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Small-Batch Ice Cream with Tasteful Packaging

08/26/2016 by Ryan Taskey (comments: 0)

Steve's Ice Cream Dairy Line

Steve's Ice Cream Dairy Line

Ice Cream, summer’s all-in-one taste bud appealer, appetite appeaser, and personal cool down method. In a market that should include an array of different flavors and ingredients, the generic chocolates and vanillas of the world are becoming all too prevalent among the shelves of local grocery stores. It’s time for us to say no to boring flavors, ditch the plain cardboard packaging, and pick up a pint of Steve’s Ice Cream. Since 1973, Steve’s has crafted delectable frozen dairy concoctions, further enhancing their dessert food with “mix-ins”, and eventually reaching nationwide distribution. With innovative dairy and non-dairy flavors such as Manhattan Cherry Chip and Burnt Sugar Vanilla, one would assume (and assume correctly) that their product label would be equally inventive.

Steve’s decided to drop the typical cardboard packaging used with most ice cream products, and opted to utilize a clear container, giving their customers a preview of their frozen treats. Their logo, “Steve’s Ice Cream” is displayed in front and on top of the container using a unique combination of a white font and turquoise background. The turquoise continues along the border of the front and top labels, which utilize a secondary black or white background to display the flavor name. White and black fonts are used in the majority of the text, while the flavor itself will typically be shaded with its corresponding color (i.e. the “Cherry” in Manhattan Cherry Chip is shaded red). On the back of the container, the consumer will find a description of the ice cream flavor, as well as social media information. Aside from the labels found on the front, top, and rear of the container, the remaining surface area surrounding the pint is covered by a clear label material. Nutritional information can be found on the left and right side of the packaging.

Interested in developing a unique product label for your dessert item? Contact Dion Label Printing, and request a quote today!

Condiments Get Wilder Packaging

08/22/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Not Your Typical Mustard

Wilder Condiments Packaging

Wilder Condiments Packaging

When one thinks of mustard packaging the typical yellow squeeze container is generally what comes to mind. California based company, Wilder Condiments, wanted to bring the spirit of the location to their products through locally sourced ingredients. Three different products are offered including a Classic Mustard, Horseradish Mustard and Honey Jalapeno Mustard. With ingredients that are all natural yet bold in their flavor, Wilder Condiments needed some bold packaging to match.

The condiments company partnered with After All Studio to do the designs for the outer packaging and labels. Each product is produced in a glass container with a wrap around label and lid label as well. The labels have a unique back diecut on the ends for an unexpected look from behind. The rest of the label has a cream background with various brown line graphics. As a funky touch and nod to the company name, the word “Wilder” has both the L and the D turned on its side. For a pop of color the cap labels are shades of green, red and yellow with the company name printed in black.

Looking for a food label similar to the one produced above by Wilder Condiments? Contact Dion Label Printing today to speak with a representative!

Dion Featured in Western Mass Business Show

08/19/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

John Dion, Co-Owner at Dion Label Printing

John Dion, Co-Owner at Dion Label Printing

Over the past few years Dion Label Printing has been featured twice on the Western Mass Business Show! The show airs on Saturday mornings at 11:00am where Ira Bryck the Director of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley interviews local Western Mass owners and key players. During the half hour show Ira discusses with business owners their beginnings, growth and all the other details that play into owning a business in a changing marketplace.

Dion Label Printing Co-Owner John Dion was interviewed back in October 2014 and Stacy Falconer Business Development Director at Dion was interviewed this July of 2016. John discussed company beginnings as a family owned company that grew into one of the leading label and packaging manufacturers today. He also touches on the importance of customer loyalty and lasting relationships to build a sustainable business for years to come. Stacy discusses her background in Marketing and her growth with Dion Label Printing to enhance the overall customer experience. She also explains Dion’s expanding capabilities and newest offerings that are helping to build business in new and different markets. Be sure to check out their full podcast interviews by clicking the links below!

Stacy Falconer, Business Development Director at Dion Label Printing

Stacy Falconer, Business Development Director at Dion Label Printing

John Dion, Co-Owner at Dion Label Printing Interview

Stacy Falconer, Business Development Director at Dion Label Printing Interview

Be sure to visit Dion Label Printing’s website for more information on our company and capabilities!

