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What’s New with Beer Labeling in 2015?

01/30/2015 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Beer Label Trends 2015

Beer Label Trends 2015

As the Super Bowl is only a few days away, beer sales will be showing a dramatic increase in sales. In fact, according to Statistic Brain almost 50 million cases of beer will be sold in the U.S. for the big game alone! How will you make your beer labels and packaging stand out for this year’s game and throughout the year? We have compiled some of the big trends in the beer packaging industry for 2015 to take your product above and beyond.

In regards to label design, companies are creating labels that are less cluttered than ever before. Solid colors and bold graphics are being favored to busier labels for a more artisan look. Cleaner lines also allow your label material to stand out on the bottle and be the star of the show for a high end look. Consider selecting a textured paper label that will provide a tactile experience in itself and let the design accent the material.

Beer has also become more than just a beverage enjoyed at sporting events. It is now a social and cultural medium that consumers are interested in; specifically craft brews. Craft beer enthusiasts are not only interested in the flavor of the beer but also the process and history of creating the brew. Labels are an excellent way to communicate the process of creating a brew in a visually appealing way. BBNo, a brew we blogged about, is an excellent example of this type of packaging. They incorporate the tasting notes and details in an organized, hand written list.

Even flexible packaging is making its way into beer packaging as many beer cans are now using shrink sleeves as opposed to printed cans. Shrink sleeves provide a 360 degree look and can be printed in small or large quantities depending on your needs. Contact Dion Label today for more information on shrink sleeve packaging.

What other beer label and packaging trends have you noticed? Let us know today!

Top Global Brands for 2014 Announced

01/26/2015 by Ashley (comments: 1)

The complete package

Top Brands 2014

Top Brands 2014

At the end of each year, branding and consulting service company Interbrand provides a ranking of the top 100 brands. A top brand/company is not based off of just an innovative product or excellent packaging. Top companies are the complete package offering top-notch products, packaging, service and consumer return on investment. The ranking is based on three key factors including financial performance, customer choice influence and the brands strength to receive a top price for their goods or services.


For the second year in a row, Apple and Google have dominated the competition securing their top one and two spots in the ranking. Below are the top 10 companies for 2014 with a newcomer for the number ten spot:

1. Apple

2. Google

3. Coca-Cola

4. IBM

5. Microsoft

6. General Electric

7. Samsung

8. Toyota

9. McDonald’s

10. Mercedes-Benz


Both Apple and Google have been working diligently to provide innovation in both their product and services. Apple recently announced their new smart watch concept along with the launch of their iPhone payment service. They have also continued to provide excellence in packaging design that is clean and cohesive with their brands concept. Google also continues to expand in its extensive market segments such as smartphones, search engines and Google+.


Be sure to check out our previous blog on the 2013 top brands also released by Interbrand!

Betwixt Wines Use Packaging as Magical as the Wine Itself

01/16/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Textured stock and embossing help create high end label

Betwixt Wine Labels

Betwixt Wine Labels

As we roll into 2015, we expect to see another year of products utilizing modern technologies.  Though these technologies can be useful and effective in today’s business world, let’s not forget about the simplest production tool of them all.  I’m talking about nature.  Nature is a main component of many businesses that choose to reduce their use of modern technology.  Betwixt Wine is a San Francisco based winery that allows their products to be “defined by nature and not by humans”.  Using minimalist techniques in their production, Betwixt leaves preconceived notions of what makes a good wine at the door.  Knowing that a combination of mother nature and perfect timing are the only technologies they need to create a high end wine. 

Betwixt Wine Label Detail

Betwixt Wine Label Detail


High end wine needs high end packaging in order to properly represent itself on the shelves.  In order to achieve this level of representation, Betwixt worked with Design Womb to create an ideal label.  Using a textured stock as the base of the label allows the consumer to see a certain level of quality that ordinary paper cannot achieve.  The imagery on the label consists of a “whimsical tree” surrounding a mysterious door.  The door is suggested to be an entry way to an enchanted forest where Betwixt gathers ingredients for their wines.  Each variation uses a different colored door in order to distinguish itself among other flavors.  The label is sculptured embossed in order to give the image a realistic appearance on the label.  Betwixt Wines are sealed with an exclusively designed cork to top off the special packaging.


Embossing is a great way to give your label a realistic look and ensure that it will stand out on the shelf.  Are you interested in embossing for your next project?  Contact us today for a free quote!

Re-branding Helps Boost Sales

01/13/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Seventh Generation soaps use new packaging to stand out

Seventh Generation Labels Before & After

Seventh Generation Labels Before & After

In today’s world, eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular.  Eco-friendly products offer a certain level of natural well being that other products cannot offer.  They are good for the consumer, and also great for the earth.  Seventh Generation is a New York based company that specializes in eco-friendly cleaning products.  In a market that is constantly changing, Seventh Generation looked to re-brand in order to help boost sales.


To reach their sales goals, Seventh Generation brought in Beardwood & Co., a design firm also based out of New York to work on their packaging redesign.  They both knew that cleaning products, especially hand soap, needed very special packaging in order to stand out on shelves.  The reason behind this is that unlike other products, hand soaps are put on display in the consumer’s home.  With this in mind, they were able to create successful packaging for Seventh Generation hand soaps.

 Seventh Generation New Label

Seventh Generation New label

Seventh Generation’s original packaging used a white bottle with minimal imagery.  Even though the bottle was eco-friendly and had a natural feel, it didn’t seem to be helping the product sell.  The new hand soap container is clear to allow the customer to see the product and reinforcing the idea that Seventh Generation is a natural product, with nothing to hide.  The bottle holds a clear label with images completely surrounding the container.  These images are meant to help the consumer understand the natural goodness of the scent.  A three hundred and sixty degree banner wraps the center of the bottle, displaying the scent of the product inside.  The CMO of Seventh Generation has said that the new packaging has helped their product “double in sales almost overnight!”


