Craft Beer Brands Are Tastefully Designing Their Labels


Photo Courtesy of Howe Sound Brewing

Talking about how beer tastes is easy, but what about visually seeing the flavors of the beer? With thoughtful design, it is possible to use the description of flavors to create a label design that will allow consumers to taste the beer just by looking at it.

Having an intriguing label design that visually represents the flavors of your beer will get your brand noticed and keep consumers curious. For example, The Mount Pleasant Series by Howe Sound Brewing created a variety of labels for their beers which depict certain colors with flavors. Their saison ale contains subtle notes of purple lavender and the label is designed with soft violet tones. Saison is known as a fruity, pale ale that is highly carbonated and spicy. A consumer might be attracted to the purple label of a Saison because of the interesting lavender flavoring not found in other beers.


Photo Courtesy of Breckenridge Brewery/VSA Partners

According to Nielsen’s Craft Beer Category Design Audit, consumers engage the least with package copy and the most with illustrations and logos, unique brand logos, and unusual package carrier graphics. Breckenridge Brewery’s Agave Wheat Colorado Ale - made with wheat and agave nectar - is designed with an amber and golden colored label. The illustration of the dessert surrounds a smiling calavera skull holding wheat and a cacti. This design and color scheme creates a distinctive look for the brand and connects consumers who love the illustration and are in search for this specific flavor with the product.

If you’re a brand striving to create bold and interesting packaging to get ahead of the craft brew competition, contact us today for a quote!

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