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Dion Label Blog

Hand-illustrated Packaging

04/03/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Kentish Pip uses hand-drawn designs for re-brand

Kentish Pip Old Packaging

Kentish Pip Old Packaging

It is no secret that the market for craft ciders is up and coming. Kentish Pip is a UK based cider company that has perfected the art of producing small batch ciders. Through the years they have operated from a local historical farm, which has led to loyalty and a large following from the locals.  In an attempt to keep the brand’s personality alive while becoming a house hold name in the emerging market, Kentish Pip decided it was time to re-brand.

Kentish Pip New Packaging

Kentish Pip New Packaging

In order to help make this project successful, Kentish Pip worked with Kingdom & Sparrow. Kingdom & Sparrow is an award winning, UK based design agency that knew exactly what they were looking for in this project. Knowing the brand’s rich history, Kingdom & Sparrow decided to give the new packaging a hand-made feel. So they decided to begin with hand-illustrated themes that would act as the background for each variety of cider. Each flavor features its own respective theme. Along with the background graphics, Kingdom & Sparrow chose to use a hand-scripted font featuring the names of the cider. This combination along with some bold color schemes work together to bring Kentish Pip’s personality into their new and improved labels & packaging.


What other designs have you seen for cider packaging? Leave a comment today and let us know!

Jack Rabbit Gin Uses Historical Packaging

03/24/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Beehive Distilling Makes History

Jack Rabbit Gin

Jack Rabbit Gin

Did you know that according to The Dieline, the state of Utah hasn’t had a legally manufactured gin since 1870! One bold distillery based out of Salt Lake City seeks to change that. Beehive Distillery is a spirit manufacturer that believes in only creating the highest quality of beverages. Their newest product, Jack Rabbit Gin, is the first legal gin the state has produced since 1870. The gin uses a special blend of juniper, sage, and rose petals to set it aside from other spirits on the market.


Creating the state’s first legal gin in over a century is quite an accomplishment. So Beehive Distillery knew they were going to need a label that did the product justice. This unique, two piece label features a natural and soft color scheme to pay respect to Utah’s desert landscape. In addition to the colors, this label is also unique in the sense that it uses a stamped pattern along the edges of the design. The key points of the packaging are embossed with a copper foil to represent the metal stills they are created in. The copper foil also serves a second purpose, to pay respect to Utah’s deep copper mining history.


Interested in an embossed label for your next project? Contact us today for a free quote!

New England Made Spring 2015 Is In The Books!

03/20/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 1)

Dion exhibits in Portland, Maine

New England Made Show Spring 2015

New England Made Show Spring 2015

For the second year in a row, Dion has exhibited at the Spring New England Made Tradeshow in Portland, Maine.  The New England Made show has been running for fourteen years and was held at the Portland Sports Complex.  Companies from all over New England had their products on display during the three day event.  Industries featured included health & beauty, specialty food, and many more!  Dion received heavy traffic throughout the show, with many companies interested in our label printing capabilities.  Dion Label’s digital printing capabilities are ideal for shorter runs with multiple product lines while our flexographic printing is geared toward larger volume runs. Dion would like to thank Giraffe Events and the NEM staff for a great weekend here in Portland.  We are looking forward to exhibiting here again in 2016!


Missed us at the show?  Contact us today for a free sample packet or quote on your next project!

SKINNY COW® Expands to Shrink Sleeve Packaging

03/12/2015 by Ashley (comments: 1)

Iced Coffee Drinks

SKINNY COW® Iced Coffee Shrink Sleeves

SKINNY COW® Iced Coffee Shrink Sleeves

As the New Year and health trends continue, brands and companies across the country are promoting new and existing products that target a health conscious audience. One well-known brand, SKINNY COW®, was founded back in 1991 with the popular talking cow as their spokes person. The brands concept was to provide scrumptious, low calorie ice cream snacks (which are delicious) to their customers without the guilt of traditional treats. A few years back, the brand expanded their products and packaging into a line of low calorie candy treats and for 2015 they are introducing a line of ready to drink iced coffees. The photo above shows the new line of SKINNY COW® Creamy Iced Coffee Drinks that are available in three flavors all for under 120 calories per bottle: Mocha Latte, Vanilla Latte and Creamy Cappuccino.

