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Motor Oil Switches to Pouch Packaging

2013-01-29 16:36 by Ashley (comments: 0)

by Universal Lubricants

Eco-Ultra Motor Oil pouch

Eco-Ultra Motor Oil pouch

We are very familiar with motor oil being sold in a plastic container but one company has made the switch to using a stand up pouch for their oil product! The Ohio based company is called Universal Lubricants which has been around for over eighty years producing motor oils, automobile fluids and more. Universal Lubricants has developed their own eco-friendly product line which includes the first ever motor oil in a stand up pouch; the Eco-Ultra synthetic blend motor oil. The pouch is much lighter in weight than comparable plastic containers and uses significantly less raw material to manufacture.


The photo above shows the Eco-Ultra pouch that holds one quart of oil. Notice that the pouch was designed with a built in spout & re-sealable cap along with a handle cutout for easy gripping during use. Also, the graphic design and color choices make the pouch look sleek and modern using blues, silvers and whites. In fact, the packaging was so well liked that it won a New Packaging Award for Innovation at this years Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo!


Check out or previous blog, “From Bottle to Pouch” about an environmentally friendly glass cleaner also packaged in a pouch.

Industrial Industry Label Application Guide

2012-11-09 14:48 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Industrial & Safety Label printing

Industrial & Safety Label printing

Industrial companies and original-equipment-manufacturers (OEM) frequently use labels for electrical, chemical, automotive or safety needs. These labels will often include important safety and operational information that must be clear, informative, and easy to read. Dion Label Printing has quality control procedures to ensure high quality labels including product ID numbers, descriptions, batch numbers and accurate roll counts. To protect your industrial label from moisture, oils or other liquids Dion has water resistant adhesives and coatings. Vinyl and polyester materials (including laser imprintable polyester) are available along with the ability to do dot matrix printing. Decal printing is available as well as doming which creates a raised bubble effect on a label with the use of a plastic such as polyurethane.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark

Did you know that Dion Label Printing participates in Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) certification programs? UL is a non-profit organization focusing on safety testing and certification. Every product that is UL certified must be printed with the mark above by a certified UL printer. Dion will work with your company to ensure your product label meets all required guidelines including specialized testing such as the PGDQ2 program.


For more details on our industrial label printing capabilities and our UL certification program, check out our webpage today!