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Health and Beauty Labels

Dion Health and Beauty Labels

Health and beauty labels require a particularly attractive design, as customers are seeking an upscale experience from these products. Therefore, the packaging is a critical element in representing the integrity of a brand. We offer a variety of health and beauty label solutions for a luxurious exterior such as metallic or foil stock that can be colored and manipulated in a variety of ways. Ultra-clear material for a “no-label” appearance is also quite popular. According to Michelle Sartor from Beauty Packaging Magazine, “the no-label look may not be new, but it is popular.” In fact, the “no-label” look is preferred by about 80% of customers! If your company is looking to soften your label image, another popular option is to add a matte lamination over your stock of choice. Dion strives to produce flawless health and beauty labels devoid of puckering or creases, and we intensively test options to provide the proper material, coating, and adhesion is used. Dion Label Printing works with contract manufacturers to ensure that every label follows a specialized printing, inspection, and finishing procedure. Dion Label Printing has documented and advanced control procedures to ensure a high level of quality for all health and beauty labels.

Every roll of labels is labeled twice with production dates, product ID numbers, descriptions, batch numbers and accurate roll counts. Our shipping boxes also include detailed information and box counts. Our health and beauty label clients find our lot tracking and shipping labels especially helpful when their own formulas for a product changes. Clients are able to easily maintain their inventory and determine which products may need to be rerun due to formula changes. In addition, Dion Label Printing also offers your choice of rolls, sheets, and fan folding. For additional quality control information please visit, Dion Label Printing's Quality Control page.

Dion Label Printing, Inc. offers both digital and flexographic label printing. Digital printing allows our health and beauty label clients to provide lot numbers in the label printing process versus the label application process and also manage obsolescence by reducing inventory. Digital printing is a great label solution for companies with multiple sku’s as varying graphics can be printed all at once without the costs of plates and lengthy setup time of flexographic presses! Digital printing is ideal for printing on a variety of substrates, custom color matching, and lower printing costs. Flexographic printing is available for longer run labels of one or more popular items, printing on an extensive variety of substrates, and a large selection of tooling for specialty cuts.

Health and Beauty Label Solutions:

  • Health and beauty stocks including: 
    • Clear and Ultra-clear label material for a “no-label” look 
    • Shrink films 
    • Textured papers: Linen, Estate (Cream and White), and others available 
    • Foil paper and film 
    • Holographic 
    • Metallics 
    • Paper 
    • Recyclable materials 
    • Many more! 
  • Cold foil stamping 
  • Foil hot stamping 
  • Embossing 
  • Shrink sleeve technology 
  • Water resistant adhesives and coatings to protect health and beauty labels from moisture, oils, and other liquids  
  • Selective gloss and matte coatings available in UV and laminations
  • Soy, water-based and UV inks available 
  • Certified label counts 
  • Consecutive numbering and variable data 
  • Validated inspection 
  • Guaranteed barcode scanability 
  • Extended content labels: two sided and multi-layer for additional ingredients, instructions, and languages. 
  • Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) available 
  • Over 45 years experience working with health and beauty and contract manufacturers 
  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal materials, varnishes and laminations 
  • Repositionable adhesives 
  • Flexible film packaging for squeezable tubes and containers 
  • Pouching 
  • Doming 
  • Packaging prototyping 
  • Digital printing for short runs, lower costs, and efficient production of multiple sku’s 
  • Short and long run capabilities 
  • We carry 4,000 dies in-house for custom cuts and special shapes (save on die costs)

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