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Mushroom Based Supplement Packaging Excellence

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Goba Pet Supplement Packaging

Goba Pet Supplement Packaging

According to Forbes Magazine, the supplement industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Products range from dietary supplements, nutritional oils and vitamin enriched products. Forbes continues by saying that the products are popular for a broad range of clientele including women, men and as we found even pets! European based supplement brand Goba, which translates to mushroom in Slovene, has a wide variety of products that are all created from medicinal mushrooms. Product lines are available for both pets and their owners each with their own label design.


Goba partnered with European creative firm IlovarStritar to create the branding and packaging design. The top photo shows the pet product collection where each amber plastic bottle is finished with a wrap around prime label. The labels have a matte finish which matches nicely with the soft, pastel color pallet used in printing. Small hand drawn looking graphics of the animal the product is made for are printed in colored circles and text detailing is printed below. For the food product line, shown in the bottom photo, each of the matte labels is printed with similar color pallets but with graphics of the various mushroom varieties included in each supplement. The packaging is subtle and elegant which will certainly stand out on the shelf.

Goba Supplement Packaging

Goba Supplement Packaging

Interested in a supplement label similar to the ones designed by IlovarStritar and Goba above? Contact us today or check out our OTC Pharmaceutical capabilities page.

Medieval Twist on Supplement Packaging

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Medi-Evil Excalibur

Medi-Evil Excalibur supplement packaging

Medi-Evil Excalibur supplement packaging

The dietary supplement market is highly saturated with new products being released every day each with new packaging concepts. Creating a new marketing idea or packaging design can separate your company from the herd which once UK based company, Medi-Evil, has accomplished. Their new fat burning dietary supplement product, Medi-Evil Excalibur, was recently introduced with packaging inspired by the famous Excalibur sword. The legendary sword of King Arthur was said to have magical powers and Medi-Evil is also claiming their product to be so effective it is nick named “fat burn magic.”


Each 90 capsule bottle is shaped like a traditional potions vial with the rounded base as shown in the photo above. The plastic container is finished with a full body shrink sleeve ideal for the rounded container. A black background makes the graphics of woven material stand out nicely for an aged medieval look. Gold text in a gothic font makes the word “Excalibur” pop and a large cork seals the bottle for an extra special design feature. For an additional element of luxury, each bottle is sold in a glossy black box with the company name and a vibrant fiery dragon graphic printed on the top.  


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Who Wants to Read the Fine Print?

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Pharmaceutical label redesign

Sagent  Pharmaceutical packaging

Sagent  Pharmaceutical packaging

Have you ever selected the wrong pharmaceutical product from the shelf because of hard to read packaging? Packaging among pharmaceutical product lines often have similar color scheme with dosage information printed in small text resulting in a high amount of product mix-ups. Sagent Pharmaceutical decided to redesign the packaging of their Heparin Sodium Injection product line to make them more consumer friendly. The product line has nine different injection varieties that both look and sounds similar; the only difference is dosage.


Check out the photo above of the packaging design for this product line and notice that each dosage has its own color. Full color labels and folding boxes easily notify the consumer of the different varieties with a quick glance. Also, notice that the outside carton for each product has the important information in large print such as the drug name, dosage and bottle graphic. Sagent’s Director of Marketing Lindsay Thomas comments, “Sagent considers everyone handling the medication throughout the supply chain, which means we pay just as much attention to our carton packaging as we do to our container labels." The packaging was also designed to be readable from all sides of the box based on how it is stored. Taking a chance on this new packaging paid off greatly for Sagent as they experienced a net revenue increase of over $81 million in only the first six months of 2012!


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Over the Counter (OTC) Pharmaceutical Industry Label Application Guide

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OTC Pharmaceutical Labeling

OTC Pharmaceutical Labeling

Over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals are reliant on accurate and detailed ingredient and instruction listings. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews all areas of OTC packaging such as the active ingredients printed on the label for accuracy and readability. For more information on “Drug Application for OTC Drugs,” visit the FDA’s webpage. When selecting a substrate for your OTC label, paper is one of the most common and cost efficient substrates utilized. Other popular materials include clear and white film, foil paper, metalized film and shrink sleeve film.


Double sided printing is often used to print on the front and the sticky back side of a label as it allows for extended content to be included on the label such as additional ingredients, detailed directions and multiple languages. For coatings, both lamination and varnish are available in gloss and matte finish. If your bottle filler will be imprinting an expiration date on a portion of the label, a selective varnish would be the chosen finish for your product. Dion Label also has documented and advanced control procedures to ensure a high level of quality for all OTC pharmaceutical labels.


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