Label Review: Pinky up tea

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In 2016, a group of women from Seattle, WA came together to create a modernized tea brand. Tatyana Dolgyana, Angella Watterson and Clare King are the masterminds behind Pinky Up Tea, they also make up “The Creative Team,” whose aim was to make a tea and accessories brand that appeals to women. They partnered with True Brands to create the packaging for Pinky Up Tea, which uses labels and copper- colored reusable tins. These teas come in a variety of traditional and unique flavors containing zero calories and high quality ingredients.


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To create a feminine aesthetic, Pinky Up Tea uses white labels with colorful, high-quality photos of the flavor of each tea. The vibrant images paired with the white label give this packaging a clean and sophisticated feel. The rose gold accents against the copper colored tin warms up the otherwise cool-toned label design. These labels feature contrasting font styles that create a visually appealing layout. Every tin has a combination cap and tamper label to match the color of the flavor giving these teas a finished look.

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