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Fire Fighter Vodka Packaging

08/02/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

by graphic designer Timur Salikhov

Fire Fighter Vodka packaging design

Fire Fighter Vodka packaging design

Packaging creativity is a must have in the spirit industry as each day new and innovative ideas are being designed. Art director and graphic designer, Timur Salikhov, has designed a new concept for a vodka bottle mimicking a well known safety tool. The product is called “Fire Fighter Vodka” and its packaging was designed after a fire extinguisher.


Check out the photo of the design above and notice that the red bottle reflects the shape of a traditional fire extinguisher with the cylindrical shape and thin neck. Even the bottom of the bottle has been designed to have the foot pegs built in for added stabilization as seen in some fire extinguisher designs. Also, hung around the top of the bottle is a metal shot glass positioned to look like the pull trigger on a fire extinguisher. Salikhov has also come up with the catchy phrase “Use in case of party” for marketing of the product; very clever!


For questions or inquiry’s about this vodka bottle, be sure to visit Timur Salikhov’s webpage.

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