They both knew that cleaning products, especially hand soap, needed very special packaging in order to stand out on shelves.  The reason behind this is that unlike other products, hand soaps are put on display in the consumer’s home.  With this in mind, they were able to create successful packaging for Seventh Generation hand soaps.

 Seventh Generation New Label

Seventh Generation New label

Seventh Generation’s original packaging used a white bottle with minimal imagery.  Even though the bottle was eco-friendly and had a natural feel, it didn’t seem to be helping the product sell.  The new hand soap container is clear to allow the customer to see the product and reinforcing the idea that Seventh Generation is a natural product, with nothing to hide.  The bottle holds a clear label with images completely surrounding the container.  These images are meant to help the consumer understand the natural goodness of the scent.  A three hundred and sixty degree banner wraps the center of the bottle, displaying the scent of the product inside.  The CMO of Seventh Generation has said that the new packaging has helped their product “double in sales almost overnight!”


Are you familiar with any other brands that have successfully re-branded?  Leave a comment and let us know

Live for Tomorrow Looks to Clean up Consumers Carbon Footprint

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Eco-friendly cleaning product packaging

Live for Tomorrow detergent

Live for Tomorrow detergent packaging

For most cleaning product companies, they have a focus on providing products to clean up the everyday muddy footprints from their customer’s floors or carpets. Live for Tomorrow, however, is also placing a major focus on cleaning up their customer’s carbon footprint along with providing a line premium cleaning products. Based out of the British Columbia, Live for Tomorrow Water Smart Company provides natural, biodegradable cleaning products made from minerals and vegetables. Over eight product lines are offered by the company including detergent, fabric softeners, dish detergents, bleach and all purpose cleaners.


The photo above shows a sampling of their newest packaging that made its debut at Expo West 2013. Each product is available in either a 16.9oz aluminum container or a 34oz white plastic container for a variety of their liquid products. The silver containers feature a convenient black pump dispenser and a matching wrap around prime label with a matte finish. Modern graphics of bubbles and dirty silverware (i.e. a fork) are included in vibrant colors at the top of the label and stand out nicely against the black background. Catchy phrases are included below the images such as “dirt happens” or “dish the dirt” for an edgy packaging twist. Not only is the packaging attractive, but it is also re-usable and 100% recyclable for consumers interested in sustainability.


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Meryl Santopietro’s Simply Spotless New York

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Safe and Effective Cleaning Products

Simply SpotlessSimply Spotless

After over twenty years in the interior design business, Meryl Santopietro recognized a need for cleaning products that were highly effective yet safe enough to protect the things her customers loved. Meryl and her two daughters, Alessandra and Joy, teamed up with skilled chemists to create an environmentally friendly cleaning product company called Simply Spotless New York

When designing the labels for Simply Spotless New York, the Santopietro girls kept in mind that they wanted their products to be openly displayed on countertops.  They wanted something eye catching yet luxurious to display their unique product. Each of the four cleaning labels were printed with a special grey and white background design and simple black lettering.  The wood cleaner label has a grey and white faded looking background mimicking wood grains, while the fabric cleaner has a clean grey and white lined image.  The two more contemporary designs are the hand cleaner and glass cleaner, sporting a spotted and zig-zag grey and white background. Keeping luxury in mind, the labels were designed with minimal wording in clean small black font. These uniquely packaged products are certainly worthy of being displayed on countertops.


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Holiday Candle Labels

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A Classic Label Given a More Elegant Look

Diptyque Holiday Labels

Diptyque Holiday Labels

Diptyque was started in Paris, France by three friends with an inspired and artistic passion. With particular taste and unmatched products, the trio created a one-of-a-kind fragrance and design shop called Diptyque. The original shop opened in 1961 only to display fabric designs, but by 1963 they began more widely exploring their love of fragrances. Now the shop offers three lines of products; personal fragrances, home fragrances, and body care.


The signature Diptyque oval labels, found on all of the shop’s original products, were mimicked after a fabric pattern designed by Desmond Knox-Leet in 1963.  It was said by Diptyque, that the oval labels, “Echo the shape of an 18th century medallion.” They recently chose to branch out from their original 1963 black and white oval label (below) with their holiday candle labels now sporting black, gold, and colored metallic’s (above).  While still maintaining a sense of consistency with the same shape and border as the previous labels, the candle labels now have a more elegant feel with the glistening gold peeking through the patterned label design.  The classic font remained the same as on previous labels, but the labels now had gold foil text and metallic gold detailing. These new candle labels help enhance the elegance of the already well-known candles, making them look just a little sharper for the holidays.

Diptyque Original Labels

Diptyque Original Labels

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Colder Seasons Increase Demand in the Fragrance Industry

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Packaging is Key

Candle Packaging

Candle Packaging

As fall and winter creep upon us, so does the increased demand for warmth and coziness in the homes of US consumers. Melissa Meisel’s article Fall into the Familiar reports that air freshener category sales, reported in July of 2013, have increased 6%. The increase in sales, along with the change of seasons, raises the demand within the air care products industry. The change of seasons causes people to spend more time inside and Jared Gettinger, founder of Love Nature NYC, said consumers are “tired of fake smelling fragrances.” Co-founder and creative director of Antica Farmacista, Shelley Callagnan, agrees with Melissa Mesel’s article that Fall of 2013 is bringing a need for coziness in the fragrance industry.


