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May 9th, 2019

Even More Design Dazzle with High Decoration Shrink Sleeves

Cold Foil Shrink Sleeve

If you’ve ever been compelled to buy a product because of a truly phenomenal specialty label design, then you know firsthand just how much impact packaging really has. At Dion we can create many high decoration effects on labels, from foils to metallic inks to selective varnishes. But if you really want to wow potential customers, how about adding some of those high decoration effects to a shrink sleeve? A shrink sleeve with high decoration may be just what you’re looking for if you are trying to engage with customers on a level above the competition.

Let’s start with metallics. We’ve noticed that companies across just about every industry are turning to metallic design elements in their packaging with increasing frequency. It makes sense: metallics are well-suited to drawing attention and creating maximum shelf appeal. If you combine the added design space that a shrink sleeve provides with metallic effects, you are sure to attract the eye of a potential buyer.

At Dion we have many ways to incorporate metallics into shrink sleeves. An economical approach is to omit printing on parts of the sleeve and shrink the film to a container that is itself metallic. This is a common route that beer companies use with aluminum cans. We also have a variety of metallic inks that we use on our conventional presses. If you want to go a step further and really increase the shine of the metallic elements, we can apply a foil process right onto your shrink sleeve (pictured above). The metallic effect of foil is truly arresting, although we do recommend limiting foil to areas that are not high shrink (check out our Shrink FAQs for more information).

While on traditional labels a matte finish is not necessarily considered high decoration, shrink sleeves with matte varnish, because of their relative rarity, really give a product a luxe feel. We can also print shrink sleeves with selective matte and gloss varnishes, creating a look with high-contrast and drawing attention to the desired elements of your design.

If you’re looking for way to increase the impact of your shrink sleeve design even further, Dion Label Printing has you covered. Contact us today to learn more!

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