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Dion Label Blog

Fresh Bread Design Creates High Decoration Label

04/27/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Temple Distilling

Bookmark Limoncello - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions

Bookmark Limoncello - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions

Temple Distilling, based out of Washington, has recently released their newest gin, Bookmark Limoncello pictured by VonJentzen Productions. Limoncello is a twist on their traditional Chapter One Old Navy gin that involves lemons soaking in the batch for added flavor, along with additional cane sugar. Temple Distilling opened for business in October and during this time they have formed a relationship with Fresh Bread Design. Fresh Bread has been responsible with helping brand the company and has designed the logo for Temple as well as their other gin labels.


Fresh Bread Design had previously employed a custom typography for the Chapter One gins that they recreated for Limoncello. The aim for this overall design was to give a classic feel without appearing too ‘stuffy’. There are high decoration elements that Fresh Bread carried over from the original designs to the new gin. The labels are made of a very subtle embossing that creates a textured feel to the paper, making it appear as almost cloth-like.

Limoncello Label - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions
Limoncello Label - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions

The colors of the label were strategically picked to match the natural yellow color of the gin. Light tones of green and gold subtly border the beige and brown base label. The name of the gin is embossed with a brown font and a hint of gold foil, to make the words pop against the neutral coloring. The bottle is completed with a tamper neck label that matches the base. The green color is replicated and contains the logo of Temple Distilling for a complete look.

High decoration elements, like the ones used by Fresh Bread Design, create unique labels for unique products. If you’re interested in finding out more about high decoration labels, contact Dion Label today.

AG Hair Changes Traditional Label Design for New Product Line

04/22/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

AG Hair Care Collection- AG Hair

AG Hair Care Collection- AG Hair

Based out of Vancouver, AG Hair has released their line of ‘Texture’ hair products. The company was founded 27 years ago by John Davis, a former hairdresser, and his partner, Lotte who was working in retail merchandising and design at the time. They employed the idea that beauty comes from simplicity and confidence into their products. From this, Kriss Blizzard, their VP of Creative, got inspiration to design their new labels.

Cleansing Cream - AG Hair

Cleansing Cream - AG Hair

AG’s packaging traditionally is made of white, black, and neutral toned colors. Blizzard broke the mold from this routine for the colorful design of the Texture product line. Despite being visually set in the background, the main focus of the label is a peony. The specific flower was used for its timeless beauty and as a representation of the simplicity that the brand prides itself on. The peony sits on a grey background which makes the pink tones of the petals pop. In the center of each label is a white rectangle containing the various product information so it’s clear for consumers to read. At the top of the label sits the AG logo, making the package recognizable to their loyal customers. Due to the different degrees of texture and colors on this label design, the product proves to be eye catching.


If you’ve been inspired by the different colors and textures of AG Hair’s label, and are looking for a printing company to partner with, contact Dion Label today to request a quote.

Makers & Allies Designs Earthy Inspired Wine Label

04/20/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Ancient Peaks Winery

Ancient Peaks Wine Label

Ancient Peaks Wine Label

Ancient Peaks Winery is a multi-family owned and operated vineyard with striking wine bottles. Margarita Vineyard, where the company is stationed, is home to a rare array of soils. The wine is created in a blend of sea bed, rocky alluvium, shale, volcanic, and granite soil. This is the feature that the company builds its brand around. When designing a new label, Ancient Peaks, turned to Makers & Allies for partnership.

Makers & Allies helped with many aspects of the branding process for Ancient Peaks. They were responsible for custom art direction, label design, and package design amongst other aspects of the branding process. The inspiration they used for the new designs and images came from the vineyard itself and its surroundings. Makers & Allies drew on the mountain ranges, the vines, and the soil throughout the design process for Ancient Peaks.

