Enthusem Greeting Cards

06/11/2009 (comments: 0)

“Printed greeting cards with a digital twist”

Parent company Prospect Smarter, Inc. has introduced Enthusem: an online source that integrates direct mail with your online presence. Here’s how it works: After creating a free account you can either upload your own photos or choose ones from Enthusem’s library. Then simply type your message. You can then add the online aspect by adding a video, document, or other attachment hosted by Enthusem for free. The card gives the recipient a 5-digit code and explanation about how to view the attachment. The cards are sent out in clear envelopes via First Class mail. You will also be notified when the recipient views the attachment.


Your first Enthusem greeting card is free. Subsequent cards are $3 each. Corporate accounts are available as well as discounted rates for bulk orders. There are no subscription or monthly fees to use Enthusem. This can be a great way for companies to introduce themselves to prospects. It’s also a unique way for mom to get out those Sweet 16 birthday invitations with a memorable video attachment of little Suzie’s first birthday!

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