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May 7th, 2019

The Benefits of Shrink Sleeves for Nutraceutical and OTC Pharmaceuticals

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Every industry faces its own challenges, but those of nutraceutical and over-the-counter pharmaceutical companies are unique. There are the ever-present concerns over the security and efficacy of the product. In such an extensive market, design choices that create instant brand recognition are of paramount importance. Consumers buy OTC pharma and nutraceutical products regularly and are looking for economical options, such as multi-packs. Shrink sleeves offer solutions for all of these challenges and more. Dion has decades of experience working closely with OTC pharma and nutraceutical companies, so we can help you make the right packaging choices, whether your product is an OTC pain reliever or a pre-workout protein powder.

One of the largest problems many businesses in these fields face is the way to assure their customers that their offerings are safe and untampered with, not to mention the need to meet regulatory standards of safety. There are many options for solving these concerns: tamper-evident seals in addition to a main label, secondary packaging, tabs and other measures below the cap of the product. But if you are looking for an all-in-one packaging solution that eliminates the need for secondary packaging and auxiliary safety elements, look no further than shrink sleeves. Because of the unique features of shrink sleeves and their ability to adhere to just about any type of bottle, they can be designed to cover the entirety of your container. They can come equipped with a perforation, and once shrunk to your bottle they provide the security you and your customers are looking for. Why fuss with multiple types of packaging, when Dion-printed shrink sleeves can do it all?

In the nutraceutical industry, there has been massive growth over the last several years, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Consumers are constantly looking for products that help them achieve their health goals. But for your product to stand out on a crowded shelf, your design needs to be striking and memorable. Shrink sleeve are the perfect way to create a stunning first impression that will last and turn into brand recognition. They allow you to extend your design space across the entirety of your container with no negative space. You can incorporate more product information or use the added real estate for design features that will pop. Once customers find a nutraceutical or OTC pharmaceutical product they like they tend to stick with that brand, so make sure you’ve got packaging that will dazzle them!

Multi-packs are becoming increasingly common among nutraceutical and OTC pharma brands. This trend is a factor of customers looking for economical options and the product loyalty customers feel once they find the right option. Shrink sleeves, again, offer a more streamlined option than other secondary packaging options like boxes or plastic devices to affix products together—they are easier on the environment too! You can shrink multiple products together easily with shrink sleeves, and to top it off, they can have the exact same brand look and feel as the rest of your products!

If you are looking for a way to simplify your packaging while increasing the security of your packaging and the impact of your brand, shrink sleeves are an incredible solution. Request a free sample packet from Dion today to see some of our shrink sleeves for yourself!

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