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"We received the Creme de Chocolat labels this morning and they are simply gorgeous!! Just wanted to send everyone at Dion a huge THANK YOU for all of your efforts in processing, printing and delivering to us the chocolat label in time for our tradeshow. You're tops with us!!"

Dion Label Blog

Beyond the Slopes

12/17/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Say goodbye to skiing as we know it

Freestyle Skier

Freestyle Skier

With the winter season now here, ski areas and resorts can expect a growing number of visitors compared to the past.  The reason is that skiing is much more than just skiing these days.  Ski resorts all across the nation are phasing in new technologies and keeping the usual downhill skiing as a secondary option. 


In today’s world, park skiing seems to be the hot new trend in winter sports. These parks include all different types of objects for the modern skier to enjoy such as handrails, half pipes, slides, and complex jumps offering riders a wild and thrilling new experience.  Rather than the typical ride down a mountain, skiers can use these objects to reach a whole new level of skiing.  They can learn different tricks to try on the jumps, or even various grinds to use on the handrails.


One new obstacle that stands out in the industry is the ball slide at The Summit of Snoqualmie in Washington.  This slide is made up of hundreds of golf balls laid flat in a wooden box.  The golf balls offer a smooth sliding surface, so the rider can slide knowing there is no chance of catching an edge.


With ski parks becoming more and more popular, it is no secret that this winter activity is likely to see a rise in demand within the next few years.  Be sure to contact Dion Label Printing today for a free estimate on ski tickets or decals for your mountain!

Breaking Away From Tradition

12/15/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Ashridge uses modern art packaging to promote uniqueness

Ashridge Old Label

Ashridge Old Label

As you have seen lately in our blogs, organic and craft products have been a hot trend in the beverage industry.  Ashridge Cider, a company out of Devon, UK, specializes in craft ciders and other natural juices. Their current packaging consists of traditional imagery, representing simplicity in their product.  However, with such an advanced cider, Ashridge knew they had to break away from traditional packaging and explore more modern ideas.

Ashridge New Label

Ashridge New Label


Before teaming up with Buddy Creative, Ashridge’s packaging consisted of an ordinary font with an image of a tree.  The tree gives off a natural and organic feel, but seemed a bit out dated.  For their new packaging, Ashridge looked into today’s society for ideas.  Each of their juices holds a “mini work of modern art”.  The new labels show abstract fruit shapes to represent the natural ingredients found in each beverage.  A pastel color scheme, along with a foiled signature on the label promotes elegance in the drink.  This lets the consumer know that Ashridge Ciders is not your run of the mill cider by any means.


What other design strategies have you seen in the beverage industry?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Cecchetti Wines Use Textured Stock for Austerity

12/10/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Everyday wine gets a million dollar look

Austerity Wine Labels

Austerity Wine Labels

With more than twenty-seven years of experience in the wine industry, Roy and Rachael Cecchetti started Cecchetti Wine Company in 2007.  Since then, their company has found success and now produces numerous wine brands. One of their brands, Austerity, was founded in 2011 and has quite a unique story. When the economy started to see a downfall, the Cecchetti’s saw an opportunity.  They knew that the people could use a wine that “looked like a million dollars, tasted like a million dollars, but doesn’t cost a fortune”.  Austerity was then created to fit that exact mold.  In economic terms, “austerity” means to reduce budget deficits which is something everyone in the U.S was looking to do once we saw a drop in the economy.

 Austerity Wine Label Detail

Austerity Wine Label Detail

Being the wine market expert that he is, Roy Cecchetti knew he had to come up with the right packaging for his new product.  Working together with CF Napa, they were able to create high end labeling for this everyday wine.  Cecchetti Wine Company looked into America’s rich history for inspiration in their packaging, which includes a vintage typography used in historical bank notes and stock certificates. The brand name, “Austerity” is the main focus point of the label.  Below that, the phrase “wines of the highest discipline” is stamped using a golden foil.  The gold foil is used to outline other key points in the label as well. At the bottom of the label you will find the text “a product of California” written in an elegant font. All of these elements of the label work together to promote the “million dollar look” that Cecchetti Wine Company was looking for in their packaging.


Are you interested in a textured stock for your next project?  Contact us and let us know!

Dion is Hiring!