One thing you will notice about their previous packaging for ice cream treats and snacks is the amount of color and design on each piece of packaging. The new coffee drinks are no exception which use full body shrink sleeves and have 360 degrees of design work. Each sleeve has a white and tan gradient backsplash with a swirling coffee graphic in the center. Accent colors are included along the top and bottom of the container to identify the variety (i.e. purple for the mocha, blue for the vanilla). Their signature cow character is perched above the brand name along with the use of black cow spots to enclose the word “new” signifying it as a new product.

Interested in a shrink sleeve similar to the one by the SKINNY COW® brand? Contact us today for more information. “SKINNY COW® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.”

Simply Squeezed Juice Redesigns Labels

03/09/2015 by Ashley (comments: 1)

created by Dow Design

Simply Squeezed After Packaging

Simply Squeezed After Packaging

Redesigning ones packaging is an excellent way of staying current in the market. When beginning a brand facelift, it is important to partner with an excellent design firm who can help bring your product to the next level. Popular New Zealand based juice brand, Simply Squeezed, has been in business for over twenty-four years and decided it was time for a packaging redesign to stay current in today’s market. The brand is known for their fresh juice that is made with minimal ingredients for that fresh squeezed taste. In addition to the traditional orange juice flavor, four additional varieties are also available including a low pulp version, grapefruit, kale blend and melon blend.


The photo below shows the previous one liter packaging design for their traditional orange juice product. Each jug had a built in handle and small rectangular front and back labels. The design was traditional with large photos of oranges and a clean text. Above, we see the redesigned bottle that now has a more traditional cylindrical shape. Simply Squeezed partnered with Dow Design to redesign the packaging that now has a much more contemporary look. An ultra-clear label wraps around the center of the bottle featuring a much more stylized design. The brand name is printed in a round circle, mimicking the look of an orange, with fun flowing script. The text of the rest of the label is printed at a forty-five degree angle, for an interesting design element, and switches off between white and green colors.

Simply Squeezed Before Packaging

Simply Squeezed Before Packaging

Interested in a clear label similar to the one used by Simply Squeezed below? Request a sample packet today!

Dion Exhibiting at Spring New England Made Show

03/06/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Look for us in booth #426F

NEM Spring 2015

After such a great experience in 2014, we are excited to announce that Dion Label Printing will be exhibiting in the 2015 New England Made Spring Tradeshow!  The show is held from March 14th-March 16th at the Portland Sports Complex in Portland, Maine.  If you are interested in working with Dion Label Printing for your next project, stop by booth #426F to meet with one of our representatives!


For years the New England Made shows have been a great networking opportunity for New England based companies.  Hosted by Giraffe Events, this tradeshow features more than two hundred and fifty manufacturers of all industries looking to expand their brand awareness.  Show attendees can expect to find the finest specialty foods, candles, homemade craft products and so much more at the show.  We are looking forward to a great show and hope to see everyone there!


For more information on Dion Label Printing, or to receive a free sample packet, contact us today!

Award Season Is Underway!

03/04/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

2015 Annual Pentawards to Begin

tl_files/Blog_Photos/Pentawards Logo.jpg

2015 Pentawards

Not only does spring mark the beginning of good weather, it also brings us some of the very best design competitions of the year.  The award season kicks off with the 2015 Annual Pentawards.  Since 2007, the Pentawards have recognized the best design and marketing in packaging for five major categories.  These categories include beverage, food, body, luxury, and “other markets”.  The contest begins on March 9th and runs until April 24th.  The Pentawards is an international contest and is open to anybody who feels their packaging or design is suitable.  So if you’re feeling confident be sure to enter your design or product!


Also be sure to check back with us later in the year as we announce the winners for 2015!  For details on past contests and winners, check out our blogs from recent years.

