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Software and Accessories

Dion Label Printing has teamed up with Niceware International LLC and Easy Label to offer you multiple programming choices! Dion Label experts will provide you with a free consultation to help you decide which premium software package will compliment your printer or label applicator. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our various user levels are designed to fulfill your business needs!

NiceLabel™ is the most advanced labeling software available for desktop, enterprise, and mobile users supporting both traditional bar code and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) smart label design and printing.

NiceLabel™ 5 offers an easy-to-use label design solution that enables you to transfer easily and cost-effectively from traditional (bar code) labeling to smart label identification.

In addition to an advanced RFID Smart Labeling interface, NiceLabel™ 5 Pro includes support for all industry standard bar codes (including 2-D). Since users are often confronted with particular customer or industry (chemical, automotive, retail, etc.) compliance requests, NiceLabel™ Pro installs many industry standard label templates to get you printing quickly.

Using NiceLabel™ 5 for your RFID Smart labeling needs will enable you to conform to the RFID standards such as electronic Product Code (EPC), Department of Defense (DOD), RFID patient identification and more.

  • NiceLabel™ Brochure
  • Download a FREE version of NiceLabel™

EASYLABEL is an easy-to-use barcode and RFID label software. EASYLABEL 5 includes every method of making label design and printing easy, fast and accurate. You don’t have to be computer literate to fulfill complex labeling requirements. EASYLABEL 5 incorporates an RFID Wizard and an EAN/UCC-128 Wizard to help meet all of your current and future label design requirements. See What's New in EASYLABEL 5.

For a total labeling solution, EASYLABEL is available in three separate versions, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Choose the best one to fit your labeling application from the Version Comparison Chart.

  • EASYLABEL 5 Brochure
  • Download a FREE demo version of EASYLABEL 5

Rewinders and Dispensers:

We also provide rewinders and dispensers! All of our dispensers feature optical sensor reliability, allowing you to feed labels of varying sizes, shapes and color! Our heavy-duty dispensers are designed for long life performance.

Dion Label rewinders are compatible with virtually all brands of thermal transfer or direct thermal printers. Our rewinders provide a simple, fast and economical solution for printing large quantities of labels. The electronic speed control automatically synchronizes to the speed of your printer, and labels can be wound “face in” or “face out”!

Consultation and Technical Services:

We have in-house technicians that will install your software or equipment, show you how to use it, or even come visit from time to time should you need any attention!