12/05/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Label and Packaging Sales Representative

Dion Label Printing is now hiring a Label and Packaging Sales Representative! Below you will find a list of key tasks and qualifications for the position; these are also listed on our website.


Key Tasks

  • Establishing new accounts in a variety of markets and territories
  • Making appointments to meet new and existing customers
  • Understanding customers’ needs
  • Making presentations to promote new products and packaging solutions
  • Keeping in contact with existing customers in person and by telephone
  • Recording orders and sending details to the Dion Label Printing office
  • Participate in select trade shows
  • Communicate with customer care representatives at the Dion office on open orders
  • Submit activity and project reports to business development director
  • Utilize internal CRM system for updating and maintaining customer information
  • Meet sales targets



  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Exposure to general business processes; sales, customer service
  • Experience in printing, packaging or similar business discipline
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Ability to take responsibility for problems / opportunities and implement permanent solutions
  • Strong computer skills: Word, Excel, E-Mail, Internet
  • Ability to learn new computer applications quickly
  • Ability to handle complex interlinked activities and balance priorities


Position Details

  • Base salary plus commission


Application Details

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Stacy Falconer at Please include "L&P Sales Applicant" in the subject line.


Contact Information
Stacy Falconer
Business Development Director

Packaging That Tells a Story

12/05/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Legend portrayed through labeling

Chic Choc Rum Label

Chic Choc Rum Label

There is an old Canadian legend that tells the story of a love affair between the mayor’s daughter and the town rebel.  Once their secret was exposed, it is said that the rebel was banished from the town until he could retrieve a special blend of spices from the Chic Choc Mountains.  These spices were guarded by a fierce beast and everyone who has tried to retrieve them failed until one day when the adventurous rebel returned to the town with a rum bottle full of the special spices.  To this day, we can enjoy that very same blend of spices in Chic Choc Rum, a product of Domaine Pinnacle


Domaine Pinnacle is a spirit company out of Montreal Quebec, Canada.  Each one of their spirits is crafted with the brand’s history and quality in mind and Chic Choc Rum is no different. Working with Polygraphe Studios, Chic Choc Rum was able to create packaging that harnessed the brands rich history.  The front of the bottle uses a pressure sensitive label that displays a ferocious beast, being tamed by who we can assume is the town rebel.  Gold foil is used to emphasize main parts of the label, along with an earth tone text that would appeal to any adventurer.  The back of the bottle also holds a pressure sensitive label.  This part of the packaging displays a brief summary of the Canadian legend in both French and English, accompanied by a picture of the famous rebel. 

Chic Choc Rum Label Detail

Chic Choc Rum Label Detail


Are you interested in using gold foil to help make your next project stand out?  Contact us today for a free quote!

Third & Fourth Game of Thrones Beer Label Installments Released

12/02/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

by Brewery Ommegang

Fire and Blood Game of Thrones beer labels

Fire and Blood Game of Thrones beer labels

The widely popular HBO television show, Game of Thrones, has continued to blossom in popularity. Each season has shown significant growth, according to data analytics company Sisense, due to its interesting plotline, exceptional special effects and sometimes shockingly graphic scenes. Now in its fourth season, the hit show’s beer collection has added some new additions based on happenings in the story. Back in March, Brewery Ommegang released a trio of beers named “Fire and Blood” as the third installment of the beer collection. The fruity yet spicy red ale is available in three different label designs all filled in the traditional amber bottle, corked with a wire shut closure. Each label features one of the three dragons’ owned by Daenerys Targaryen or “mother of dragons” in the show. Silver metallic accents highlight the label’s text and boarder for an edgy look.


As of October 1st, the fourth installment of the beer collection was also released. Brewery Ommegang named it “Valar Morghulis” which translates to “all men must die.” A graphic of the famous two sided coin is printed on the label against a blood red background. The coin is given to one of the characters by an assassin in the series. The phrase and image also relate to the show’s carefree attitude to offing characters no matter of their role importance.

Valar Morghulis Game of Thrones beer label

Valar Morghulis Game of Thrones beer label

Interested in a beer label similar to the ones above produced by Brewery Ommegang? Check out our beer label capabilities page for more information.

