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The Growler Station

05/02/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Growlers from The Growler Station

Growlers from The Growler Station

When I first heard the word “growler” I would never have guessed that it is actually a half gallon glass jug used to transport beer! If you are a true fan of craft beer (beer produced in limited quantities from a microbrewery) then you may have heard of The Growler Station based in Shelton, CT. The idea of the company is that they sell beer straight from the tap to a growler or plastic bottle, so that the customer may bring the beer home with them. The Growler Station utilizes a special type of machine to dispense the beer so that it is both foam free and has longer lasting flavor integrity.

Plastic bottles being filled at The Growler Station

Plastic bottles being filled at The Growler Station

What is great about using a growler is that the jug is re-usable! Growlers are also created with a darker colored glass to protect the beer from harmful UV rays that can break down the beer, and they are sealed with a special cap to hold in freshness. Check out some of the growlers sold at The Growler Station in the top photo. Each of the amber bottles is labeled with a circular clear film label printed with the company name and a graphic of a traditional growler. They also how a completely unique machine that pours the beer into plastic bottles that resemble soda bottles! By utilizing this special machine the company promises your beer to maintain the same long lasting flavor integrity in the plastic bottle as it would in a glass growler. Check out the bottom photo showing some of the plastic bottles being filled; notice that they are each sold with a wrap around label mimicking the clear label used on the glass growlers.


For more information on this unique brewing company, check out their website!

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