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Lego Needs a Hero

2013-02-06 15:42 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Pouch Packaging

Lego Hero Factory pouch printing

Lego Hero Factory pouch printing

Building block and toy company, Lego, has been around for over sixty years and has recently introduced a new brand for the company called the Hero Factory. The background story behind the brand is that all the super villains of the world are held at this one factory but have gotten loose! They have called on the heroes to capture the villains and bring them back to the factory. You can check out their website for the numerous villains and hero characters available in the collection including Rocka, Splitface, and Speeda Demon!


What makes the packaging unique for the Hero Factory brand is that they are manufactured in a stand up pouch. An example of the pouches can be seen in the photo above. Notice that the pouch is re-sealable and printed with a unique zipper graphic along the tear line. President and Creative Director for Design Force Inc Ted Mininni comments, “The re-sealable pouch, unique among the blister cards and window boxes that dominate the action figure category, makes it easy to store all of the parts that come with each product.” Each pouch is also designed with high quality graphics of the hero/villain in an action pose certain to catch your child’s eye on the shelf.


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Announcing Dion’s New HP Digital Press!

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Dion HP WS 6000 Press

HP recently sent out a press release announcing our purchase of their latest press!

Check out the capabilities our HP WS6000 press purchased in March 2010. It is the newest press on the market from HP and will increase our capabilities, including endless possibilities of substrates for printing.

“Short run, multiple SKUs, repeatable high-quality printing and the ability for variable data has helped to maintain our steady growth,” said Randy Duhaime, General Manager, Dion Label. “ The purchase of the HP Indigo WS6000 will allow us to continue this trend with longer run lengths transitioning from our conventional flexographic printing department to our digital department. WS6000 enhancements, such as its large repeat length and its ability to print on substrates from 12 microns to 450 microns, will open additional opportunities.”

Dion highlighted in recent article!

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“Short Run Labels”- Label & Narrow Web

 Label & Narrow Web recently looked to industry experts for their article on short run labels and interviewed Dion Label Printing. The ability to affordably print short run orders has led to more opportunities for product manufacturers. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Stacy Santos, marketing manager for Dion Label Printing, Westfield, MA, USA, says the company takes into account the length of the run when deciding which printing process it’s going to use. In Dion’s case, short run jobs, among others, get moved to one of the company’s HP Indigo presses. "We decide whether a job will go digital or flexo based on the amount of footage we are going to run, the complexity of a customer’s label graphics and the number of SKUs in a particular run. About a third of our business is digital. We made the investment in digital in April 2005, and because our digital business grew so quickly, we invested in another HP Indigo digital press. And our digital operations have steadily grown over the years.

"Digital printing is perfect for multiple SKUs, low volume orders, promotional labels and prototyping," Santos says. "It’s a great way to offer high quality printing, complex graphics, and vibrant colors to customers that do not have large volume quantities. Our customers do not have to sacrifice label quality while keeping their inventories low."

Read the full article here!

Happy Holidays!

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Happpy Holidays from Dion Label Printing!

Happy Holidays from Dion Label Printing !

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