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Spotlight on Citrus Infused Products

10/17/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Citrus Infused Product Trend

Citrus Infused Product Trend

Remember three to four years ago when cranberry was trending in the food and beverage industry? Companies were infusing those berries into every drink or snack product imaginable, to the point that popular comedian Brian Regan decided to weigh in on his thoughts. Check out his humorous skit from 2010 called “Back off, Cranberry Man” on YouTube now! As 2014 draws to an end, The Beverage Industry comments that the trend in fruit infusion has switched to the citrus family including orange, lime and the most popular being lemon/lemonade. Anton Angelich of Virginia Dare commented that “Lemonade has a universally popular taste approval in this country,” making it a popular addition to most products. Companies such as Snapple and Arizona Beverage Co. are currently promoting a refreshing Half Iced Tea & Half Lemonade juice drink that is showing up on more retail shelves by the day. Another in demand citrus flavor is orange that is showing up everywhere from olive oils, to water and juice products. Marlena McGuffey of Flavorman commented, “People seem to be more willing to try a product that is unusual if it contains at least one item that is familiar,” such as lemon or orange.


In regards to packaging, The Beverage Industry also indicates a trend toward clear packaging and labels. Clear labels that have the “no-label” look are idea to allow consumers to see the actual product or beverage they are purchasing. Relating to transparency in packaging, consumers are also seeking out information and knowledge on their packaging to easily identify the ingredients used to create the product. One company that shows both the citrus infused trend along with transparency in their packaging is the probiotic drink collection, Kevita. Below we see the Lemon Ginger sparking probiotic drink that clearly calls out the ingredients included visually as well as in text at the bottom of the label.

Kevita Lemon Ginger probiotic drink packaging

Kevita Lemon Ginger probiotic drink packaging

What other citrus infused products and packaging have you seen on the market? Leave us a comment below now!

Digital Printing Ideal for Seasonal Product Packaging

10/15/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Pumpkin is Back!

Pumpkin Pie Soda packaging by Maine Root

Pumpkin Pie Soda packaging by Maine Root

As soon as August comes to a close, the seasonal product packaging for fall begins to emerge on the market. One of the most popular items that consumers wait for is the wide assortment of pumpkin products from pumpkin lotions to spreads and drinks. As each year passes, more pumpkin and seasonal products are being introduced to meet consumer demand and even “pumpkin hyping” commercials. Check out the new Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin commercial on YouTube now! Digital printing is ideal for seasonal or limited edition products and Dion Label Printing has extensive digital printing capabilities. The benefit of digital printing for seasonal products is that it allows for smaller quantities over multiple skews with reduced setup costs.


The photo above shows a returning limited edition pumpkin product created by Maine Root. Their award winning handcrafted Pumpkin Pie Soda is packaged in amber bottles and finished with a prime wrap label/matching neck label. Each prime label’s background is printed with a subtle elevation map graphic in an orange color pallet that relates to fair trade farming. Maine Root’s products are Fair Trade Certified and created using organic sugar. The neck label has product information backed with a pumpkin image relating to the flavor of the soda and adding a festive touch.


Be sure to read our previous blog, “Top Pumpkin Beer Labels” for some other great pumpkin packaging designs!

Ammunition Wine’s New Label is Battle Tested

10/15/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

“Vintage ammo” Packaging

Ammunition Wine labels and packaging

Ammunition Wine labels and packaging

According to Brandmade Design Company, men are more likely to purchase wine in a restaurant rather than a liquor store.  Ammunition Wine saw an opportunity to grow wine sales for the male audience through their packaging design.  Ammunition is a brand of Daylight Wine Company out of Sonoma Valley, CA.  They believed there should be a wine in the markets for the simple man; the man who enjoys nothing more than fishing on Saturdays, and football on Sundays.  In order to make this vision a reality, Ammunition Wine reached out to Brandmade Design Company for assistance.


With Brandmade’s help, Ammunition was able to create the perfect packaging.  Ammunition believes that their wine is tailored to fit the needs of the everyday man, and they created a label that is just that.  Each of Ammunition’s three wines provides a vintage feel through subtle colors made to reflect bullets, or “ammunition” from the early 1900’s. The label is printed on a textured paper with a black font that provides a traditional look to the packaging. Along with the vintage colors, the label shows an eagle standing proud above the Ammunition name.  The eagle is a symbol of masculinity and patriotism, two qualities the brand prides itself on.


