Label Review: Kombrewcha


Photo Courtesy of Kombrewcha

Whether it’s gluten-free products or kombucha, the beverage industry is changing the way health-conscious consumers enjoy their drinks. Consumer interest has transformed kombucha from a health beverage to a mainstream product. Kombrewcha, a Brooklyn-based company, rebranded their products with the intention of “showing the world the fun side of Kombrewcha while simultaneously introducing the new liquid with a higher ABV”.


Photo Courtesy of Kombrewcha

Their rebrand is bold and fresh. The Workshop, a design agency based in Miami and New York, created a design that is colorful, cheeky and immediately catches the attention of any consumer passing by. It’s design is monochromatic and vibrant with color. The rebrand includes a slight revision to their logo design and geometric patterns with bursts of colors that represent each flavor - making their new packaging picturesque. Their one-of-a-kind labels reflects how they want to stand out as a brand, especially because the idea of hard kombucha is very new. This healthy, niche beverage will likely attract millennials more so than Generation X or baby boomers so it’s important the design is relevant.

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