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Cultural Label Excellence

05/27/2011 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Kitchens of Africa

Kitchens of Africa simmer sauces

When I think of African food, I think of some adventurous and culturally connected cuisine. However, I also know that I would not have the knowledge or time to prepare such detailed recipes! Founder of Kitchens of Africa, Jainaba Jeng, understood this craving to experience African cuisine which lead her to create the company. She enjoyed the food of her homeland so much that she wanted a way for others to easily prepare it at home and share in the cultural experience. Kitchens of Africa has five different sauces and pastes that can be easily added onto meat for cooking. The Maffe is a peanut simmering sauce, Yassa is an onion simmering sauce, and they have three Jerk paste marinades in mild, spicy, and fiery.

Kitchens of Africa marinades

The labels are just as culturally connected as the sauces and marinades. Each label is designed with the silhouette of an African woman wearing a traditional head wrap. Head wraps have been part of the African and African American culture for centuries. The cultural garb is famous for being created in vibrant colors with intricate patterns to reflect a woman’s status and/or spirituality. Each head wrap label image is designed in a bright beautiful pattern, and these patterns are mirrored on the tamper label included in the packaging. My favorite label pattern is absolutely the fiery marinade because of the bright purple head wrap color and design.


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