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February 12th, 2019

Major Potential for Cannabis-Infused Potables

Drinkable Cannabis

At the moment, small and medium startup companies have been the major reason for growth in the drinkable cannabis industry. But according to Bloomberg, giants like Coca Cola are considering entering the field with the development of CBD beverages. There is no better time to establish your brand than now—and Dion Label Printing has the tools and skills to take your brand beyond and reach an audience who is more and more open to cannabis products. Whether your drinkable brand is a proponent of the health benefits of CBD or is part of the legal recreational cannabis market competing with the alcohol industry, we have the labeling solutions to help you thrive in a market poised for continued growth.

One area opening up for many cannabis brands is within the functional beverage market, the health benefits of CBD being the main focus of this type of product. According to Gran View Research, the functional drinks market is expected to be worth $93.68 billion by 2019 (Gran View Research). This trend shouldn’t come as a surprise; increasingly over the last decade consumers are becoming more interested in nutraceutical products that can help them achieve their well-being goals. But when you are competing against functional beverages as varied as kombucha, teas, matcha, functional waters, and energy drinks, all of which are growing in popularity among consumers, having just a great product may not cut it. Consumers are increasingly taking for granted that your product is made with natural and sustainable ingredients, and the visual appeal of your packaging is more important now than ever. If your product is a vibrant color, as many non-CBD functional beverages are, a clear film or a shrink sleeve printed with complementary brand colors and a minimalistic design is an excellent way to show off your product while still communicating your brand identity to consumers. You may also want to consider some of our many extended content labeling options to ensure that your customers are receiving all the nutritional and dosage information they need.

The second category of cannabis-infused beverages are those of a recreational purpose. We’ve seen over the last several years the incredible growth of the craft beer industry. Craft brew brands are intensely aware of the impact their labeling has on sales, and cannabis beverage brands, marketing as a possible alternative to alcohol, need to be aware of how important shelf appeal is. Giants in the alcohol industry such as Constellation Brands and Molson Coors have already made significant investments in the cannabis industry. To get a foot-hold here, cannabis beverage brands are going to have to be innovative with their branding. Dion can help you perfect the design of your label to make sure you aren’t swallowed by the competition, whether you’re a large company looking to join a new sector of the beverage industry or a small startup looking to make gains with a new product offering.

From sparkling CBD waters, to CBD infused sodas, to alcohol alternatives, the possibilities of the cannabis beverage market are nearly limitless. Take your product to another level with an outstanding label printed by Dion. Request a free sample packet today!

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