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June 20th, 2019

Helpful Tips for Labeling CBD Pet Products

Phytomaxx Label

This fact is likely not to surprise you: in the pet products sector (which itself continues to expand year by year) CBD pet products are expected to rocket in the coming years. There is a growing awareness of animal health among consumers, and CBD pet products, with their anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties, are fast becoming a leading seller among pet supplement products. In fact, according to New Frontier Data, “[CBD] pet-and-animal product sales are estimated to reach $125 million by 2022, representing a 5-year compound annual growth rate of 57%, among the fastest-growing sectors in the CBD market.” If you find yourself at this profitable intersection of the pet product and cannabis markets, here are some tips to help you differentiate your products with quality labels.

Extended ContentJust as with cannabis products intended for human consumption, it is essential to include dosage and ingredient information on CBD pet products. Because the market is already large and is expected to continue to grow rapidly, crowding your prime label with nutritional facts and other information can take away from design elements that may help to set your product apart. Luckily, Dion Label Printing offers various extended content options, including peel back and hinge labels. These labels enable you to provide your customers with all pertinent information while maintaining the design elements you need to establish your brand identity.

SecurityPets are part of our families, and no one wants to give their furry family members treats or supplements that may cause harm. Tamper labels are an excellent way to simplify the process of securing your CBD pet product while reassuring your customers that your products are safe and free from contamination. We offer a variety of tamper labels at Dion, from paper and film options to shrink sleeves that come equipped with a perforated seal built right in to your main label. Read more about the unique security features shrink sleeves offer here.

Design – When business is booming in a market, there are vast opportunities available to companies; on the other side of that coin, however, is the increased competition that brands need to contend with. While creating an efficacious and outstanding CBD pet product is essential to success, it is only the first step toward reaching your sales goals. Your packaging choices play a crucial role in communicating to your customers what type of brand you are, and the design elements of your label are perhaps the most salient means you have of convincing people to buy your product. Make sure to demonstrate clearly with your label design that your product is a CBD supplement or treat and that it is specifically for pets. Green typographic or design elements are popular among CBD pet brands, as well as natural tones to signify a natural and health-promoting topic. Check out our blog on pet products label design trends to learn more about how to best showcase your brand values.

The Dion Label Printing team has the skill and expertise to help you create the perfect label for your CBD pet products. Get in touch today to learn more about the many ways we can help you promote your pet products!

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