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More on Augmented Reality in Packaging and Advertising

2013-09-05 12:16 by Ashley (comments: 0)

McMission Augmented Reality App

McMission Augmented Reality App

Remember when we blogged about the new technology trend that is augmented reality? The technology that takes real world objects and increases their ability such as animating them has taken off in popularity in both packaging and advertising campaigns. Back in February, Dion Label Printing presented three sessions at the Dscoop conference, one of which included augmented reality in packaging from the marketing solutions company SegMarketing. Since the conference, Dion has seen the technology continue to rise in popularity and versatility.


Packaging World Magazine reported, “Many CPG’s (consumer packaged goods) are using packaging to announce their social responsibility initiatives; AR can be used to further explain this concept to consumers.” For example, McDonalds in Germany recently introduced their “McMission” augmented reality app to help advertise their commitment to sustainability. The app can be launched when a customer uses their smartphone to scan various McDonald’s packaging (ie: French fry box), and provides entertaining games that center around sustainability.

PAR Works Mars app

PAR Works Mars app

The PAR Works company also introduced a new app this year called the PAR Works Mars app combining augmented reality with photography and advertising. Consumers can take a photo of their computer, for example, and then manipulate the app to create an electronic manual on how to work the computer. Stores such as the Home Depot are advertised as using the app in stores so that consumers can use their smartphones to learn more about various products. Click here to check out the app video to see for yourself how the augmented reality app works!


What other unique uses for augmented reality have you found in relation to packaging or advertising? Let us know today!

Augmented Reality in Packaging

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Augmented Reality by SegMarketing

Augmented Reality by SegMarketing

Have you heard of augmented reality? The technology takes real world objects and increases their ability such as animating them or making them interactive. The term was coined in the 1990’s and has since expanded into a variety of different markets including but not limited to the medical industry, entertainment/sports (think video games), the military, architecture and design. The packaging industry has only begun introducing the technology within the past few years but it has certainly become popular. In fact according to Juniper Research, “Revenue from augmented reality apps will hit $5.2 billion in 2017, which is an increase from the predicted $82 million in 2012.”


Creative marketing solutions company, SegMarketing, is a specialist in mobile augmented reality and released the video above on packaging using the technology. How it works is the consumer downloads an app for their or mobile device and then use it to scan the product. The product packaging is printed with a built in barcode that will be recognized by the mobile device and trigger the packaging to come to life. Notice in the video from SegMarketing that magazines and characters from photos come to life. There are even products that will interact with the customer through speech when scanned using augmented reality. During the recent Dscoop8 conference, Dion Label Printing's Marketing Manager Stacy Falconer teamed up with Rafi Albo of SegMarketing in giving a presentation on augmented reality and marketing.

Augmented Reality by Heinz

Augmented Reality by Heinz

Heinz ketchup created a brilliant campaign using augmented reality that you can check out by clicking the photo above. Notice that as the mobile device scans the bottle label it comes to life as an interactive recipe book! You can flip through the book to download recipes or even watch cooking videos on how to make the recipe. (link will be embedded in photo)


Check out our previous blog, “Juice Burst Packaging Redesign” about some juice packaging utilizing a form of augmented reality.

Where have you skied?

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Where I've Skied

Where I've Skied

We recently blogged about must have skiing apps for avid skiers and snowboarders. Apps such as Realski and ItrailMap 3D are designed for smart phones, and provide skiers with maps of the mountains, their distance and speed, and videos on skiing. Liftopia has decided to create their own app called, “Where I’ve Skied,” but different from other apps they have designed it for Facebook and social media. The app allows you to compare the mountains you’ve skied at with your friends. You can also challenge your friends to a virtual ski game on the mountains you have in common.


According to Liftopia, more than 13,000 Facebook users installed the app in about a week of its release, and that number is rapidly growing. The average user has been to 29 mountains, but it is predicted that when more people start using the app, this average will fall. So far, Vail is in the lead with 44% of users having skied there, followed by Breckenridge with 43% and Killington with 40%. The “Where I’ve Skied” app is a great way for the skiers to share their favorite ski mountains through social media.

RFID Triggered Beer Packaging

2012-12-17 18:24 by Ashley (comments: 2)

StartCap RFID bottle packaging

StartCap RFID bottle packaging

Remember when we blogged about Nestlé’s new marketing campaign featuring RFID embedded candy packaging? Popular U.K. hard cider company Strongbow partnered with digital agency Work Club to introduce the first RFID beer bottle packaging. The new packaging technology is called the “StartCap” which is a series of layered materials creating a high tech break seal. The active RFID tag is embedded into the bottom layer, a transparent paper is layered on top of that, followed by an inactive RFID tag embedded layer acting as the reader, and topped with a layer of aluminum. When a consumer opens the bottle, the inactive RFID tag sends a signal to the active tag triggering a reaction. Some of the reactions include playing music, checking that person in through social media, or releasing a shower of confetti.


As part of their test run, the company tricked out a bar in Budapest to show what could be done with the product such as turning up the music in the club when a bottle is opened. The company goes on to say, “The most promising fact about the StartCap prototype is that it can be technically used to trigger anything, so the areas of application vary.” Check out the Youtube video that shows how this unique packaging was created and how it works. What other RFID embedded products or packaging have you seen on the market? Let us know by leaving a comment today!

Announcing Dion’s New HP Digital Press!

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Dion HP WS 6000 Press

HP recently sent out a press release announcing our purchase of their latest press!

Check out the capabilities our HP WS6000 press purchased in March 2010. It is the newest press on the market from HP and will increase our capabilities, including endless possibilities of substrates for printing.

“Short run, multiple SKUs, repeatable high-quality printing and the ability for variable data has helped to maintain our steady growth,” said Randy Duhaime, General Manager, Dion Label. “ The purchase of the HP Indigo WS6000 will allow us to continue this trend with longer run lengths transitioning from our conventional flexographic printing department to our digital department. WS6000 enhancements, such as its large repeat length and its ability to print on substrates from 12 microns to 450 microns, will open additional opportunities.”

Dion highlighted in recent article!

2009-12-29 10:28 (comments: 0)

“Short Run Labels”- Label & Narrow Web

 Label & Narrow Web recently looked to industry experts for their article on short run labels and interviewed Dion Label Printing. The ability to affordably print short run orders has led to more opportunities for product manufacturers. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Stacy Santos, marketing manager for Dion Label Printing, Westfield, MA, USA, says the company takes into account the length of the run when deciding which printing process it’s going to use. In Dion’s case, short run jobs, among others, get moved to one of the company’s HP Indigo presses. "We decide whether a job will go digital or flexo based on the amount of footage we are going to run, the complexity of a customer’s label graphics and the number of SKUs in a particular run. About a third of our business is digital. We made the investment in digital in April 2005, and because our digital business grew so quickly, we invested in another HP Indigo digital press. And our digital operations have steadily grown over the years.

"Digital printing is perfect for multiple SKUs, low volume orders, promotional labels and prototyping," Santos says. "It’s a great way to offer high quality printing, complex graphics, and vibrant colors to customers that do not have large volume quantities. Our customers do not have to sacrifice label quality while keeping their inventories low."

Read the full article here!

Happy Holidays!

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Happpy Holidays from Dion Label Printing!

Happy Holidays from Dion Label Printing !

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