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Welcome Suzie!

06/09/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Dion Sales & Marketing Intern

Welcome Suzie!

Welcome Suzie!

Dion Label Printing would like to welcome Suzie Soltau to the Sales & Marketing team as a new intern! Suzie received her BA in Communications with a Minor in Sociology from the University Of South Florida. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Marketing online from Walden University. Suzie is an energetic, driven and creative person with a passion for Marketing. Outside of school and work, Suzie enjoys going to the movies each week and playing flute in the UMASS Symphonic Band.

Suzie most recently worked as the Marketing Director of the University of South Florida Herd of Thunder Marching Band. She gained valuable experience on organizing a marketing team and promoting a productive and creative atmosphere. Suzie also worked at additional internship and full time positions that provided real work experience in multi-media marketing, material design and brand development. Dion Label Printing is excited to have Suzie join our Marketing team!

Package Design’s Makeover Challenge 2016

05/10/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Choice Organic Teas

Package Design Makeover Challenge

Package Design Makeover Challenge

Package Design Magazine has made big announcements for their 13th annual Makeover Challenge. With continued sponsorship from Printpack, the Makeover Challenge is a yearly competition that selects a brand to receive reimaging from design and consulting firms. As of April 2016 they have announced Choice Organic Teas, owned by Granum, Inc. as this year’s brand. The competitors will be Damen Jackson, Iron Design Inc, and Turner Lee Consulting & Design.

Choice Organic Teas is a socially friendly brand based out of Seattle, WA. They were the first tea brand to create brews that contain no genetically modified organisms, and are packaged in completely organic tea bags. Their mission is to change the world one cup at a time. Outside of their teas, as a company, they take part in various philanthropies. They work with a farmtrust to help ensure the sustainability of farms in the United States. They also raise money for Chai for Cancer as well as a scholarship fund for students at Bastyr University.

This year’s three competing agencies all plan on bringing unique values to the competition. Damen Jackson is a company based out of Chicago, IL that follows four principles in their design process; creativity, relevance, simplicity and results. Iron Design Inc. is from Ithaca, NY that specializes in the branding process. They’re work centralizes around branding, naming, packaging design, web design and communication design. Lastly, Turner Lee Consulting & Design is agency that prides itself on building strong, lasting brands and strong, lasting relationships. Turner Lee comes from the Black Hills of South Dakota and has other offices in Colorado and California.

New designs for Choice Organic Teas will be created by each design agency, but only one will be crowned winner. Check out Package Design Magazine to keep up with this year’s competition.

Goodbye Megan!

05/06/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Sales & Marketing Intern

Good Luck, Megan!

Good Luck, Megan!

Today, the marketing department at Dion Label Printing is saying goodbye to our most recent sales & marketing intern. Megan worked with the marketing team to help expand our social media efforts and blog writing. She worked on creating and sending out marketing packets and assisted with various research projects. In addition, Megan assisted the customer care team with greeting plant visitors and directing new customer inquiries. Megan is a self-driven individual who is extremely organized and works well with others. She is also a dependable and punctual individual. Those characteristics paired with her fast paced work ethic made her an asset to have on the team. Outside of the office, Megan enjoys cooking and serves on the Executive Board for Iota Gamma Upsilon Sorority.

Megan will be returning to the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the Fall of 2016 to complete her senior year. She plans to graduate May 2017 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications and a second major of English with a Marketing concentration. The Dion team wishes you the best of luck in your final year at school and all future endeavors. Good luck, Megan!

Don Pancho’s Origenes Rum; Encased in Luxury

05/05/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

IBC Shell Design

Don Pancho Collection
Don Pacho Origenes Collection

After dedicating a life to learning and crafting Cuban rum, Francisco Jose Fernandez Perez aka ‘Don Pancho’ and Carlos E Esquivel developed their first signature line of rum, Origenes. The original rum, 30 year old Reserva, was meant to be the true, classic creation of orthodox Cuban rum – a product for connoisseurs. The 18 year old and 8 year old rums were developed to be fine, more mainstream batches of rum. To accompany the luxury rum was the need of a luxurious package. IBC Shell Design stepped in and helped create an award winning package design.

The package for the rum remains simple yet elegant. Focusing on the 30 year old Reserva, the bottle is entirely clear and the labels take up a small amount of space, allowing for the color of the dark rum to be seen. The center of the bottle has a small black square with a golden border and the logo for Don Pancho also in gold. The elegant script used to create the letters “DP” stands out despite being in the background of the name of the collection. A deep red label that contains the alcohol information sits at the bottom of the bottle and compliments the color of the rum. To top off the package is a matching red tamper neck label covering the cork of the bottle. A black wraparound label covers the neck, containing the number of years the rum was aged, thus completing the look.

