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January 31st, 2019

Keeping Cannabis Products Safe

NETA Shrink

In a sales arena as new, varied, and complex as the cannabis industry, making sure the products that reach customers are safe is absolutely essential. As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana and with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that relaxes regulations on CBD production and products, the industry is expanding rapidly. On both the state level, and to a certain extent the federal level, regulations are being introduced nearly as quickly. Most states already require certified child-resistant packaging for all cannabis products, and traditional pharmaceutical tubes and closures just aren’t enough for this burgeoning, and sometimes controversial, market. Including instructions, dosage, and ingredient information on a label is paramount, as consumers are already wary of products that aren’t what they claim to be. States are also tightening up their laws on instruction and dosage requirements.

Almost all states require cannabis packaging to be childproof and tamper-evident. If you want to increase your shelf appeal and add an extra level of security, shrink sleeves are an excellent option! Shrink sleeves enable your label to have a 360 degree design, and we can create them to extend over the top of your container with a perforated cut to embed security and a tamper seal right into your label! We also can print tamper labels specific to your packaging, so they can be on brand and your customers can rest assured that your product is safe.

With such a variety of cannabis products, from edibles to tinctures to concentrates, it is essential that packaging includes information to educate the customer. In most states, there are already laws in place requiring certain information to be clearly printed on the labels of cannabis products (THC and CBD content, warnings about cannabis, and serving information, to name a few). Since there is such diversity in products and dosage requirements from brand to brand, regardless of how small a product is, it’s imperative that companies find a way to still impart the necessary product directions to their customers. Luckily, Dion Label Printing has a variety of extended content label solutions that make sharing pertinent information with customers easy. Whether you need just a bit of extra space to include the product information that is relevant to your customers and required by your state, or a quite a lot, we offer peel back and hinge labels to serve all your needs—and soon we will be offering booklet labels, so we’ve got all your labelling printing spatial requirements covered! Read more about our extended content labels here.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, make sure you aren’t falling behind on security regulations by reaching out to a label specialist at Dion. Whatever your product is, we have the label printing solutions to make sure it reaches your customer safely!

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