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Dion Label Printing Installs Second MPS Servo Converting Press

01/13/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Press Release

Dion Label Printing installed a second MPS Servo Converting Press to provide greater capacity and diversity in its product offerings.

The EF-430 Hybrid press allows printing on 17” wide substrates from thin films to heavy tag. The press uses both UV and water-vased inks and has many rail-mounted accessories for multiple web configurations. Integrated CC1 controls deliver extremely precise and consistent registration. This new and an earlier model MPS press have also been equipped with AVT video inspection equipment. With high-speed, high-resolution line-scanners, these server-based systems monitor 100% of the web, providing operators with immediate feedback on possible defects while digitally mapping the results for editing on newly installed inspection equipment.

Dion’s first MPS press was purchased in 2008.

“This press has definitely exceeded expectations and will surely extend our ability to meet our customers’ challenges in the years ahead” - John Dio

Dion Label Printing, Inc is a digital and flexographic label printer located in Westfield, MA. Dion prints labels, shrink sleeves, pouches and specialty medical products for multiple industries. Dion Label Printing is a leader in the packaging industry with two HP Indigo presses, 5 flexographic presses, shrink sleeve equipment, sustainable practices and print options as well as finishing options including hot stamping, cold foil, silk screening, embossing, and specialty coatings.


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Olive Oil Brand Goes 3D with Label Printing

01/04/2016 by Ashley (comments: 0)

From Nature to the Shelf

eko Brachia Olive Oil Label

eko Brachia Olive Oil Label

When producing a prime label, outstanding graphics are not the only way to make your product stand out. Creating 3D packaging is evolving to be used in new and innovative ways. Olive oil brand, Brachia, recently released a new product called ekoBrachia which is an organic extra virgin olive oil. The European produced olive oil is packaged in small square black glass bottles with twist closure.


A rectangular prime label is applied over two sides of the container printed on a Kraft brown recycled paper. Since the olive oil is organic they wanted it to appear as natural as possible on the retail shelf. Delicate internal die cuts were utilized around each of the white hand drawn looking leaves. The die cuts allow for the leaves to be bent slightly upwards so they create a 3D look on the bottles. White and neutral green printing is used for all the text and graphic printing also giving off a natural feel.


Interested in a label printed on a natural Kraft paper such as the one produced by Brachia above? Contact a Dion Label Printing representative today to get more information on our capabilities!

Happy New Year!

12/30/2015 by Ashley (comments: 0)

from the Dion Team

Happy New Year from the Dion Team

Happy New Year from the Dion Team

Dion will be CLOSED on Friday, January 1st, and RE-OPEN on Monday, January 4th.

Happy Holidays!

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from the Dion Team

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Dion Label Printing!

Holiday Hours:
Thursday, December 24th- CLOSED
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Friday, January 1st- CLOSED

Oreo Reveals Personalized Packaging for the Holidays

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Colorfilled Packaging

Oreo Colorfilled Packaging

Oreo Colorfilled Packaging

Searching for a unique gift for your loved ones with a sweet tooth this holiday season? Snack king, Oreo, has released some personalized packaging called Oreo Colorfilled for their delicious chocolate cream sandwich cookies that consumers can create online.

Consumers start by selecting from two black and white patterns. The “T. Goodman” pattern was created by Timothy Goodman NY illustrator, writer and teacher while the “Jeremyville” was created by the NY artist with a background in street art. The user selects a small section from the larger image zooming in or out making each package of Oreos created unique. Colors are then added in a paint by numbers fashion and small touches such as personalized text and graphics are added. The result is as shown above – a masterpiece for someone special in your life!

Personalized packaging is taking the market by storm especially in the digital printing industry. Companies such as Absolut and Budweiser have utilized the HP SmartStream Mosaic program to create packaging similar to the one designed by Oreo. The technology uses a larger image to create thousands upon thousands of different designs by cropping, or expanding the pattern.

Colorfilled Oreo packaging can be purchased through today to ship by Christmas Day, so get yours today!

Beverage Company Adds Shrink to Latte Packaging

12/18/2015 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Latte Shrink Sleeve Packaging

Celestial Latte Shrink Sleeve Packaging

For over 45 years, Celestial Seasonings has been one of the most popular tea brands in the world. They offer bagged, keurig, and iced teas in a wide variety of flavors to suit their customer needs. Most recently, Celesital introduced their first line of tea flavored lattes with some beautiful packaging. Four varieties are offered on their website and in stores including Dirty Chai, Matcha Green, Mountain Chai and The Godfather.


The herbal tea company is dedicated to using natural ingredients along with sustainable sourcing. To mirror that philosophy, the lattes are packaged in glass 9.5oz bottles with full body shrink sleeves. The 360 degree shrink packaging allows for the sleeve to extend over the cap of the container as a tamper evident seal. A perforation can be utilized around the top of the sleeve, such as these, so that the top/cap can be removed without tearing the body of the sleeve that includes the artwork. Sections of the bottle offer show through packaging to allow the consumer to see the beverage within while adding opaque elements such as the colored band with product information around the center. Color pallets are kept neutral to blend with the colors of the tea by utilizing brows, oranges and neutrals.


What other beverage shrink sleeves have you seen on the market? Let us know by leaving a comment today!

Coca-Cola Debuts 2015 Ribbon Label

12/14/2015 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Share the packaging

Coca-Cola Ribbon Bottle Packaging

Coca-Cola Ribbon Bottle Packaging

As the holidays progress, more and more companies are releasing their Christmas/winter themed packaging. We can count on the larger brands to produce holiday packaging each year but even smaller companies and startups are releasing limited edition packaging. One way to make your packaging stand out, especially around the holidays, is to package it like a wrapped present eliminating the need for additional wrappings.


For the 2015 holiday season, Coca-Cola introduced the “ribbon bottle” which transforms its label into a holiday bow! Click here to watch the video of how a normal soda bottle label is transformed into the holiday bow in just seconds.  The ingenious label involves part of the label being removed and then a small pull tab that bunches the label into the bow shape. Coca-Cola has been producing interactive packaging for decades such as the “Sharing Can” or the “Friendly Twist” campaigns also encouraging customers to share and interact with others.


What other interactive holiday packaging are you seeing on the shelves? Leave us a comment today!

Dion Celebrates with Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

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Happy Holidays from the Dion Team!

Happy Holidays from the Dion Team!

The 7th Annual Dieline Awards 2015

11/30/2015 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Early Bird Registration Ends Soon!

The Dieline Awards 2015

The Dieline Awards 2015

After The Dieline was created back in 2007 it quickly grew as one of the largest and most popular packaging databases. It has grown through the years featuring dozens of packaging categories from the traditional to the unique. Beverage, Food and Beauty/Health are prominent along with new favorites such as #MotivationalMondays with popular design quotes to spark your creativity!


The 7th annual Dieline Awards, sponsored by Neenah Packaging, are underway and Early Bird registration ends on December 6th! There are seventeen categories for design excellence available including but not limited to Spirits, Wine & Champagne, Personal Care, Best of Show, Editors Choice and the Neenah Paper Award. All applicants must be submitted by the end of January for entry. We are excited


Be sure to check back in 2016 for our Dieline Awards winner’s blog!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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from the Dion Label Team

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Dion Team!

Thanksgiving Hours:
Thursday, November 26th- closed
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