Are there other “masculine” wines out there on the market with unique packaging?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Ready-To-Drink Cocktail Industry Takes Off

10/10/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Berkshire Mountain Distillers

Berkshire Mountain Distillers Gin & Tonic packaging

Berkshire Mountain Distillers Gin & Tonic packaging

As consumers search for convenience in their daily activities, their alcoholic beverages are no exception. The Ready-To-Serve (RTS) and Ready-To-Drink (RTD) industries have grown exponentially in the past two to three years. According to branding expressions company Ipsos, “Packaging has become more advanced, focusing on practicality...ready-to drink mixed cans and pouches allow for greater convenience for the consumer.” Dion recently produced the label for a local distillery’s first RTD product. Berkshire Mountain Distillers, out of Western Massachusetts, has been producing their hand crafted spirits since 2007. In August of 2014, the company introduced their first Greylock Gin & Tonic bottled cocktail.


The top photo shows the RTD Gin & Tonic product released by Berkshire Mountain Distillers. To compliment their collection of high end spirit packaging, Dion printed a similarly designed label for the new Gin & Tonic. The prime wrap around label has a rich navy background to match the look of their gold medal winning Greylock Gin. Delicate white script, and classically designed text, pops nicely against the blue background and is completed with a double white boarder.  The RTD product is currently available for purchase in MA, NY, NJ, CT and GA.


Check out another RTS product we discussed in our previous blog, “Craft Cocktail Packaging.”

Farmhouse Inspired Beer Packaging

10/03/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Oast House Brewers

Oast House Brewers packaging

Oast House Brewers packaging

As we have seen in many packaging industries, outer packaging can be the complimenting factor to a nice label design. Canada based brewery, Oast House Brewers, has fully embraced outer packaging to highlight their craft beer label design. The relatively new yet growing brewery was founded in 2012 and offers two hand crafted products: a pale ale “Saison” and stronger golden pale ale “Biere De Garde.” To come up with packaging that would reflect the hand brewing done in a traditional red barn, they partnered with branding and design firm Insite Design.


The top photos show both the label design for the beer bottles and the outer carrying case packaging. Each 750 ml amber bottle is finished with a front and back prime label. The labels have a unique die cut with a circular top, rectangular bottom and a distressed finish. Wrap neck labels mimic a flag design with peaked edges also toting the company name and product variety. Muted country colors are utilized for a rustic look and the wire closure cap completes the final look. To bring the labels to a next level, Insight Design created a two bottle carrying case shaped and printed to look like a barn. The design includes a peaked roof with small holes for the bottle tops to show through and a “barn door” opening to highlight one of the bottle labels.


Be sure to read our previous blog called, “The Total Packaging” about some other fantastic outer packaging.

Lady Lola Pinot Grigio Packaging

10/01/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Lady Lola wine packaging

Lady Lola wine packaging

When creating a new wine product, the outer packaging or container can make a huge impact on shelf appeal. Lady Lola Wines are produced by Enoitalia S.P.A out of Verona, Italy and are imported from Italy by Enovation Brands, Inc., Miami, FL. The brand has provided wine packaging that is both unique yet classic. Owner and winemaker Michela has a passion for anything vintage or unusual which lead to the creation of their Lady Lola wine packaging. The company offers a handmade Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Moscato wine that are packaged in a unique spirits inspired bottle.


The photo above shows the Pinot Grigio produced by Lady Lola Wines that is sold in tequila inspired glass bottles. Each bottle has a wide base with a thin neck and wooden cork popular with various tequila products. At the bottom of each bottle is a front prime label created from a metallic stock. The unique wreath shaped label features an organic blossom of leaves and filigree with silver highlights against the green color pallet. By just covering the bottom of the bottle with the label, the crisp color of the wine is highlighted. A matching neck label is also included to match the design of the prime label and pull the overall design together.


Interested in a metallic label for your wine product similar to the ones created by Lady LolaRequest a sample packet today or check out our wine labels capabilities page.

