Lunchables Get a Redesign

03/09/2011 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Turkey + Cheddar Lunchables

School lunches have gone through many phases over the years. My parents and grandparents remember the days when they were given milk money and leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner. The days of PB&J sandwiches on white followed along with trendy lunchables during the 90’s, and currently healthier lunches with more fruits and vegetables have become popular. Though I am now a healthy eater, I was not always this way. In fact, most of my middle school lunches consisted of pizza, nachos, and hot dog lunchables. Yes, I did say hot dog lunchables that were eaten cold; definitely not the healthiest choice.

Old Pizza Lunchables

However, Lunchables by Oscar Mayer have gone through drastic changes over the past few years and now they are better than ever! Lunchables are now available in healthier options such as the Turkey + Cheddar Sub. The lunch pack comes with 100% real turkey breast, Kraft 2% cheddar cheese, 8 whole grain bread, real fruit Treetop applesauce, and spring bottled water. Other healthy sides available include Sugar Free Jell-O cups and DOLE mandarin oranges in 100% fruit juice. These healthy sides have replaced the former sugary treats such as mini chocolate bars and cola soft drinks. Busy parents can now feel better about sending their child to school with a convenient and healthier Lunchable.

Old Nachos Lunchables

Lunchables packaging has also gone through a dramatic change. The old packaging was either a simple tray sealed with plastic that was printed on, or encased in a cardboard box container. The graphics were often bright and eye-catching which to appeal to children. In 2011, Lunchables packing is much more subtle, minimalistic, and informative. For example, the Turkey + Cheddar Sub packaging tray above is sealed with completely clear plastic and only has a partial cardboard outer sleeve. Having the partial sleeve, compared to a full cardboard box, saves on paper waste and is more eco-friendly. The graphics on the sleeve are also informative in that they show small images of each food item included in the lunch pack. Having the items visually listed on the front of the packaging makes the purchasing decision much easier for the customer.


For more information on Oscar Mayer’s Lunchables and their packaging, visit their webpage!


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