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February 7th, 2019

Color is Key: Maintaining Brand Consistency for Small and Large Cannabis Brands

Rishi Products

Whether you are an established brand or a startup, brand consistency is one of the most crucial factors of brand success. Brands in the cannabis industry, like those in any growing industry, are required to be even more attuned to possible deviations from brand consistency, as stakes are high with so much market competition. And one of the most effective ways to achieve consistency in your branding is with color. When you are looking for consistency in your print color, Dion Label Printing is your one stop shop. As a GMI certified printer, we take pride in our ability to color match, whether we print your labels digitally or traditionally, and whether you are ordering 2,000 or 200,000 labels.

Our color matching process begins in our Prepress Department, goes through our Quality Assurance Team, and is continued in production as our techs use software, photo spectrometers, and their own well-trained eyes to make sure your brand colors print beautifully and on-brand. Once your labels have been printed, we give each of them yet another pass through our Quality Control department, where again both technology and the skills of our technicians are put to use to ensure every aspect of your label is just right. We take pride in our process and in the diligence and skill of our team members, eliminating stress and effort for you and your brand.

At Dion Label Printing, we offer HP Indigo digital printing. HP Indigo digital presses do not limit ink coverage to 200%; coverage can reach beyond 400%, ensuring color depth and saturation. Another amazing facet of our digital print process is that the HP Indigo blanket transfers 100% of the ink to the substrate. The total transfer of ink from the blanket allows the same set of cylinders to be used to print the complete sheet, ensuring precise color-to-color registration and color consistency throughout. Digital printing is a wonderful for options for budding cannabis brands.

Because cannabis is a new industry, and one that is growing rapidly, it is essential that brands maintain color consistency throughout their products and from one run through the next. Cannabis retail shelves are crowded, and if a customer cannot easily identify your brand among the many, your chances of success diminish quickly. Dion Label Printing will make sure that your labels are not only consistent in color, but also in quality and aesthetic appeal. Reach out to a label specialist today to discover how partnering with Dion can impel your brand to success, and request a free sample packet so you can judge our work for yourself!

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