Consumers are now requiring a variety of choices within the industry such as sustainable choices, relaxing fragrances, masculine or gender neutral fragrances and fragrances without a flame. With an increase in selection of products, it is important for marketers to package their products to stand out while delivering vital information to consumers. In addition to his previous statement about fake smelling fragrances Jared Gettinger said, “Shoppers are looking for something that stands out, because there are so many options in the industry right now. They want it to look unique so they can gift it or proudly display it in their homes.” While scent still remains to be the leading purchase factor for consumers, it is certainly not the only one and according to Klein’s industry manager Karen Doskow, “marketers should not neglect the importance of delivering important information in their packaging of candles and diffusers.” Many candle companies are using a more minimalistic modern packaging with simple and sleek fonts. Labels for some of the most popular and interesting candle packaging this year contain minimal straightforward content with embellishments that make them look elegant.  With the Holiday season quickly falling upon us marketers will need to be sure to vamp up their creativity when packaging this seasons fragrances.


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Tide Pods Get Updated Packaging

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Safety First!

New Packaging Design for Tide Pods

New Packaging Design for Tide Pods

Tide Pods was the pioneering company in the household pods industry selling over $500 million in products the first year alone. The single use washing machine pods eliminated the need for measuring out messy liquid or powdered detergents and provided convenient eye-catching packaging. Unfortunately, the colorful detergent pods were so attention-grabbing that there were reports of children mistaking them for candy and becoming ill after ingestion. Tide took immediate action from the reports and revamped their packaging for safety at the beginning of August.


Check out the redesigned packaging in the photo above and notice that both the tub and the stand up pouch are now opaque in color as opposed to the previous translucent containers. Tide commented that, “the opaque bags are designed so the detergent packs are not visible, making children less interested in what's inside.” Several other updates were made to the packaging design such as double latches to the fishbowl shaped container making opening more difficult. The design of both the label and the pouch now also include warning graphics to keep out of children’s reach.


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Pouched Detergents Emerge on the Market

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Laundry Pouch Packaging

Laundry Pouch Packaging

Remember when we blogged about the new Tide “Pods” in our previous blog, “Tide Breaks the Laundry Mold?” The single use laundry detergent was introduced last winter and has since skyrocketed to popularity. According to Happi Magazine, P&G’s CEO Bob McDonald commented, “Innovation is the way that we touch and improve people’s lives. Pods are one of the biggest innovations in many, many years.” Several other detergent & cleaning product brands have followed suit by introducing their own line of single use detergent pods.

Method Smarty Dish Plus Pouch

Method Smarty Dish Plus Pouch

Arm & Hammer and All Laundry are examples of two companies that have released their own versions of the laundry pods such as the “Toss ‘N Done” and “Mighty Pacs” pouches above. Notice how each of these products is sold in a stand up re-closable pouch. Some of the pouch designs, such as the “Mighty Pacs” above, utilize show through packaging so that the consumer can see the actual product within. Method has also recently released a similar product for the dishwasher called “Smarty Dish Plus.” The individual non-toxic pouches are also sold in a stand up pouch with show through packaging and a modern design. We will be keeping an eye on the market to see how these products progress and for the next big innovative product/packaging.


What other pouched detergent products/ packaging have you seen on the market? Leave us a comment; we love to hear from our readers!

New WD-40 Bike Line Packaging

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WD-40 Bike label printing

WD-40 Bike label printing

Popular lubricant WD-40 has been around for over 50 years and is used on everything from automobiles to bicycles. Well, the industrial company has come out with a brand new division called WD-40 Bike. Different from the original lubricant, WD-40 Bike products are specially made for bikes with several washes, lubricants and frame protectors. In addition to creating some new packaging for this brand extension, they have also created an excellent marketing campaign where they travel to various bike races to promote their products.


To create the packaging, WD-40 partnered with Anthem Branding advertising and design agency. Each product is manufactured in a grey plastic bottle with yellow spray nozzle or cap. The color pallet for this new line is similar in design to the original but uses grey, yellow and blue instead of red, blue and yellow. Bottles are finished with either a wrap around or front and back labels. To help distinguish between the different products, detailed hand drawn bike illustrations are used on the bottom portion of the labels. The product variety name is also color coded for purchasing ease such as blue for the “foaming wash” and orange for the “heavy-duty degreaser.”


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Patterned Shrink Sleeves for Method

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Limited Edition by Orla Kiely

Method by Orla Kiely shrink sleeves

Method by Orla Kiely shrink sleeves

We have talked numerous times about Method cleaning and detergent products as in our previous blog, “Dish Soap Gets a Makeover.” The brand’s packaging for a long time was colored plastic bottles with clear labels. They introduced shrink sleeves but still stayed to their basic color pallets. European fashion designer, Orla Kiely, has joined onto the Method family to design some brand new packaging for some limited edition products.


The photo above is a sample of the line that Orla Kiely designed utilizing shrink sleeve technology. A great feature of using shrink for soaps and products that will get wet is that shrink is completely waterproof. Each container’s shrink sleeve has a different pattern reflecting the designer’s signature patterns. The designs almost have a 70’s feel with subdued colors and floral/fruit patterns. Also, a neck hang tag is also included on each container. The tag has a cream base and is printed with the Method name, Kiely’s name and her company’s leaf logo. If you are interested in purchasing one of these limited edition products they can now be found at Target, Lowe’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond.


Method also created some eco-friendly packaging from trash found in the ocean as we wrote about in our blog, “Method Created Ocean Based Material.”