Goodbye Ryan!

08/16/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Sales & Marketing Intern

Good Luck, Ryan!

Good Luck, Ryan!

Today, the marketing department at Dion Label Printing is saying goodbye to one of our most recent sales & marketing interns. Ryan worked with the marketing team during the summer of 2016 to continue our blogging and social media efforts. He is a very strong writer and brought a creative spin on his blog articles that attracted excellent feedback. He also worked on creating and sending out marketing packets to our various customers and assisted with several tradeshow research projects. Ryan is a driven individual with a hunger to learn and works well with others. He arrived punctually every day prepared and ready to learn. Outside of the office, Ryan enjoys working out at the gym motivated by his healthy lifestyle habits along with watching/playing sports and hanging out with friends and family.

Ryan will be returning to school in the fall to continue pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing from Holyoke Community College. The Dion Team wishes you the best of luck at school and future endeavors. Keep in touch and good luck, Ryan!

Protein Spread Creates Sleek Packaging to Become Retail Store Standout

08/15/2016 by Ryan Taskey (comments: 1)

P28 High Protein Spread

P28 High Protein Spread

Protein is an essential component in the process of muscle tissue repair and growth, but consuming enough of it can be difficult for the everyday athlete. When trying to fit some extra protein into your diet, it’s best to stick with the basics. Name a protein-packed snack that has been a go-to for most people decade after decade? Peanut Butter. With 7 grams of protein per two-tablespoon serving, peanut butter has been a staple in the American diet since it was introduced in the late 1800s. However, it’s now the year 2016, times have changed, and long story short, the 7 grams of protein found in your typical grocery store peanut butter isn’t going to cut it anymore.

It’s time to better familiarize the world with one of the latest and greatest innovations in the food industry, P28. Available in Classic Peanut Butter, Signature Blend, Almond Butter, White Chocolate, Caramel Turtle, Apple Crisp, Banana Raisin, and Gingerbread (seasonal), finding your favorite flavor should be an effortless task. With new innovations to their product design, the athletically-designed jars of P28 will be jumping off the shelves and into the hands of consumers everywhere. P28 uses a variety of colors to accent the flavor contained in each individual jar. Their signature “P28” logo is displayed at the top of the jar in bold lettering. An arched print of the word “formulated” sits just above their logo, letting the customer know that this peanut butter was created using only the best ingredients for maximum performance. Below this print, P28 indicates that they are “The Original” high protein spread using cursive lettering. Just below this claim you will find the flavor name in large, bold print. The unique shape of the product is perfectly wrapped with a glossy shrink sleeve. This packaging reveals a clear arch that runs along the body of the container and gives the customer a preview of the jar’s contents.

Bring your new food packaging idea to life! Contact Dion Label Printing and request a quote today!

Goodbye Suzie!

08/12/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Sales & Marketing Intern

Good Luck, Suzie!

Good Luck, Suzie!

The marketing department at Dion Label Printing is saying goodbye to one of our most recent sales and marketing interns, Suzie Soltau. Suzie worked with the marketing team this summer to help generate new ideas and continue our blogging and social media efforts. She assisted with creating and sending out marketing packets and also worked on the company employee involvement team (spirit team) where she brought new ideas to invigorate standard events. Suzie is an energetic person who works well with others and brought a fresh perspective to the department. Outside of the office, Suzie enjoys going to the movies and hanging out with her husband who she was recently married to in June 2016.

Suzie will be returning to school in the fall to continue pursuing her Masters Degree in Marketing online from Walden University. Her goal is to graduate May 2017 and pursue a full time career in Marketing. The Dion team wishes you the best of luck in your final year of school and the future! Good luck, Suzie!

How to make your business brand standout with custom printers

08/10/2016 by Suzanne Soltau (comments: 0)

Custom Printers

Custom Printers

The business world is diverse and vast. Every business brand is fighting for the number one spot among the consumers and trying to win their hearts. Custom printing gives your business brand an added advantage especially if used the right way. The key things to make your business standout from your competitors while using custom printing are outlined below.

  • Packaging

Packaging is necessary for every company. It is part of their main focus since customers are able to learn more of the brand through packaging. Their methods determine how the customers perceive their brand compared to others in the market. Printing the company’s name and logo on labels, shrink sleeves or pouches lets the customers appreciate your brand more.

