Chic Poo-Pourri Packaging

05/21/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Poo-Pourri odor eliminating products

Poo-Pourri odor eliminating products

This weekend, while visiting a friend’s house, I came across an intriguing product. What I originally thought was a perfume, turned out to be an odor eliminating spray with quite an interesting name. The product, called Poo-Pourri, is different from a room spray or disinfectant spray as it is meant to be sprayed in the toilet bowl prior to use to prevent odor. In fact, the company uses the catchy phrase in marketing, “spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know!”


Besides the cleverness of the odor eliminating product, what really caught my eye were the labels and packaging. Poo-Pourri has 8 product collections including original, women/men’s, unisex, kids, gifts, organic and travel. My favorite products are the “original scent,” “No. 2” and “Call of the Wild.” Check out the three product pictures above and notice how each bottle is finished with a beautifully designed label. I love the elegance of the label art especially with the Victorian looking details and chic font selections. Another thing I love about the bottles is that most of them come with a charm wrapped gently around the bottle’s neck for some excellent value packaging! Value packaging is something that consumers are looking for, now more than ever in a struggling economy, as added incentives to purchase a product.


For more information on this genius odor eliminating product, check out their website!

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