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September, 22nd 2017



In the past few years, we’ve seen a shift in how wine is packaged and advertised. In addition to the standard wine bottle, you can find wine packaged in boxes of varying sizes with spouts, pouches, mini wine bottles and individual juice box-style boxes. The latest comes from Forty Ounce Wines. Forty Ounce Wines’ collection includes a Rosé and Muscadet, housed in a 40 ounce glass bottle. The label design created for these wines will completely change your perspective on these iconic bottles.

forty ounce wine in hand

The label design for the Rosé and Muscadet have a distinct Art Deco influence. Each rectangular label has a white diamond shape in the center that contains the pertinent information on the wine such as the type of wine, the year, the brand name and where the wine hails from. Contrasting typefaces in complementary colors maintain the vintage, Deco aesthetic. At the bottom and top of the diamond shape, a metallic starburst pattern adds visual interest. The remainder of the label surrounding the diamond shape is metallic with the same starburst pattern radiating outwards in white. The Rosé uses a rose pink metallic as an accent and the Muscadet uses a gold metallic.

Metallic accents are one way to enhance a label. Contact us today to find out if they will work for your label design!

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