Ancient Peaks Special Edition Label

Ancient Peaks Special Edition Label

A cream colored, textured paper is used to create the sophisticated looking label. Either a black or pearl colored font contrasts the details of the label against the paper. ‘Ancient Peaks’ is written in a large, distorted black font and is embossed, in aims to replicate the appearance of mountains ridges. A metallic gold font is used on a select few labels for their special edition wines. The design of the label below the name is inspired by the five different soil types found in the vineyard. The combination of the textured paper and a mimicked debossing effect makes the label design appear as the soil. The back label includes the same features of the front and details where the wine came from; giving soil type and the geographic coordinates of the vineyard. While most of the font is in a black color, gold is used to highlight the soil and the contents of the wine. To finish the design of the bottle, the cork is placed in a copper colored capsule with the stamp of Ancient Peaks Winery.


If you’re looking for examples of wine labels or labels with embossing effects similar to Ancient Peaks Winery labels, be sure to request a samples packet from Dion Label today!

Dion is Hiring!

04/20/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Quality Assurance Coordinator


Dion Label Printing is hiring a full time Quality Assurance Coordinator.

About Us:

Founded in 1969, Dion Label Printing, Inc. specializes in printing labels, shrink sleeves, tags, and tickets for multiple industries including health & beauty, ski and recreation, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, toy, industrial and several others. Our teams of employees must be up-to-date with cutting edge technologies and trends that take place in every industry. Dion Label Printing, Inc. employs over 80 employees and is located in Westfield, MA.

Key Tasks:

  • Proofread via comparator
  • Edit press roll maps
  • Maintain contact with comparator and roll mapping technicians
  • Perform production run approvals on press
  • Maintain production color standards
  • Manage production retains and data
  • Verify Certificates of Compliance and Certificates of Analysis


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Enjoys working in a production environment
  • Strong computer skills: Word, Excel, E-Mail, Internet
  • Ability to learn new computer applications quickly
  • Ability to handle complex interlinked activities and balance priorities
  • Must be able to be mobile for long periods of time; walking to and from production teams

Position Details

  • $12 per hour starting salary; negotiable based on experience
  • 40 hours a week
  • 8:00am to 4:30pm

Application Details

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Stacy Falconer via email. Please include "QA Coordinator Applicant" in the subject line.

Contact Information:

Stacy Falconer

Business Development Director

New Dressings Means New Designs for Wish-Bone

04/13/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

WishBone EVOO Dressing

Wish-Bone EVOO Dressing

Wish-Bone, a division of Pinnacle foods, has released two new lines of dressing for consumers and along with the new dressings came new package and label designs. The company teamed up with Little Big Brands to conquer their redesign process. Virtually everything has been changed for their new product release aside from the familiar Wish-Bone green logo. Although the two lines, E.V.O.O. and Ristorante Italiano, were put on the market at the same time, they both have had their own unique design process to best represent the contents inside.

The goal behind the new EVOO label design was to create a clean look. A white label with a gloss finish was used to represent purity and the healthy choice that consumers make when buying the product. The label takes up only a strategic portion of the bottle so that the contents speak for themselves. Illustrations of food pop off of the white background to signal consumers what ingredients were used to create the dressing. Each E.V.O.O. bottle is designed with the same original typography for a unifying look across flavors. However, each flavor is associated with a different color that is used for the name of the product and the wrap-around neck label. Lemon Herb is represented by a zesty yellow, garlic basil Italian is a light green that is reflective of the herb, a burgundy color is used for Roasted Red Pepper, orange for Sundried Tomato, and Caesar Vingarette is colored deep purple. The same font used for E.V.O.O. is used on the neck tag to mark the flavors as ‘new’.

Wish-Bone Ristorant Italiano

The inspiration used for the Ristorante Italiano was reflective of Italian styled restaurants. The labels are completely colored in either evergreen, plum purple, maroon, or orange. These were carefully paired with the ingredients of each dressing so consumers would be provided with an Italian feel. As with the E.V.O.O. bottle, this one uses a custom typography used throughout the entire package.  The neck labels also use the same color and font as the prime label. Whereas the E.V.O.O. label is relatively small, the Ristorante Italiano uses a wraparound label that only shows a portion of the dressing.

Dion Label has many years of experience in the food industry. If you’re interested in dressing labels, contact us or request a samples packet today.

