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Glow in the Dark Wine Label

05/03/2012 by Ashley (comments: 2)

Boneshaker Glow In the Dark Wine Label

Boneshaker Glow In the Dark Wine Label

Remember when we blogged about the glow in the dark Halloween hand sanitizer shrink sleeves in our Spooky Shrink Sleeve Sanitizer blog? Well I came across another product that also has a glow in the dark label but this time it is on a wine bottle! The sweet berry Zinfandel is called “Boneshaker” and it was created by California based CF Napa Brand Design for the Hahn Family Wines company.

What I love about the design of this label (besides that it glows in the dark) is the intricate detailing of the design. Check out the close-up of the skull shaped graphic and notice that small graphics actually make up the larger skull image. For example, you will notice that a bicycle actually makes up the eyes of the skull and smaller “gear shaped” objects as well as vine detailing form the rest of the skull. Even the text on the label has been incorporated into the skull graphic, such as the words “Zinfandel” creating part of the skull’s teeth. Also, the graphics being printed against a black background, on a dark bottle make the skull graphic really pop off the bottle nicely.


Did you know that Dion Label Printing has the capabilities to do specialty printing such as glow in the dark applications? For more information, check out our Capabilities page!

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Comment by Richard Long | 2012-12-22

I love that wine, I also found another wine out there that glowing in the dark but is screen printed on with glow in the dark ink!

Comment by Ashley | 2012-12-26

Thank you for following our blog, Richard, and for that glow in the dark packaging link! - Ashley & The Dion Team