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Photo courtesy of Shepherd Agency/Tenaya Creek Brewery

As a re-emergence of canning in the beer industry is happening, there is a need for more alternative packaging solutions. Craft breweries who want their packaging to stand out in stores and among their competition should consider shrink sleeves as a long-term packaging solution. What makes craft brewers the perfect candidates for shrink sleeve is that craft brewers are experimentalists. They are interested in working with new materials to better market their beers, are excited about design, and want to differentiate their products from the rest of the competition.



Photo courtesy of Intuition Aleworks

Shrink sleeves are specialized to fit around the container of your product giving it overall coverage in a 360-degree fashion. This is done by shrinking the non-adhesive material onto the container with shrinking equipment that combines heat and steam. The artwork is printed on the inside of a film material so the design is protected from any outside factors.

The advantage of using shrink sleeves is it creates a 360-degree branding opportunity. Packaging is a piece of advertising. Thoughtful shrink sleeve design can go a long way with advertising your product, leading to a more profitable response in stores. There are important factors to consider for utility, cost and the look of your packaging when thinking beyond graphic design because designing to the container is an important detail for your finished product.

Many craft beer companies are making the switch to shrink sleeve packaging. Dion is tackling this market head on in the upcoming year. Contact us today for a quote!

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