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February 5th, 2019

Digital Printing: Solutions for the Growing Cannabis Industry

Digital Ink

Because cannabis is a new industry, many of the brands entering the field are on the smaller side. Product offerings across a variety of cannabis sub-markets require a complex extraction process and are reliant on a supply chain that can be prone to hiccups due to regulations and other concerns. Retailers, often new to the market themselves, may have qualms about purchasing large numbers of product until they have a better feel for sales. These and other reasons may mean that your cannabis brand requires labels for a relatively small number of products. Dion Label Printing has digital label solutions that can solve these issues.

One of the great benefits of digital printing is the economic way it enables us to print short runs of labels. Digital printing eliminates the need to create printing plates and the cost associated with them. This helps make digital printing a cost effective labeling option. Tooling costs can also be more manageable for digital runs.

Not only are digital runs often the economical option, especially for smaller orders, but this type of printing can expand the variety of color choices and vibrancy within your label. With today’s technology, digitally printed labels can be matched to Pantone colors with a flawless registration calibration to create clean, crisp images. Whether you are new to the cannabis industry or have deeper roots, brand consistency is essential to making it in this booming market. By printing with Dion, you can always rest assured that your labels will have the constancy of color your brand wants and needs!

Digital printing is also a great label solution used by customers with multiple varietals, as is common with many cannabis brands. Labels with varying graphics can be printed all at once without the costs of plates and lengthy setup time. Digitally printed labels make it easy for you to print the appropriate labels for each product offering you create.

Years ago, there were no alternatives to plate charges, costly tooling, and proofing during an actual production run. With digital printing, our customers have been able to reduce their time to market, develop packaging concepts by reviewing labeled prototypes with focus groups, do their proofing on the exact material and coatings as their label orders, and manage product changes and obsolescence with cost effective printing and zero replating costs. Contact us today to find out how our digital printing options can help your cannabis brand grow and thrive!

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