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January 24th, 2019

Differentiating Your CBD Pet Products


Like many other sectors of the cannabis industry, CBD products for pets are part of a market that is growing extensively. CBD oil has made its way into pet treats and oils, making up nearly $7 million of the almost $6 billion in cannabis dispensary sales in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington last year ( As with many other cannabis products, concerns about the efficacy of ingredients is top of mind for many consumers. At Dion we know how to create labels that attract potential customers to your products while also assuring them that what they are getting is the real thing—because, honestly, sometimes we pet owners take better care of our fur babies than we do ourselves!

While CBD has not undergone extensive scientific testing yet, anecdotally the benefits of it for dogs and cats are well known. It is documented that for pets, CBD’s benefits include pain reduction, anti-inflammatory properties, anxiety and stress reduction, and it can be used as an anticonvulsant and nausea-reducing medication. CBD’s psychotropic counterpart, THC, however, is considered unsafe for pets. When you are marketing cannabis products for pets, it is essential to keep in mind that informed customers will likely be looking for clear indication of ingredient content and amounts. If you are part of a brand that makes quality CBD pet products, let Dion print a label for you that is sure to broadcast that information to your customers in a manner that is both concise and appealing.

Trends in the pet industry are increasingly inclining toward more high-end and visually appealing packaging. When it comes to the pet market as a whole, not just for CBD pet products, color is used extensively on packaging to attract potential customers. Bold background colors with neat fonts are trending. As a GMI certified printer, we know the importance of getting color right, and whether we print your label digitally or conventionally, you can rest assured that your color will always be on brand. Because people care for their pets as they do for themselves, another trend among pet brands is taking a page from the personal care industry: labels with upscale minimalist elements of design. A label with a sophisticated feel is sure to set your brand apart from other CBD pet companies, and differentiating your products in a crowded and growing industry is of upmost importance.

In an industry growing as quickly as the CBD pet sector, having the right label for your product is essential. Our label specialists at Dion are the experts that can help you achieve your brand goals, and we love working with producers of products that help our furry friends. Request a sample packet or a free quote so we can get started on your next label project!

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