Easy Read Packaging for Robitussin

01/26/2012 by Ashley (comments: 2)

Robitussin old packagingRobitussin new packaging

Robitussin old packaging (left) and new packaging (right)

Popular cold medication, Robitussin, has recently updated their entire line of packaging to be more consumer friendly. Their umbrella brand corporation, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, says that the changes will make selecting the proper medication easier depending on the patient’s symptoms.


Check out the before and after photo above of their folding boxes, with the old on the left and new on the right. Notice how the new design is much bolder utilizing a solid black and green background? The old packaging was much more congested with numerous text bubbles containing excess information, and a variety of text colors that can be confusing. The new packaging highlights the name (Cough + Chest Congestion DM) by printing it in bold centered font, and then lists the symptoms it relieves below it. They have also now color coated their products making the “peak cold” packaging green, the “lingering cold” blue, and the “children’s” red. Now a consumer that has had a cold for a while knows to select a product from the “lingering cold” collection.


What other packaging changes have you noticed on the pharmaceutical market lately?

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Comment by Scott Angelo | 2012-02-23

I do not find it easier to identify as all of the different kinds look very much the same now. I preferred the big CF as easier to identify. As a result of the new packaging, I did not buy anything.

Comment by Ashley | 2012-02-23

Thank you for your input Scott. It is important for us to get a variety of opinions on new packaging.