The shift towards gender neutral packaging

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The awareness of gender fluid identities has gained the attention of mainstream media. Our culture has become more diverse and gender roles for males and females have become less defined. By designing gender-neutral packaging, brands can help to create gender equality.

Most household products or personal care items still fit the traditional gender role stereotypes. Saana Hellsten created BASIK, a brand of gender neutral packaging for household products as well as a shaving kit for personal care. The packaging of BASIK focuses on the product rather than the gender. BASIK packaging contains a matte finish with a clean white label using a blue and green color scheme. In addition to the packaging, the product's function was taken into consideration. With their razors, BASIK focuses on giving consumers the option to choose the blade and handle, depending on the function.



The fashion and beauty industry have also created unisex fragrances and skincare lines that appeal to everyone. Context Skincare for men and women developed a line of skincare products using a minimalistic packaging concept. In 2011, Laboratory Perfumes released a unisex scent that had received positive feedback.

Packaging design is a consumer’s first impression. Brands challenging gender segregation can create strong messages by shifting towards gender neutral packaging.

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