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Dion to Exhibit at Fall New England Made Show in Sturbridge

09/08/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Booth # 806

New England Made Show Fall 2014

New England Made Show Fall 2014

Dion Label Printing is excited to announce we will be exhibiting for our second year at the Fall New England Made Tradeshow! The show will be held September 14th – 15th at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, MA. If you plan to attend the show, stop by Dion Label’s booth #806 in the specialty food room to speak with a representative about your labeling needs!


The Fall New England Made Show is being held by Giraffe Events for its third consecutive year and is constantly growing! Local companies feature products from candles, jewelry, clothing, specialty foods, personal care products and more.


Interested in speaking with a representative before the show? Contact us today via email or give us a call at 1-800-583-6366. We look forward to meeting you!

Mushroom Based Supplement Packaging Excellence

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Goba Pet Supplement Packaging

Goba Pet Supplement Packaging

According to Forbes Magazine, the supplement industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Products range from dietary supplements, nutritional oils and vitamin enriched products. Forbes continues by saying that the products are popular for a broad range of clientele including women, men and as we found even pets! European based supplement brand Goba, which translates to mushroom in Slovene, has a wide variety of products that are all created from medicinal mushrooms. Product lines are available for both pets and their owners each with their own label design.


Goba partnered with European creative firm IlovarStritar to create the branding and packaging design. The top photo shows the pet product collection where each amber plastic bottle is finished with a wrap around prime label. The labels have a matte finish which matches nicely with the soft, pastel color pallet used in printing. Small hand drawn looking graphics of the animal the product is made for are printed in colored circles and text detailing is printed below. For the food product line, shown in the bottom photo, each of the matte labels is printed with similar color pallets but with graphics of the various mushroom varieties included in each supplement. The packaging is subtle and elegant which will certainly stand out on the shelf.

Goba Supplement Packaging

Goba Supplement Packaging

Interested in a supplement label similar to the ones designed by IlovarStritar and Goba above? Contact us today or check out our OTC Pharmaceutical capabilities page.

Happy Labor Day!

08/29/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Dion Label Printing will be CLOSED on Monday, September 1st and will RE-OPEN during our normal business hours on Tuesday, September 2nd. Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend from the Dion Team!

Three In One Wine Labeling

08/27/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Albastrele Wines

Ligero wine label design

Ligero wine label design

As we have stated in the past, a wine label is responsible for over 60% of wine product sales making the design of the label crucial. Eastern European country, Moldova, is home to Albastrele Wines who required a new label design for their collection of Ligero wines. The winery was looking to elevate the look of their product collection and sought out creative aid from design firm 43’OZ.


The photo above shows four of the bottles that received the new packaging design including two white and two red bottles. Each 750ml glass bottle is finished with three rectangular wrap around prime labels stacked one on top of the other. The top wrap label, reading the brand name “Ligero,” is created from a metallic material tinted in various autumn colors to match the bottles seal such as gold, bronze, and deep red. Below the metallic label are two identically shaped labels created from an off white textured paper carrying the product information and company seal. Breaking up the traditional rectangular wine label into three individual labels creates both interest and visual appeal that is ideal for the wine industry.


Interested in wine labels similar to the ones created above by Albastrele Wines? Contact Dion Label Printing today or visit our wine label capabilities page for more information.

Easy Pour Pancake Batter Packaging

08/19/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Pillsbury Pancake Batter shrink sleeve packaging

Pillsbury Pancake Batter shrink sleeve packaging

Easy-to-use products are being introduced across the market from easy dispensing cosmetics to single use, mess free detergent pods. Pillsbury recently introduced a brand new breakfast item with packaging tailored for the convenience segment. The company known for traditional products such as their crescent rolls and moist cakes is certainly not afraid to think outside the box when it came to their new Pancake Batter product. Different from their line of powdered pancake mixes, they are now offering an already mixed bottle of batter in the refrigerated section with the tagline “Just Pour, Flip & Serve.” Flavors currently sold exclusively in the Midwest include both original and buttermilk.


The 24oz squeeze containers are finished with a full body shrink sleeve that fits perfectly around the hourglass shaped bottle. Blue Pillsbury company colors make up the gradient background for the sleeve and huge stacks of syrup covered pancakes are printed at the bottom. The tagline and instructions are printed at the top of the sleeve in a hand written font with close placement to the easy dispensing flip top. A circular center image holds pertinent company information such as the product name and flavor variety highlighted in red for original and light blue for buttermilk.  


Interested in a shrink sleeve similar to the one above created by Pillsbury? Visit our shrink sleeve capabilities page for more information.

Not Just Your Average Pancake

08/13/2014 by Elena (comments: 0)

“Do Your Homework”

Birch Benders

Birch Benders

Matt Lacasse, one of two owners of Birch Benders, stated in a recent article by Kari Embree on packaging digest that while companies may have the vision or direction they want their packaging to go in, they lack the means, expertise, and capability to bring this vision to life. Lacasse recommends to “do your homework” in order to find different packaging options and choose one that will suit your needs. Matt Lacasse and his partner Naomi Honig had a vision of packaging their product in stand up pouches and jars. Their goal was to noticeably define their brands priorities and character when consumers came in contact with the product.