Taking Your New Product to the Next Level

03/02/2015 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Redesigned Labels & Packaging

New Product Packaging

New Product Packaging

Developing new products, or re-engineering old products, is a critical step for a brand. Whether the product’s taste is being altered or a problem is being fixed, one of the best ways to highlight the emergence of that new product is with packaging. A great example of highlighting a new product is for companies offering new “artisan” or “homegrown” products. One might consider altering the product label to a matte or more rustic looking label to attract attention. Dion Label Printing offers several matte and textured paper label options to find the ideal look.


The design of the packaging can also aid in taking a new product to the next level. Shrink sleeves can be a great alternative for a 360 degree design space on your bottle or container. Consider using the labels main design scheme but on a larger scale with new key words such as “New” or “Improved Recipe.” Bright colors and patterns can also be incorporated to catch the consumer’s eye on the shelf. In addition, adding value is a great way to introduce a re-engineered product on the market. For labels on food products, consider adding a tamper seal that will show consumers that the product is guaranteed 100% fresh at purchase just from the packaging! Hang tags can also be excellent value added packaging to the neck of a bottle that carry coupons or special offers.  


What other innovative products/packaging have you seen on the market? Leave us a comment today! 

Sharp’s Brewery Uses Energetic Packaging

02/19/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 1)

Riding the wave

Sharp's Brewery Labels

Sharp's Brewery Labels

You may have read about craft beers in our previous blogs. Craft beers offer a local, homemade feel and are one of the top categories in the beer industry.  Along with craft brews, cask conditioned beer is becoming a big hit in today’s beer industry.  Cask beer is best defined as an unfiltered beer which is processed and served in a cask with no additional carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Sharp’s Brewery is a UK based company that specializes in cask beers.  Founded in 1994, they built their business by focusing on the future of cask beers with their long history in mind. 


Since 1994, Sharp’s Brewery has grown into one of the top beer manufacturers in the UK, earning them a spot on the list of top cask conditioned beers. With such great beer, Sharp’s wanted to use packaging that matched their products and beliefs.  With the task at hand, Sharp’s contacted Buddy Creative to help with their packaging.  The result is a clean cut label with minimal design.  Though Sharp uses a minimal design, the label does not fail to send off the positive energy that they were looking for in their packaging.  This is accomplished by a combination of positive color schemes and a metallic label border. The label wraps around the bottle and has a wave shape that symbolizes Sharp’s “relentless and progressive ambition.”


Are there any other trends you have seen in the beer industry?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Bone Dry Gin Follows Family Footsteps

02/11/2015 by Nick DeJesus (comments: 0)

Classic Look in a New Product

Bone Dry Gin Label

Bone Dry Gin Label

It is no secret that the spirit industry is one of the most successful in today’s business world.  With thousands and thousands of new products being introduced each year, we can expect to see the numbers continue to grow.  Backbone Bourbon Company is a Colorado based spirit company.  For years they have been specializing in Bourbon and Whisky.  With the current state of the market, they decided it was time to introduce a new line of product.  Backbone decided to take their chances in the Gin industry, and created Bone Dry Gin.  The London style gin is made to bring consumers back to a simpler era of cocktails.


Bone Dry Gin Label Detail

Bone Dry Gin Label Detail

Keeping a simpler era in mind, Backbone Bourbon Company paired up with CODO Design to help their new product stand out on the shelves.  Bone Dry Gin follows the family footsteps when it comes to packaging.  The packaging uses a “wild, wild west” theme that can be found on each of Backbone’s spirits.  Bone Dry Gin uses a textured stock in their labeling, to ensure a high end look with a vintage feel.  The front of the label features the name of the spirit in an old western style font written in an off-white color scheme.  On the back side of the label consumers will find a brief paragraph explaining the ideal uses for this gin.  It also even mentions that dry gin martinis were Winston Churchill’s beverage of choice!


Textured stocks can be a great way to help your products stand out on the shelves.  For more information on textured stocks feel free to contact us today!