Shrink Sleeves Show True Colors

12/01/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

From the farm to the table, with no secrets

True Organic Juice Packaging

True Organic Juice Packaging

As you may have read in our previous blog, green is gold in today’s beverage industry.  More and more home grown and organic beverages are finding their places on retail shelves all around the globe.  Grimmway Farms, the world’s largest carrot grower, is a fruit and vegetable farm located in Walnut Creek, California.  Since becoming a certified organic company in 1983, they have specialized in bringing their fresh, home grown fruits and vegetables from their farm to your table.  As well as producing fruits and vegetables, Grimmway Farms also offers True Organic JuiceTrue Organic Juice is a beverage that consists of nothing but the freshest ingredients, grown right at home in Walnut Creek.


With so many natural and fresh ingredients, Grimmway Farms did not want to hide anything with their packaging.  With a little help from Mclean Design, they were able to create packaging that fit their line of beverages perfectly.  Each of the six juices uses a clear shrink sleeve to fully wrap the product.  Using a clear shrink sleeve allows the consumer to see every last drop of juice, relating to the concept that True Organic Juices have nothing to hide.  The shrink sleeve is complimented with a ribbon graphic circling around the middle, displaying the flavor of the beverage.  The word “organic” appears twice on the packaging, to instill in the consumer that every ingredient in the juice is home grown and natural. 


Have you noticed clear packaging being used in any other industry?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Happy Thanksgiving

11/26/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

from the Dion Team

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Hours:
Thursday, November 27th- Closed
Friday, November 28th- Closed

Finca De La Rica Uses Interactive Packaging

11/25/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Play with your labels, not your food

Finca De La Rica Labels

Finca De La Rica Labels

If you are a wine drinker, you know there is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine while relaxing.  More often than not consumers will drink a glass of wine while reading a magazine, watching T.V, or even working on a crossword puzzle.  Finca De La Rica, a wine company out of Spain, thought that they could find a way to benefit from this habit through packaging. They came to the conclusion that rather than enjoying wine while focusing on another activity, what if the wine packaging was the activity? 


Interactive packaging can be defined as packaging that the consumer can use for a second purpose.  This type of packaging has become one of the biggest trends in today’s market.  Finca De La Rica teamed up with Dorian¸a design agency also located in Spain, to help create ideal interactive packaging for their wines. Each of their three wine labels have their own unique activity.  The “el buscador” or the hunter is a 2012 blend that uses a word search as the main focus point on the label.  Then we have “el nomado” or the nomad which is a 2010 vintage that displays a maze on the label, challenging the consumer to reach the center point.  The third variety of wine is the 2013 “el guia” or the guide.  The name of this wine relates to the connect the dots game which guides you through numeric points throughout the label to complete a picture. All three of these labels use minimal text, focusing on the interactive part of their packaging.


Would you like to see more of these types of packaging?  Let us know in our comment section!


From the Kitchen to the Counter

11/19/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Packaging helps jam company reach new heights

Jammy Yummy Labels

Jammy Yummy Labels

Based out of Miami, Florida, Jammy Yummy is a jam company that tells quite an interesting story.  When one Miami woman was searching for a new and unique meal to impress her husband, she reached out to her mother, who shared with her a recipe for brie and tomato jam.  She could not believe how the jam tasted and began to experiment with other flavor combinations.  The result was six new and exclusive jams.  These recipes soon became the talk of the town, and happened to catch the eye of a chef at a private tasting.  From there, Jammy Yummy would reach heights they wouldn’t have imagined possible.


With its growing success, Jammy Yummy knew they would need packaging that properly suited their product.  In order to make this possible, they brought in Hey Studio, a design firm based in Barcelona, Spain.  Working together, they created the ideal packaging for these six unique jams.  The jams come in flavors such as carrot, red pepper, baby portobello, caramelized onion, jalapeno, and of course the original tomato.  Each label uses a bold color that matches the unique flavor of each product.  With such a delicious product, one may ask “How do I stop eating this?”  Jammy Yummy couldn’t quite seem to figure that out, and decided to incorporate that wonderful problem into their packaging.  A close look at each jam reveals small holes punched out of each label.  The holes are there on purpose to represent constant nibbling of the product.  With such unique packaging, it is no secret as to why Jammy Yummy has seen rapid success in the past year.


Have you seen other types of unique packaging in the stores?  Leave a comment and let us know!