Happy Family Comes Out with Innovative Pouch Design

04/08/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

New Happy Baby Pouch

New Happy Baby Pouch

Over the past two years, Happy Family Brands has been in the design process of their newly released baby food line, Happy Baby. The company made quite the transition by moving away from previously used glass jars and onto colorful, transparent pouches.. The design of these pouches have become some of the most innovative in the baby food industry to date.

There were many thoughtful elements that Happy Family put into their design for Happy Baby. One of the most notable was to use a clear pouch so that parents could see the food that they were picking out for their child. They were the first national baby food brand to utilize a transparent pouch. They are also the first national brand to list the recipes for parents directly on the pouch itself. The importance of providing parents and babies with the right organic choices was the main goal behind this design.

Full Happy Baby Product Line

Full Happy Baby Product Line

The pouch itself is highly decorated with colors and images. The center of the package is filled with the color of the fruit or vegetable that is inside. The name of the food is written in a white font to contrast the color of the package. The cap that seals the pouch is choke proof and colored to match the food as well. While the middle of the pouch remains minimal in design, the team made it more dynamic by including photography of the ingredients at the top and bottom of the pouch. Each pouch includes a white seal to show that Happy Family is a Certified B Corporation that is socially and environmentally conscious.  Due to the high amounts of color used in the package design, the company needed to ensure that printability was key to their process.

If you’re looking to partner with a printing company for your pouch design, contact Dion Label Printing today! 

New Soap and Label uses Wine as Inspiration

04/01/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Rewined Partnering with Stitch Desgin Co.

A new line of soap products has been introduced by South Carolinian candle company, Rewined. The candles and soaps are unique because they are produced and infused with the scents of popular wine. After the success of their candles, which are made in champagne bottles, Rewined knew they had to bring familiar elements to their soap packaging. For this task they turned to design company, Stitch Design Co, who had helped them rebrand in years previous. The company’s labels, packaging and website were all created in collaboration with Stitch Design Co, and naturally so is this new line of soap.

Rewined Soap Collection

Rewined Soap Collection

To get off the ground with the soap, Rewined has released three scents for purchase. Popular wines such as Champagne, Pinot Noir, and Rose were the inspiration for the featured products. Natural ingredients comprise the makeup of the soap and they are made in specialty batches. The individual soaps have the lists of fruits and oils that you can expect to find inside.

Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir Soap

Each five ounce bar of soap is first wrapped in a textured paper of a neutral color. The grey toned or cream paper has a subtle diamond design to it that needs to be looked at up close to truly appreciate the detail. Matching wood veneered wraps are what make the label designs of this new soap stand out. The labels are marked with a font and border that are inspired by wood burning which gives the products a very natural look. A color wax seal is applied over the label that pays homage to the wine roots of each bar of soap. The color of the seal depends on the type of wine being paid tribute to. Champagne and Rose take on a light color that reflects the color of the wine themselves. A deep burgundy is used for Pinot Noir which is reflective of the red wines natural state. An ‘R’ for Rewined, with an old fashioned corkscrew is embossed in the center of each stamp to complete the design.

If you’re feeling inspired by the work of Rewined and Stitch Design Co., and have interest in wooden labels, request a samples packet from Dion Label today!

PepsiCo Introduces Pepsimoji Design as a New Universal Language

03/30/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Image by Jen Ram

Image by Jen Ram

In an effort to create a universal language among its customers, PepsiCo has revealed their newest label design concept featuring customized emojis. On World Emoji Day, July 17th, Pepsi released a teaser video of their new emoji designs, by capturing a marriage proposal exclusively through Pepsimojis.

The idea of individual and international conversation is at the forefront of this marketing campaign. PepsiCo is introducing a way for consumers to interact with their beverages, as well as each other. Not only has PepsiCo introduced #pepsimoji to social media, it has released a Pepsimoji keyboard that can be downloaded for free on to smart phones. The keyboard is what they consider “the language of now” and is a way for consumers to “Say It With Pepsi”. With this strategy consumers of all ages are given the opportunity to interact in a new way and connect with the PepsiCo brand.