Birch Benders made this goal come alive by researching and choosing Moxie Sozo, a design and advertising agency that was best suited for them. One product is sold in a glass jar with a gold top and another product features a flat-bottomed stand up pouch. In order to maintain consistency, the labels on the jars used the same style and imagery as what was printed on the pouches.  Each label has a red rectangular banner displaying the brand name and logo. Below the name are four lines of text explaining the important features of the product.  The bottom of the label and pouches display the flavor of the pancakes in the same font as well as a colorful ribbon that says “delicious and nutritious” to remind consumers that this product is good for you. A flavor associated background image and color tie each label and pouch together. This busy and creative packaging will catch the eyes of consumers and present something other than just a regular old pancake mix.


Be sure to read our previous blog on some other interesting breakfast packaging.

Convenience Based Stackable Wines Use Shrink Sleeve Packaging

08/11/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Origin Wine

The Stormhoek Stack shrink sleeve packaging

The Stormhoek Stack shrink sleeve packaging

Consumers today are constantly searching for convenience based packaging that will fit into their busy lifestyles. Single serve products and packaging, in particular, are the ideal way to bring your favorite food or drink on the go with ease. Origin Wine, based out of the UK, has recently introduced what they call “The Stormhoek Stack” which is a tower of 750ml worth of wine in four easy to transport containers. The stacked wine containers feature their premium chardonnay in a lightweight, plastic construction making them ideal for travel.


Each “Stormhoek Stack” of four wine glasses is held together by a full body shrink sleeve. The sleeve features layers of design with a contemporary feel. The top container has black and white horizontal stacked stripes with small text featuring cities where the wine is available (i.e. New York, London, Cape Town). Ink is omitted from the center of the sleeve to reveal the subtle champagne colored wine and white ink with black and turquoise text makes the bottom two containers pop! Cheeky text is incorporated such as “Wine 4 Friends” playing off the four containers that are perfect to share with a group. For easy removal of the shrink sleeve, four built in tear perforations are included so consumers can remove one glass at a time without compromising the rest of the sleeve.


What other convenience based wine/spirit packaging have you seen on the market? Leave us a comment today!

Goodbye Elena!

08/08/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Best of Luck, Elena!

Best of Luck, Elena!

Today, the marketing department at Dion Label Printing is saying goodbye to our most recent sales & marketing intern.  After a year of employment, Elena Lidwin is leaving for a new full time job opportunity. Elena worked with the marketing team to create various promotional products, explore innovative materials, providing support at tradeshows and assisting the sales team with marketing samples.  Aside from her marketing skills, Elena also brought photography skills to Dion and aided in taking various photos for promotional material.

Elena graduated from the UMASS Isenberg School of Management in 2012 with a Bachelors of Business Administration. The Dion team wishes you the best of luck in your new endeavor and we hope you will stay in touch in the future. Good luck, Elena!

Peanut Butter Hot Beverage Packaging Hits the U.S.A

08/01/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Peanut Hottie

Peanut Hottie label design

Peanut Hottie label design

When the days begin to get longer, consumers are looking for warm beverage options to cozy up with. Hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate are the usual suspects, but Bravura Foods USA has recently released a new hot drink to the U.S.A that you might not expect. Peanut Hottie is the first peanut butter flavored instant hot drink to hit the market with some fantastic packaging. The drink product is sold as a powder in tall golden containers. Customers can add the powder to hot water for a peanut buttery smelling and tasting drink. There are currently two flavors available by Peanut Hottie including traditional peanut butter and peanut butter & chocolate.


The top photo shows samples of the labels and packaging utilized for each variety. A wrap prime label is adhered around each golden container printed with a color matched background hue. Curvaceous script is used for most of the text in browns and whites that creates the illusion of a hand written love note. The company name “Peanut Hottie” also has subtle love symbols included in the printing such as a heart used to dot the “I” in hottie and an underline flourish finished with a “X” (as in XOXO). Below the company name is a white outlined heart filled with flavor indicating graphics, such as chocolate and a peanut, forming the shape of a heart. These peanut butter products will hit retail shelves nationwide starting in September.


Be sure to check out our previous blog, “Packaging Redesign: Justin’s Nut Butter” about some other peanut butter product packaging.

Hired Guns Creates the Complete Package for Unruly Gin

07/28/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Honey Inspired Spirits

Unruly Gin labels and packaging

Unruly Gin labels and packaging

When it comes to designing packaging for the shelf, outer packaging can assist in extending product information as well as differentiating your product from the crowd. Popular design firm, Hired Guns Creative, was selected by Canada based distillery Wayward Distillation House to create labels and packaging for their new gin. One of the secret ingredients to Wayward’s gin is honey, as we have seen trending lately as an additive in various food products. The distillery wanted to highlight the inclusion of honey on the labels but not in a bold, traditional way such hexagonal honeycomb graphics.


Unruly Gin was created, as seen in the photo above, based on the “unruly” or naturally chaotic looking behavior of bees. Each 750ml rounded glass bottle is fixed with a front and back custom die cut label printed on a matte black material. The center of the label peaks at the bottom and top for a sleek look and highlights the copper foil detail included on the label. Notice that at the bottom of the label is a small honeycomb graphic also printed in copper foil so a subtle hint to the added ingredient. An outer tag wrap piece extends over the neck of the bottle and creates a domed, “honey comb” inspired casing for the bottle. The outside of the wrap is printed with high quality images including a large, magnified bee graphic as seen in the right photo above. By designing the graphics in a deep copper and black color pallet, the elements mesh well together without having one element overpower the rest.


Be sure to read our previous blog about another honey based beverage label also designed by Hired Guns Creative.