Textured Shrink Sleeve for Tanning Lotion

08/07/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Hardcore Black Bronzing Lotion shrink sleeve design

Hardcore Black Bronzing Lotion shrink sleeve design

Bold and artistic designs are widely popular among tanning and bronzing products. Australian Gold as been around for over 20 years selling products for skincare, tanning, and bronzing. One of the products in their bronzing lotion collection is called “Hardcore Black” and its bottle is encased in a shrink sleeve.


Check out the photo above of the product bottle and notice the bold design of the sleeve. The black background of the shrink sleeve is covered with a unique artistic pattern. Over that pattern is the product name designed in a creative font and highlighted with more spiral detailing that resembles twisted metal. Two sections of text have also been printed in red to highlight the word “hardcore” and the “30x dark bronzing lotion” against the rest of the black and white sleeve. In addition, when you touch this shrink sleeve you will notice that there is a texture to the sleeve. To achieve this type of effect a silk screened varnish could be used on the sleeve.


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