Canned craft beer is cool again


Photo Courtesy of Montauk Brewing Co.

In November 2002, Oskar Blues Brewery became the first craft brewery in the country to put their craft beer exclusively in a can. Other breweries continue to follow suit. According to Russ Phillips, author of Canned! on the art of craft beer cans, the number of breweries putting their beer in cans has doubled since 2012. On your next trip to your local liquor store, you’ll notice the unique craft beer labels that once decorated amber-colored bottles are transitioning to aluminum cans.

Winterloper Baltic Porter by Bauhaus Brew Labs.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Bauhaus Brew Labs

Breweries are switching to canned packaging for more than economical reasoning. Beer cans are lighter, more portable and take up less space. This is an advantage to both the consumer who wants to enjoy their beer in an outdoor setting and the producer who is looking for lighter, more efficient packaging. Canned craft beers are great targets for shrink sleeves, a sleek packaging alternative.

There is more space on a shrink sleeve for wraparound design and decoration. Breweries are using this to their advantage by putting as much color, high definition graphics, and design that can fit on their packaging to make their product stand out on shelves. Many advancements to beer packaging and the importance of design quality in recent years have brought all focus to the body of the beer can.

Whether it’s because of the coolness factor or convenience, cans are making new waves in the beer industry. With a bright design, your beer can WILL stand out on shelves. Let Dion Label Printing help and contact us today for a quote!

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