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Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Made Tradeshow

2016-03-16 13:43 by Ashley (comments: 0)

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Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Made Show

Dion Label Printing Exhibits at 2016 New England Made Show

As we announced last week, Dion Label Printing will be exhibiting at the 32nd New England Made Tradeshow at the Portland Sports Complex in Portland, Maine. Dion representatives will be available in booth #528 from March 19th - 21st in the specialty food section to assist with your label and packaging needs.

Join us on a tour of Dion Label Printing's capabilities by clicking on the top image to watch the video now!

The Anti-Aging Trend and Nutricosmetics Packaging

2013-10-11 16:21 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Functionalab Beauty Dose packaging

Functionalab Beauty Dose packaging

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how their body ages and therefore seeking out products that aid in maintaining their physical features. During the 1980’s, Swedish bio-chemist Ake Dahlgren introduced nutricosmetics and was later titled the “Father of internal skincare.” Nutricosmetics are a hybrid product between nutraceutical and cosmetics that naturally aid in beauty maintenance such as clear skin, strong nails, and wrinkle prevention. When the 1990’s hit, tablet based nutricosmetics began to increase in popularity and since then have evolved into products such as creams, beverages, foods and more! In fact, Transparency Market Research predicts, “The global Nutricosmetics market is projected to reach USD 4.24 billion by the end of 2017.”


So what are consumers looking for in both the product and packaging of nutricosmetic products? According to GCI Magazine, consumers are interested in products that have multifunctional benefits and are clearly marketed as such. Product packaging may be printed with key words such as “clears skin” or “reduces puffiness” similar to the packaging in our recent blog about MyChelle Dermaceuticals. Consumers are also seeking products and packaging that is natural or sustainable. According to Nutraceuticals World, “Consumers today are more educated about the ingredients in their products and how they may impact their health.” Packaging that reflects a natural feel with wording such as “all natural” or “free of chemicals” is expected to be well liked by consumers seeking a nutricosmetics product. Unique packaging design or an unusually shaped container can also be a way to attract shelf attention such as Functionalab did for their line of “Beauty Doses.” Supplement tablets with various health benefits (ie: body toning, anti-aging, pure complexion) are filled into frosted beaker shaped containers. The unique bottle shape along with minimal, contemporary text is sure to be an eye-catcher.


Be sure to check out our recent blog, “Coca-Cola and Sanofi Launch Beautific Beverage Line” about another nutricosmetics product.

Strong Nutrients Packaging Flies High

2013-10-10 18:01 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Designed by Pearlfisher

Strong Nutrients labels

Strong Nutrients labels

Creating the branding and packaging for a new nutraceutical company requires a design that will stand out among the hundreds of other supplement products on the shelves. Globally known design firm Pearlfisher, based out of both New York and London, designed the supplement labels for Strong Nutrients in the spring of 2013. Based on fresh ingredients, Strong Nutrients created their products to optimize specific aspects of their client’s health. There are currently nine products offered on their website and six more products being released in the near future. Products include supplements for weight loss, mental retention and a protein shake for muscle growth.


The photo above is an example of some of the packaging designed by Pearlfisher for Strong Nutrients. Each black container is finished with a wrap white and black label printed with high quality winged animal graphics. Karen Welman of Pearlfisher commented, “Pearlfisher created custom hand-drawn typography for the brand name and commissioned a series of bespoke bird illustrations that bring to life the product benefits in an unexpected and emotive way.” For example, the “Sunshine pill” (left bottle) has a sunny yellow bird indicating the vitamin D properties of the supplement (sunshine provides ample vitamin D). Bold, curvaceous white text stands out nicely against the black bottom border for a minimalistic design approach. Overall the collection has a classic design that is highly different from other supplements on the market.


Interested in supplement labels similar to the ones created by Strong Nutrients above? Contact us today for more information. 

New Supplement Label Regulations Coming Soon?

2013-08-28 15:12 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Supplement Label Laws

Supplement Label Laws

The market for supplements and nutraceutical products has grown rapidly over the past decade or so with new products hitting the market each day. Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does regulate these supplement products, two U.S. Senators have proposed a new act that would require more detailed product information to be printed on all supplement labels. The legislation is called the Durbin-Blumenthal Dietary Supplement Labeling Act that would require companies to include more information on labels and give more control on the trafficking of these products to the FDA. The new labeling law would also provide the public with possible side effects of ingredients in certain supplements. Senator Dick Durbin commented, “Regulation of supplements can be improved to protect public health and it starts with making more information available to consumers and the FDA.”


Some of the new label requirements called out on the proposition would require warnings for ingredients that could pose possible health side effects for certain individuals (ie: women who are pregnant). Also, if an ingredient could react with a medication they must call out the possible reaction on the label along with the amount of that ingredient included in the supplement product. Batch numbers would be required on all supplement labels so they are available in case of a FDA recall. Finally, the act would require clear labeling to if the product is a food/beverage product or if it is a food/beverage product with additives.


For more information on nutraceutical labels, be sure to read our industry guide today!

New Vitamin Product Line

2013-06-11 14:31 by Gianna Abbondanza (comments: 0)

The Honest Company

The Honest Company

The Honest Company Prenatal packaging; Photos Courtesy of The Honest Company

The Honest Company is an eco-friendly company out of California co-founded by actress Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan. Honest provides affordable household and baby products and have just added a new vitamin product line. Creating this new vitamin product line was a challenge as "It was something they were going to be putting into their body - not just on or around it,” according to an article on The Dieline. The new line consists of three products: Prenatal vitamins, DHA/Omega-3 vitamins, and Baby & Toddler Multi Powder.

