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7UP Changes Once Again

02/11/2011 by Ashley (comments: 0)


Seven Up 2011


Since 1929, PepsiCo has been providing the world with one of the most popular lemon lime sodas on the market, the 7UP. As many of its sister products, 7UP has gone through numerous design and formula changes over the last eighty years. Diet 7UP was introduced early on, followed by 7UP Plus, 7UP Ice Cola, and even the most recent Cherry 7UP Antioxidant! Along with formula changes came several packaging and catchphrase redesigns for the beloved lemon lime soda. Below to the left is the oldest version of the soda can with the classic green, yellow, and red colors of 7UP. Back in the 1920's the catchphrase on the can (below left) was, "You like it, it likes you." As the can's design progressed, the catchphrase also changed to the more recent design (below right) with the catchphrase, "More crisp, refreshing 7UP taste!"

Seven Up's Oldest Design Seven Up

2011 has brought with it the most recent packaging design for PepsiCo's 7UP. Designed by the Tracylocke marketing agency, the latest packaging still caries on traditional elements of a 7UP with a modern twist. The colors remain the traditional greens, yellows, and reds along with the general design where the 7UP logo is centered on the can. The overall design was simplified in a modern way, and of course the ever-changing catchphrase was altered once again to, "Lemon, lime and bubbles." The new phrase is simple, fun, and contemporary. Packaging trends seem to be showing a move toward minimalism, focused on simple designs and advertising for their products. Will the modern design movement continue to progress? Stay tuned!

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