  • Creating awareness

Thanks to custom printing, one can make known of their brand effortlessly without breaking a sweat. Making your business name and logo known to the public ensures that your brand stays relevant in the market. Successful marketing depends upon your ability to create and communicate a specific image through your branding and packaging. You need to emphasize the most important facet of your message and keep repeating it over and over again. Rather realize that name recognition and image are established over time through repetition and consistency.

Contact Dion Label Printing today to speak with a packaging specialist on how to make your business brand stand out!

Dion Employee Spotlight: June Carney

08/08/2016 by Ryan Taskey (comments: 1)

June Carney

June Carney

Over a quarter of a century has passed since June Carney joined the Dion Label Printing team, and the value she has brought to the company has been nothing short of indispensible. Versatile, personable, and a problem solver, June has maintained an eager approach to every role she’s fulfilled at Dion. Currently working as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, her task list is always growing.

Through her efforts to support sales and marketing, June handles various accounts, and performs a multitude of sales functions. Her strong communication skills make for excellent customer relationships and her optimistic attitude never takes a day off. To compliment her engaging personality, June frequently displays a vast knowledge of technical information, which makes her navigation of customer accounts effortless.

June started with Dion in Customer Care, transitioned to a Sales role, and then expanded on that role when she was put in charge of ski accounts. While she has interacted with hundreds of customers throughout the years, she references traveling to work with different companies within the ski industry as some of her proudest work. Attending tradeshows and planning company events were recurring tasks that June always approached with great enthusiasm. She cites her friendly, supportive co-workers as one of her primary incentives for clocking in everyday. Being a well-rounded individual, June enjoys her time outside of the office by attending concerts, traveling, and reading. A truly beloved and invaluable component of the Dion Label Printing team, June will be missed by all of us when she retires in December of 2017.

Is your Printer Personalizing Services for you?

08/05/2016 by Suzanne Soltau (comments: 0)

personalized service

Personalized Service

Printing should be a personalized service; meaning that your printer should be giving you customized service according to specific needs of your business. Individual servicing is your right ensuring that you get maximum value for your money. In a fast moving world of commerce, your business’ needs will change from time to time.


A printer is able to provide flexible service only if he has the technology to back him up. At Dion Label we take pride in our top of the range printing technology to provide a wide range of service to suit your different needs. We have two HP Indigo W6800 digital presses, flexographic presses, shrink sleeve equipment and other modern printing hardware.

Individual service

Our range of services include labels, shrink sleeves, tags, tickets and other customized products for multiple industries like beauty, food and drinks, recreation, pharmaceuticals and others. Each of our customers gets individual customer service as we understand that each business has unique needs.

Responsive service

Our customers are assured of fast turnaround time and response. As our customer you can be sure that we will take into account any changes that you make depending on changes in your industry. Customer service is Dion’s number one priority and you can be sure that we will listen to every one of your complaints or compliments.

Good Printing to Grow Your Brand

08/03/2016 by Suzanne Soltau (comments: 0)



Many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of good printing in growing a strong brand. First impressions count for much in brand visibility. Beautifully packaged products will always pull customers.  Good printing is able to bring out your designs properly and make the colors come alive such that your trademarks and logos hit the customer right away.  For some products, beautiful packaging can make or break the product.

Strong brand

Sometimes customers are not sure of which product to choose among several possibilities. Think of personal hygiene products, foods and drinks. In many cases, the product with the most presentable packaging is the most attractive choice. The customer will reason that if the outside looks good, what is inside is probably just as good.

Good printer

Your printer should be your ally in developing a strong package. He can advise you on what design will work best for the packaging you have.  A good printer will also ensure that your work will be done on time to match your production line. Get the printer with the best technology to match your needs. Modern presses like Dion’s HP Indigo W6800 will deliver quick turnaround time ensuring your product line is moving efficiently. With a good printer you can concentrate in making your product better knowing that the packaging side is in safe hands.

Dion Label Printing is always excited to help new business expand their products with our label services. We know that good printing will grow your brand and bring better business, which in turn will grow our business. Remember to always contact us with any questions about how we can help with your label needs.