Label Review: Wrangletown cider


Wrangletown Cider Company produces small batch, dry, conditional ciders using apples from family-owned orchards in Humboldt County, California. Wrangletown partnered with Auston Design Group, a premium branding and packaging design firm for beer, wine and spirits to create packaging that is a reflection of a time long past.



Wrangletown, originally Freshwater, a small quiet community until the turn of the century when it notoriously became Wrangletown. Home to many miners, loggers and seven saloons, where public disagreements regularly brewed among townsfolk, most especially two local women. The focal point of this packaging is those two women in the midst of a brawl.

The custom woodcut style illustrations give this label an old west feel. Using the late 1800s as inspiration, this label contains a variety of typographic components that best represent the era. Consumers aren’t just focusing on any particular part of this packaging because the layout is telling a story. The faintly distressed maroon lettering is a design element that best evokes this specific time in history. Using a pop of maroon color, along with the engaging illustrations gives these bottles an attractive eye- catching contrast.

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Label Review: Wrangletown Cider

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