Image by Pepsi Canada

Image by Pepsi Canada

PepsiCo Design has created the yellow circle that reflects the iconic shape of Pepsi’s logo and gives face to their new emojis. The different designs are highlighted with the recognizable red, white, and blue colors that Pepsi has always featured. While there are a variety of global emoji designs, Pepsi encourages the creativity of local markets to introduce their own Pepsimojis. Some international markets, such as Canada, Thailand, Russia and Pakistan have begun to feature this new campaign on their Pepsi bottles and cans. The United States can expect to see these new labels on shelves beginning this summer.

Comment below with your new favorite Pepsimoji!

Halfwit Coffee Roasters' Package is Out of this World

03/28/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Halfwit Coffee Packages

Halfwit Coffee Packages

A Chicago based coffee company has taken a scientific approach for their new label and packaging design. Halfwit Coffee Roasters is a group of coffee enthusiasts who have dedicated themselves to serve the highest caliber coffee. Influences from all around the world go into creating their roasts. They provide flavors from Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Rwanda, as well as blends that come from various combinations of Guatemala, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia. Halfwit Coffee Roasters teamed up with Firebelly Design to create their new design and branding.

Firebelly credits the new logo to the nature of the company and says they wanted the design to reflect their sense of humor. The logo appears as three collective hexagons that resemble the periodic table of elements. Even more so reflective of the periodic table is that in the shapes are written “Hf” (half), “W” (wit), and the image of electrons around an atom. The electric blue color of the packaging is a tribute to the coffee roasters as well. It is meant to be reflective of the city of Chicago, where the company calls home. While the electric blue certainly stands out, it nicely compliments the color of each label.

Halfwit Cascara Package

Halfwit Cascara Package

Every coffee roast and blend gets their own individual color to represent them. For example, a plum color represents a Moonbat Blend, and the Peruvian roast is displayed in orange. The label is actually a part of the entire packaging design and not a separate piece. Within each roast there appear more atomic elements that have various recognizable symbols in them. These are the various tastes that go into each blend, such as different drinks, wheats, and fruits. The label also gives detail to where each roast comes from and other facts that allows consumers to know what they’re drinking. The combination of all of the packaging elements, combined with a glossy finish, makes this product grab the attention of consumers.

If you’re looking for a 4-color process label design that will pop like Halfwit Coffee Roasters does, contact Dion Label today.

Black and Gold Bottle makes Sauvelle Vodka Standout

03/25/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Stranger & Stranger Design

Suavelle French Vodka

Suavelle French Vodka

Sauvelle Vodka has released their newest bottle, designed by Stranger and Stranger, and it has caught the attention of many. Sauvelle is a company based out of Sauvelle, France that creates their blend to be ‘wild and beautiful’ as a tribute to the countryside it comes from and the people who make it. They describe their vodka as elegant and rich, and their designers knew how to reflect the same for their packaging.

Stranger & Stranger is a design company based out of New York, San Francisco and London. They specialize in alcohol branding and package design and have been in the business since 1994. They take pride in their work as a dark art, and promote not fitting in, but rather standing out. With their eye catching bottle and packaging design, Sauvelle Vodka certainly stands out to customers.

Sauvelle Bottle Design

Sauvelle Bottle Design

Deep black and metallic gold are the basis of this design, and the combination of the two makes the art on this bottle pop. The bottle itself is a rich black color that gives no glimpse of the vodka inside, which initially gives a mysterious feel and attracts focus. In the center of the bottle is a unique design of gold embellishments that reflects the shape a skull, but has such detail, the buyer can interpret more. Around the top of the bottle, this design is transformed into a pattern that almost turns the seal into a complete gold color. The pattern is finished with a golden, double lined border to separate it from the rest of the bottle. Stranger & Stranger came up with the unique idea to be able to market the ‘Crafted French Vodka’ from any position and has it written both right-side up, and upside down, so it can be read while pouring. While the bottle remains to have a clean and simple look, the attention to detail in the design shows how complex the decoration really is.

Did you know Dion Label specializes in high-decoration label printing to achieve a similar effect as the packaging above? If you’re looking to make your product stand out on the shelves, contact us today.