Re-usable Chalkboard Tea Labels

09/26/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

created by Flowering Rock LLC

Flowering Rock LLC Chalkboard Labels

Flowering Rock LLC Chalkboard Labels

Remember when we blogged about chalkboard labels trending in the packaging industry back in 2012? The unique material allows consumers to apply the label to a container, write on the label with chalk and utilize the container for various purposes (storage, organization, decoration, etc). Dion Label Printing recently printed a chalkboard label for an up and coming tea company called Flowering Rock, LLC. The Boston based company offers Grecian inspired artisan teas in six different fragrant varieties. To hold the loose leaf tea, Flowering Rock approached Dion Label to print a chalkboard label that could be used on their tea tins. Once the consumer was finished with the tea product, the tin could then be re-used for storage or decoration.


Each kraft paper inspired tea tin is finished with a wrap around chalkboard label. The rich chalkboard material is printed with Grecian inspired patterns along the top and bottom of the label in a subtle color. Small circular removable labels are adhered to the front of each tin with product information and a pop of color relating to the tea variety. A tamper seal label is applied over the top of each tin as well to ensure freshness and quality. When the consumer has finished the tea, the removable labels can be removed to provide a nice blank canvas for writing on the label and re-using the tin (bottom photo).

Flowering Rock LLC Chalkboard Labels

Flowering Rock LLC Chalkboard Labels

Interested in a chalkboard label similar to the one printed for Flowering Rock, LLC? Contact a Dion representative today for more information.

Whiskey Infused Coffee Packaging

09/24/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Whiskey Barrel Coffee

Whiskey Barrel Coffee packaging

Whiskey Barrel Coffee packaging

We have seen industries cross over with their packaging before such as the retail and beverage industry in our blog, “Beverage Inspired Watch Packaging.” Colorado based coffee company, Whiskey Barrel Coffee, has some fantastic packaging for their coffee beans that go beyond the traditional bag. Seated in tradition, the company was founded over fourteen years ago producing hand crafted coffee beans aged in bourbon barrels to absorb the rich flavor. Three different product lines are available including their Whiskey Barrel Coffee, Chocolate Coated Beans and Classic Line Coffee.


The top photo is an example of their Decaf Whiskey Barrel Coffee packaging. A glass whiskey bottle is filled with the hand crafted beans and finished with a prime front label. The labels are created from a textured paper and printed with a black center panel and subtle sunburst pattern. The white graphics and text provide a nice contrast against the black. By utilizing a variety of modern fonts along with a small skull graphic along the bottom of the label they achieved an edgy look. The left and right ends of the labels are pure white, divided into sections where the bottle number and net weight can be hand written. As a finishing touch, each bottle’s top is hand dipped in metallic wax that hardens with some visible drips for a handmade feel.


What other cross over industry packaging have you seen on the retail shelves? Leave us a comment today; we love to hear from our readers!

Welcome Nick!

09/17/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Dion’s New Sales & Marketing Intern

Marketing Intern Nick

Marketing Intern Nick

Dion Label Printing would like to welcome Nick DeJesus to the Sales & Marketing team as our new intern! Nick is currently in his senior year at Westfield State College. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. Nick is a personable individual with a drive for building customer relationships. Outside of school and work, Nick enjoys playing intramural soccer at Westfield State and actively following sports.


Nick most recently interned with Martignetti Companies/ United Liquors, LLC and gained valuable experience in both marketing and human resources. He gained experience in both employee interactions and developed a more streamlined filing system to increase workflow at the business. Through both schooling and previous internships, Nick is well trained in various software’s making him a valuable asset to the marketing department. Dion Label Printing is excited to have Nick join our marketing team!

Dion to Exhibit at Fall New England Made Show in Sturbridge

09/08/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Booth # 806

New England Made Show Fall 2014

New England Made Show Fall 2014

Dion Label Printing is excited to announce we will be exhibiting for our second year at the Fall New England Made Tradeshow! The show will be held September 14th – 15th at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, MA. If you plan to attend the show, stop by Dion Label’s booth #806 in the specialty food room to speak with a representative about your labeling needs!


The Fall New England Made Show is being held by Giraffe Events for its third consecutive year and is constantly growing! Local companies feature products from candles, jewelry, clothing, specialty foods, personal care products and more.


Interested in speaking with a representative before the show? Contact us today via email or give us a call at 1-800-583-6366. We look forward to meeting you!