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Digital Printing

Digital printing has become a powerful force in the label industry and is changing the way manufacturers and printers operate. Years ago, there were no alternatives to plate charges, costly tooling and proofing during an actual production run. Manufacturers would order hundreds of thousands of labels that often times grew old on the shelf or would need to be thrown out due to an ingredient or product change.

Digital printing technology offers solutions and versatility that other printing methods cannot deliver. With digital printing, our customers have been able to reduce their time to market, develop packaging concepts by reviewing labeled prototypes with focus groups, proofing on the exact material and coatings as their label orders, and managing product changes and obsolescence with cost effective printing and zero replating costs. 

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  • Faster time to market
  • Flexible packaging/pouches/sachets
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Extensive selection of substrates
  • No plate or color charges
  • Seven color process printing for true Pantone® matching
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Graphics printed with perfect registration of the utmost clarity and resolution
  • Exact match proofs printed on the same material and press that will run your order
  • Customization including variable data and images, bar codes, security features, or sequential numbering
  • Dynamic quality control
  • Over 4,000 printing dies available - including special shapes and sizes


HP Digital Presses Transform Print Businesses:

HP Digital Press

HP Digital Printing Press

Click the photo above to check out a short video on how HP digital presses are transforming print businesses, enabling Dion Label Printing to enter into new segments never before thought possible.