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PepsiCo Introduces Pepsimoji Design as a New Universal Language

2016-03-30 16:41 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Image by Jen Ram

Image by Jen Ram

In an effort to create a universal language among its customers, PepsiCo has revealed their newest label design concept featuring customized emojis. On World Emoji Day, July 17th, Pepsi released a teaser video of their new emoji designs, by capturing a marriage proposal exclusively through Pepsimojis.

The idea of individual and international conversation is at the forefront of this marketing campaign. PepsiCo is introducing a way for consumers to interact with their beverages, as well as each other. Not only has PepsiCo introduced #pepsimoji to social media, it has released a Pepsimoji keyboard that can be downloaded for free on to smart phones. The keyboard is what they consider “the language of now” and is a way for consumers to “Say It With Pepsi”. With this strategy consumers of all ages are given the opportunity to interact in a new way and connect with the PepsiCo brand.

Image by Pepsi Canada

Image by Pepsi Canada

PepsiCo Design has created the yellow circle that reflects the iconic shape of Pepsi’s logo and gives face to their new emojis. The different designs are highlighted with the recognizable red, white, and blue colors that Pepsi has always featured. While there are a variety of global emoji designs, Pepsi encourages the creativity of local markets to introduce their own Pepsimojis. Some international markets, such as Canada, Thailand, Russia and Pakistan have begun to feature this new campaign on their Pepsi bottles and cans. The United States can expect to see these new labels on shelves beginning this summer.

Comment below with your new favorite Pepsimoji!

Selfie Takeover

2014-03-03 20:13 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Ellen Tweets “Mega-Selfie”

“Mega-Selfie” photo includes: Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and others.

“Mega-Selfie” photo includes: Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and others.

Dion Label Printing has been an active user of social media for years, constantly on the lookout for upcoming trends/ideas. The various sites Dion is active on include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Skype. Twitter in particular has been taking the world by storm as we discussed in our previous blog #Hashtag Takeover. The spotlight was certainly on Twitter last night during the 2014 Oscars when an epic tweet went viral within minutes! Comedic Oscar host, Ellen DeGeneres, took an impromptu selfie (generally a photo of one’s self taken with a smartphone) of herself and various celebrities which she then tweeted out on Twitter. Within minutes the group selfie (photo above) went viral and set a record for the most re-tweets ever recorded (over 2 million which broke the previous record set by President Barack Obama)! Since the tweet, the photo has been nicknamed the “mega-selfie” and the 2014 Oscars are now being called the “night of the selfie.”


Selfies and other pictures are becoming the chosen media form for both individuals as well as businesses. Many companies have accounts on Twitter and Instagram allowing them so share new trends/happenings at their company through photos/short blurbs within seconds. Sites such as Twitter also allow messages to include hashtags which allows for various photos/posts to be searched by a keyword. Social media is certainly playing an active role in the world today. Be sure to check out Dion Label Printing’s most recent blog post uploaded on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages today!