Don Pancho 30 Year Old Rum

Don Pancho 30 Year Old Rum

While the packaging seems to appear relatively simple, there are many high decoration elements that went into the design. The bottle comes in a jet black, hinged gift box. The front of the box has a matching logo to the bottle, and it is made out of embossed steel. Coming down from the top is a mock tamper neck label, recreated from the one used on the bottle. A combination of hot stamping and bi-level embossing adds to the high level of design. Satin is used on the inside of the box to add to the luxuriousness of the product. The box itself is finished with a matte lacquer.

New Ceramide Care Label Influenced by Millennial Consumers

05/04/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Earth Science Naturals with Mark Oliver Design

Ceramide Care Collection

Ceramide Care Collection

Mark Oliver, Inc. teamed up with Earth Science Naturals to design their new line of hair care products, Ceramide Care. The new line features clean shampoos and conditioners in celebration of Earth Science’s 35th year creating natural beauty products. Mark Oliver made sure to put effort into working with their printer to come up with a fresh and innovative look for the product. The target consumer for the new line was millennials.

The initial appearance of the products comes off as clean and simple. A light shade of green, periwinkle, aqua, or red is printed on pearlescent white biaxilally oriented polypropylene film. White and black colored fonts contrast the color of the base label for clarity of information. As consumers millennials look for authenticity and information, which is why the product is so easy to read. Either ‘shampoo’ or ‘conditioner’ is typed vertically and is the central focus of the label so the two products are distinguishable from each other in the shower.

 Ceramide Care Collection- Shampoo

Ceramide Care Collection

While the product appears simple, a deeper look shows the detail of design on the background of the label. As two of the main components of Ceramide, palm oil and silk protein served as inspiration for the design. Faint lines appear in the base label, which compose the image of a palm leaf. The shimmer of the pearlescent paper and metallic ink is used as homage to the natural ingredient, silk protein. Attention to detail and modern design sets this product line apart from others in the Earth Science family.

If you have questions about using different films or papers for your upcoming project, contact Dion Label today for more information.

“Ceramide Care” trademark, and packaging copyright 2016 Earth Science Naturals

A New Soup Label with a Vintage Feel

04/29/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Cliff Loves Soup – Bulldog Drummond Design

Cliff Loves Soup - Tomato and Basil

Cliff Loves Soup - Tomato and Basil

A new project has been taken on by Bulldog Drummond. The design team partnered with soup enthusiast, Cliff, to help create a brand that would convey his love of soup. They worked for six months on a design, a voice, and a brand. With that, a new tomato and basil soup has come out as the first product for the company, Cliff Loves Soup.

The components of the wraparound label are relatively simple. The background for the labels is a black and white photo. The inspiration behind using pictures for the base label was to take consumers back to a time where people valued and trusted the roots that their food came from. The label has a grainy appearance that plays into the classic feel of the package. Centered in the image is the name of the company with the name of the soup overlapping it. Bulldog chose to surround the bold text with a red border to compliment the soup and to stand out against the grayscale image.

 Cliff Loves Soup Lid

Cliff Loves Soup Lid

The lid to the soup is where the passion of Cliff Loves Soup is conveyed. An image of a white spoon on the same red color is used with the words “eat slowly”. Cliff’s voice comes through the package with the use of the words “Do you love soup? I love soup. My name is Cliff and I made this soup for you. Warm it up and enjoy it with people you love.” Though the lid may not show on the shelves, it is where customers can connect to this product the most.

If you’re in the food industry like Cliff, and are looking for more inspiration, request a samples packet from Dion Label today.

Fresh Bread Design Creates High Decoration Label

04/27/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Temple Distilling

Bookmark Limoncello - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions

Bookmark Limoncello - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions

Temple Distilling, based out of Washington, has recently released their newest gin, Bookmark Limoncello pictured by VonJentzen Productions. Limoncello is a twist on their traditional Chapter One Old Navy gin that involves lemons soaking in the batch for added flavor, along with additional cane sugar. Temple Distilling opened for business in October and during this time they have formed a relationship with Fresh Bread Design. Fresh Bread has been responsible with helping brand the company and has designed the logo for Temple as well as their other gin labels.


Fresh Bread Design had previously employed a custom typography for the Chapter One gins that they recreated for Limoncello. The aim for this overall design was to give a classic feel without appearing too ‘stuffy’. There are high decoration elements that Fresh Bread carried over from the original designs to the new gin. The labels are made with a linen paper coupled with embossing on the word “Bookmark” to provide a classic look.

Limoncello Label - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions
Limoncello Label - Pictured by VonJentzen Productions

The colors of the label were strategically picked to match the natural yellow color of the gin. Light tones of green and gold subtly border the bright white base label. The design team went with a white base so they could control the way the neutral toned colors played off of each other. The name of the gin is embossed with a brown font and a hint of gold foil, to make the words pop against the neutral coloring. The bottle is completed with a tamper neck label that matches the base. The green color is replicated and contains the logo of Temple Distilling for a complete look.