The Honest Company packaging

The Honest Company packaging; Photos Courtesy of The Honest Company

Both the Prenatal and DHA/Omega-3 vitamins are packaged in an amber pill bottle with a clear label. The clear label wraps around the bottle and is printed using two different colors. The top half of the label is printed in white and houses the company name, logo, and pill count which are printed in a color (pink for Prenatal, and blue for DHA/Omega-3.) Show through packaging is used for the text “Prenatal” and “DHA/Omega-3” allowing the brown color of the bottle to be seen. White printed hand drawn graphics of flowers, fish and vegetables can be found on the bottom half of the clear label. The outer packaging design for all three products is similar to the clear labels with the company name, logo, and type of vitamin printed on the top half of the brown box. Bright colors used on the bottom half of the box with white hand drawn graphics nicely mimic the product labels. Silver foil stamping is used on the company name and logo to help the product stand out against the competition.

Read our previous blog featuring The Honest Company’s packaging!

Nutraceutical Industry Label Application Guide

2012-09-21 18:22 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Nutraceutical label printing Nutraceutical label printing

Nutraceutical label printing by Dion Label Printing, Inc.

Nutraceutical products are a combination of the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical.” They include most vitamins, dietary supplements and fortified foods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closely examines these products in all aspects manufacturing and packaging which can be found on their website. Nutraceutical labels must attract consumer attention by standing out on the shelf with eye catching packaging. One popular substrate utilized is metallic paper/foil for a high end look. Other label materials include clear and white film as well shrink sleeve film for a 360° design.


Flexible pouches are also commonly used in the nutraceutical industry for sampling pills, powders, or other products. Dion Label Printing has the capability to print pouches on either a white or metallic material depending on the desired look. Double sided printing is also used to print on the front and the sticky back side of a nutraceutical label as it allows for extended content to be included on the label such as additional ingredients, detailed directions and multiple languages. The labels above are an example of double sided printing on a metallic substrate with a gloss lamination for a high end look. Matte lamination and varnish are also available for all nutraceutical labels.


For more information on nutraceutical labels, check out our webpage! Or request a label quote right now!

Mom To Be Vitamins

2012-06-20 15:07 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Shrink sleeve packaging

Vivitas Woman Mom to Be shrink sleeves

Vivitas Woman Mom to Be shrink sleeves

One of the benefits of shrink sleeves is that they provide a snug fit for unusually shaped bottles or containers. Purity Life Health Products, manufacturer of "Mom To Be" supplements, came up with a bottle concept for a multivitamin created especially for a pregnant woman. Packaging design and engineering company, TricorBraun, is responsible for all design enginnering and molds for these 250 cc white HDPE bottles.


Check out the unusually shaped vitamin bottle in the photo above. Notice how one side of the bottle is flat but the other side has a curved look meant to be shaped like a mother’s pregnant belly. Shrink is the ideal way to package this product as it hugs the curves of the bottle and allows for the design of the woman to fit perfectly on the curve bottle. The design of the pregnant woman on the sleeve is also very consumer friendly as the customer will be able to pick it out easily on the shelf as a pregnancy vitamin.


Interested in shrink sleeves such as the one used for the vitamin container above? Dion Label Printing now has the ability to print shrink sleeves; check out our recent press release, Dion Label Printing Installs Shrink Sleeve Equipment for more information.

Announcing Dion’s New HP Digital Press!

2010-04-16 15:26 (comments: 0)

Dion HP WS 6000 Press

HP recently sent out a press release announcing our purchase of their latest press!

Check out the capabilities our HP WS6000 press purchased in March 2010. It is the newest press on the market from HP and will increase our capabilities, including endless possibilities of substrates for printing.

“Short run, multiple SKUs, repeatable high-quality printing and the ability for variable data has helped to maintain our steady growth,” said Randy Duhaime, General Manager, Dion Label. “ The purchase of the HP Indigo WS6000 will allow us to continue this trend with longer run lengths transitioning from our conventional flexographic printing department to our digital department. WS6000 enhancements, such as its large repeat length and its ability to print on substrates from 12 microns to 450 microns, will open additional opportunities.”

Dion highlighted in recent article!

2009-12-29 10:28 (comments: 0)

“Short Run Labels”- Label & Narrow Web

 Label & Narrow Web recently looked to industry experts for their article on short run labels and interviewed Dion Label Printing. The ability to affordably print short run orders has led to more opportunities for product manufacturers. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Stacy Santos, marketing manager for Dion Label Printing, Westfield, MA, USA, says the company takes into account the length of the run when deciding which printing process it’s going to use. In Dion’s case, short run jobs, among others, get moved to one of the company’s HP Indigo presses. "We decide whether a job will go digital or flexo based on the amount of footage we are going to run, the complexity of a customer’s label graphics and the number of SKUs in a particular run. About a third of our business is digital. We made the investment in digital in April 2005, and because our digital business grew so quickly, we invested in another HP Indigo digital press. And our digital operations have steadily grown over the years.

"Digital printing is perfect for multiple SKUs, low volume orders, promotional labels and prototyping," Santos says. "It’s a great way to offer high quality printing, complex graphics, and vibrant colors to customers that do not have large volume quantities. Our customers do not have to sacrifice label quality while keeping their inventories low."

Read the full article here!

Happy Holidays!

2009-12-23 14:18 (comments: 0)

Happpy Holidays from Dion Label Printing!

Happy Holidays from Dion Label Printing !

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