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May 14th, 2019

The Economy of Shrink Sleeves

Beer Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves provide a vast number of benefits to so many different types of companies and products, as we’ve been discussing all month here on our blog. Over and above the great features of shrink for expanded design space, sustainability, and aesthetic impact, shrink sleeves can also be an economical packaging solution. Whether you are looking for ways to eliminate the need for secondary packaging or hoping for a metallic look on your label without the expense of certain high-decoration processes, shrink sleeves can provide an economical solution to your packaging requirements.

Many products require safety measures such as tamper evident seals. Regulations regarding product security exist across many markets, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. Purchasing secondary packaging, whether it be in the form of a seal beneath a cap or a secondary label that covers the opening of your container can become expensive and time consuming. Rather than having to buy and apply several types of label and packaging items, shrink sleeves enable an all-in-one solution to security concerns. You can design shrink sleeves to cover the entirety of your product container, and security questions are solved. They are much simpler than having multiple labels and they can save you money and labor to boot!

Another way that shrink sleeves can save you money is if you are going for a metallic look on your packaging. There are many ways we at Dion can product metallic effects, and some of them, hot stamping for example, can become a little pricey. If you opt for a shrink sleeve, however, and your container has a metallic finish, a metallic look will cost nothing extra. By simply leaving blank space in your design, your metallic packaging will show right through the sleeve.

We all know that offering savings to customers is an excellent way of attracting them to your product. When you use shrink sleeves to combine products in multi-packs, you can save on secondary packaging, sell at a higher volume, and pass those savings on to your customers, driving further sales. Shrink sleeves for multi-packs are not only an economical solution, but they also enable you to maintain brand identity in ways that using secondary packaging such as boxes simply can’t.

Interested in learning more about the unique features of shrink sleeves and the other flexible packaging solutions we offer at Dion? Read more here! And as always, contact us if you’re ready to get started on your next flexible packaging project!     

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