High decoration elements, like the ones used by Fresh Bread Design, create unique labels for unique products. If you’re interested in finding out more about high decoration labels, contact Dion Label today.

AG Hair Changes Traditional Label Design for New Product Line

04/22/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

AG Hair Care Collection- AG Hair

AG Hair Care Collection- AG Hair

Based out of Vancouver, AG Hair has released their line of ‘Texture’ hair products. The company was founded 27 years ago by John Davis, a former hairdresser, and his partner, Lotte who was working in retail merchandising and design at the time. They employed the idea that beauty comes from simplicity and confidence into their products. From this, Kriss Blizzard, their VP of Creative, got inspiration to design their new labels.

Cleansing Cream - AG Hair

Cleansing Cream - AG Hair

AG’s packaging traditionally is made of white, black, and neutral toned colors. Blizzard broke the mold from this routine for the colorful design of the Texture product line. Despite being visually set in the background, the main focus of the label is a peony. The specific flower was used for its timeless beauty and as a representation of the simplicity that the brand prides itself on. The peony sits on a grey background which makes the pink tones of the petals pop. In the center of each label is a white rectangle containing the various product information so it’s clear for consumers to read. At the top of the label sits the AG logo, making the package recognizable to their loyal customers. Due to the different degrees of texture and colors on this label design, the product proves to be eye catching.


If you’ve been inspired by the different colors and textures of AG Hair’s label, and are looking for a printing company to partner with, contact Dion Label today to request a quote.

Makers & Allies Designs Earthy Inspired Wine Label

04/20/2016 by Megan McHugh (comments: 0)

Ancient Peaks Winery

Ancient Peaks Wine Label

Ancient Peaks Wine Label

Ancient Peaks Winery is a multi-family owned and operated vineyard with striking wine bottles. Margarita Vineyard, where the company is stationed, is home to a rare array of soils. The wine is created in a blend of sea bed, rocky alluvium, shale, volcanic, and granite soil. This is the feature that the company builds its brand around. When designing a new label, Ancient Peaks, turned to Makers & Allies for partnership.

Makers & Allies helped with many aspects of the branding process for Ancient Peaks. They were responsible for custom art direction, label design, and package design amongst other aspects of the branding process. The inspiration they used for the new designs and images came from the vineyard itself and its surroundings. Makers & Allies drew on the mountain ranges, the vines, and the soil throughout the design process for Ancient Peaks.

Ancient Peaks Special Edition Label

Ancient Peaks Special Edition Label

A cream colored, textured paper is used to create the sophisticated looking label. Either a black or pearl colored font contrasts the details of the label against the paper. ‘Ancient Peaks’ is written in a large, distorted black font and is embossed, in aims to replicate the appearance of mountains ridges. A metallic gold font is used on a select few labels for their special edition wines. The design of the label below the name is inspired by the five different soil types found in the vineyard. The combination of the textured paper and a mimicked debossing effect makes the label design appear as the soil. The back label includes the same features of the front and details where the wine came from; giving soil type and the geographic coordinates of the vineyard. While most of the font is in a black color, gold is used to highlight the soil and the contents of the wine. To finish the design of the bottle, the cork is placed in a copper colored capsule with the stamp of Ancient Peaks Winery.


If you’re looking for examples of wine labels or labels with embossing effects similar to Ancient Peaks Winery labels, be sure to request a samples packet from Dion Label today!

Dion is Hiring!

04/20/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Quality Assurance Coordinator


Dion Label Printing is hiring a full time Quality Assurance Coordinator.

About Us:

Founded in 1969, Dion Label Printing, Inc. specializes in printing labels, shrink sleeves, tags, and tickets for multiple industries including health & beauty, ski and recreation, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, toy, industrial and several others. Our teams of employees must be up-to-date with cutting edge technologies and trends that take place in every industry. Dion Label Printing, Inc. employs over 80 employees and is located in Westfield, MA.

Key Tasks:

  • Proofread via comparator
  • Edit press roll maps
  • Maintain contact with comparator and roll mapping technicians
  • Perform production run approvals on press
  • Maintain production color standards
  • Manage production retains and data
  • Verify Certificates of Compliance and Certificates of Analysis


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Enjoys working in a production environment
  • Strong computer skills: Word, Excel, E-Mail, Internet
  • Ability to learn new computer applications quickly
  • Ability to handle complex interlinked activities and balance priorities
  • Must be able to be mobile for long periods of time; walking to and from production teams

Position Details

  • $12 per hour starting salary; negotiable based on experience
  • 40 hours a week
  • 8:00am to 4:30pm

Application Details

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Stacy Falconer via email. Please include "QA Coordinator Applicant" in the subject line.

Contact Information:

Stacy Falconer

Business Development Director