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Christian Audigier Wine Shrink Sleeves

07/20/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Christian Audigier Wine Shrink Sleeves

Christian Audigier Wine Shrink Sleeves

Famous fashion designer, Christian Audigier, is responsible for the creation of several popular brands including Ed Hardy. In addition to his own Christian Audigier line of clothing and accessories, the designer also has a line of wines and champagnes with some awesome shrink sleeves! The French designer is never one for simple or subdues designs and the packaging for the Christian Audigier Wine collection is no exception.


Check out some of the wines from the current collection including a merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, rosé, and chardonnay (from left to right in photo above). Did you know that each of these bottles is actually encased in a full bottle shrink sleeve? Shrink is the ideal material to create a 360 degree design for your product. In the case of the sleeves above, they give the bottles an effect that the artwork has been painted directly onto the bottles when in reality they were not. The designer’s rock and roll style is also certainly reflected in the look of these wine bottles through bold colors, strong patterns, and various graphics reminiscent of tattoo artist’s style (skulls, roses, etc). 


Did you know that Dion Label Printing has the capability to print shrink sleeves similar to the ones above? Click here to view our recent press release: Dion Label Printing Installs Shrink Sleeve Equipment.

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