New Ceramide Care Label Influenced by Millennial Consumers

05/04/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Earth Science Naturals with Mark Oliver Design

Ceramide Care Collection

Ceramide Care Collection

Mark Oliver, Inc. teamed up with Earth Science Naturals to design their new line of hair care products, Ceramide Care. The new line features clean shampoos and conditioners in celebration of Earth Science’s 35th year creating natural beauty products. Mark Oliver made sure to put effort into working with their printer to come up with a fresh and innovative look for the product. The target consumer for the new line was millennials.

The initial appearance of the products comes off as clean and simple. A light shade of green, periwinkle, aqua, or red is printed on pearlescent white biaxilally oriented polypropylene film. White and black colored fonts contrast the color of the base label for clarity of information. As consumers millennials look for authenticity and information, which is why the product is so easy to read. Either ‘shampoo’ or ‘conditioner’ is typed vertically and is the central focus of the label so the two products are distinguishable from each other in the shower.

 Ceramide Care Collection- Shampoo

Ceramide Care Collection

While the product appears simple, a deeper look shows the detail of design on the background of the label. As two of the main components of Ceramide, palm oil and silk protein served as inspiration for the design. Faint lines appear in the base label, which compose the image of a palm leaf. The shimmer of the pearlescent paper and metallic ink is used as homage to the natural ingredient, silk protein. Attention to detail and modern design sets this product line apart from others in the Earth Science family.

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“Ceramide Care” trademark, and packaging copyright 2016 Earth Science Naturals

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