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Label Industry Application Guide Series

08/15/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Spotlight on the candle industry

Candle Labels

Candle Labels

If you are looking for a label for your next candle project but unsure on the type of packaging needed, this guide will give you all the information you need. Candles are often seen as a decorative item to consumers and the labels/ packaging will need to reflect that decorative look. There are a variety of substrates to choose from depending on your container or look you are trying to achieve. For example an ultra- clear film could be utilized for candle labels going on a glass jar for the no label look, or metallic paper/ foil could be used for a high end look. Other candle materials Dion Label Printing offers includes paper that adheres to the wax itself, textured papers, recyclable materials, holographic papers and even shrink films!


Once you have determined the base material for your candle the coatings and finishing must be determined. With most candle labels, Dion would suggest getting a lamination in either a glossy or matte finish. Candles will be handles quite frequently in the retail store and making the labels prone to nicks and scratches. A lamination will protect the label from this type of wear and tear. There are also several high decoration printing techniques that can be applied to a candle label such as hot stamping, cold foil or silk screening. Hot stamping and cold foil allow a certain selection of the label to have foil. Candles companies often utilize this technique to print the company name or border on the label in foil.


Interested in candle labels? Check out our candle page for more information on our printing capabilities!

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