Are you familiar with any other brands that have successfully re-branded?  Leave a comment and let us know

Wine Packaging Inspires Stain Remover

01/05/2015 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Chateau Spill

Chateau Spill label

Chateau Spill label

We have all struggled to remove a red wine stain from a piece of clothing only to be left with a permanent red mark and frustration. One new brand based out of Texas created a new product inspired by the traditional wine bottle. The product is called Chateau Spill and is a red wine stain removed that can be used on clothing, carpets or upholstery. Each bottle of powerful stain remover works fast but is also safe and non-toxic to the skin.


The product is filled in 4oz dark plastic spray bottles and finished with a vibrant red cap. A wrap around prime label is adhered to each bottle that is reminiscent of a traditional wine label. The background of the paper label is a soft cream color that mimics the look of a textured paper. Delicate red and black text is printed along the label’s front displaying the product name and tagline: “The one bottle no wine lover should be without.” Above the text is a detailed drawing of a French chateau or a mansion that gives the bottle a regal and formal look. For a fun design, small wine glass ring stains are printed on various sections of the label.

Chateau Spill Red Wine Remover

Chateau Spill Red Wine Remover

Interested in a label printed similar to the one above created by Chateau Spill? Contact us today for more information or request a sample packet of our work! 

Standing Out in a Growing Industry

01/02/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Driftwood Brewery creates unique blend of styles

Entangled Hopfenweisse Label

Entangled Hopfenweisse Label

Ever since their founding in 2008, Driftwood Brewery has been making themselves known in the craft beer industry.  The Canadian beer company began in a small industrial space, similar to a garage, brewing one or two different varieties of beer.  In just six years they have expanded into a top-tier brewery that now operates in a state of the art facility.  With their new facility and growing staff, Driftwood Brewery is now capable of producing up to a dozen different products.

Their latest work of art is the Entangled Hopfenweisse.  This beverage is a product of two well known styles of beer coming together, or becoming “entangled”.  Tropical hops, typical of a west coast IPA, are blended together with Hopfenweisse banana cloves to create a one of a kind drinking experience for the consumer.

In order to find the proper packaging for the new line of craft beer, Driftwood contacted Hired Guns Creative , a firm they have worked with on a number of previous projects. Knowing that the product inside was a result of two styles coming together, Hired Guns decided to emphasize that idea in their packaging.  This pressure sensitive label shows two characters coming together across the bottle, each one using its own bright and tropical color way.  This color scheme represents the bold and tropical flavor found in the beverage.  The name of the beer, “entangled”, is printed across the middle of the label using a special font that shows the letters intertwined with one another.  With great beer and state of the art packaging, it is likely Driftwood Brewery will continue to make a name for itself in the craft beer world.

Are you interested in labels for your next craft beer project?  Contact us today and let us know!

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Dion will be CLOSED on Thursday, January 1st, and RE-OPEN on Friday, January 2nd.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Dion Label Printing!

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Shrink Sleeves Shape Up Supplement Packaging

12/19/2014 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Shape It

Shape It shrink sleeves

Shape It shrink sleeves

As the year rolls to an end, consumers will begin thinking of the New Year and their new fitness routine to get in shape. One supplement company wanted to bring their packaging to the next level to stand out on the shelf. Shape It, a new brand of Sensilab, wanted to create vibrant packaging for their collection of powders, supplement pills and drinks targeted towards a female clientele. The products are specially formulated for women’s bodies to assist with weight loss and re-build muscle.


Shape It partnered with design firm Arnoldvuga to create over fourteen different full body shrink sleeves and sample pouches for the product collection. Each container’s shrink sleeve covers the entire surface from top to bottom in a variety of bold colors and patterns such as the purple zig-zag pattern for the post workout recovery powder. Other sleeves have diamond patterns, stripes or cascading polka dots in hues such as bright peach and vibrant blue. Fun names are associated with each product such as the “No Limits 4 Me” muscle supplement or the “Energy Up!” pre-workout powder. The company name, Shape It, is printed vertically along the side of each container and some feature images of active women working out.


Interested in a shrink sleeve similar to the ones created above by Shape It? Contact us today for more information or request a sample packet of our shrink sleeve work.

Beyond the Slopes

12/17/2014 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Say goodbye to skiing as we know it

Freestyle Skier

Freestyle Skier

With the winter season now here, ski areas and resorts can expect a growing number of visitors compared to the past.  The reason is that skiing is much more than just skiing these days.  Ski resorts all across the nation are phasing in new technologies and keeping the usual downhill skiing as a secondary option. 


In today’s world, park skiing seems to be the hot new trend in winter sports. These parks include all different types of objects for the modern skier to enjoy such as handrails, half pipes, slides, and complex jumps offering riders a wild and thrilling new experience.  Rather than the typical ride down a mountain, skiers can use these objects to reach a whole new level of skiing.  They can learn different tricks to try on the jumps, or even various grinds to use on the handrails.


One new obstacle that stands out in the industry is the ball slide at The Summit of Snoqualmie in Washington.  This slide is made up of hundreds of golf balls laid flat in a wooden box.  The golf balls offer a smooth sliding surface, so the rider can slide knowing there is no chance of catching an edge.


With ski parks becoming more and more popular, it is no secret that this winter activity is likely to see a rise in demand within the next few years.  Be sure to contact Dion Label Printing today for a free estimate on ski tickets or decals for your mountain!