Label Review: Nubia Skincare

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Image from Laura Regev

Nubia Skincare was created in Montreal, Canada using handmade products that contain 100 % natural ingredients. The creator and owner of Nubia Spa Vert, Michelle Regev, made it her mission to create an organic skin care line using therapeutic ingredients containing no chemicals, additives or preservatives after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Packaging elements are recyclable, staying consistent to Michelle’s “green” philosophy.

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Image from Laura Regev

Nubia worked with designer Alex Nereuta to create a high-end modern aesthetic. These frosted glass bottles highlight each product containing rare but natural ingredients found from all over the world. The color of the product was the basis for colorful touches that were used on labels. The white label placed on each product creates a minimalist look that mirrors the purity and freshness of the ingredients. Playing with different typography, this label has a comfortable yet luxurious look.

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