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December 20th, 2018

Metallics for Less

Wozz! Metallic Label

As we’ve been discussing here lately, metallic labels have never been more popular than now. More and more brands and designers are incorporating metallics into their label art, whether for a fully metallic background or as accents to text and art. Metallics are one of the most requested forms of label enhancement at Dion, and the demand for printed labels requiring metallic effects extends across multiple industries, including Health and Beauty, OTC Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, Specialty Food,  Beverage, Wines and Spirits, and Beer. We understand that while you probably love the look of hot stamping or cold foil, your budget may not. Luckily, there are other options to achieve a high-end metallic finish on your label, and we at Dion have got you covered.

We offer a wide variety of base materials to choose from when you are looking for a metallic finish. Our most cost-friendly option is a simple metallized paper. We can print in any number of colors onto the paper, enabling you to stay on-brand while adding a luxe touch to your label design. We also offer several different finishing options, which can create looks from bright metallic accents to more stately metallic tones with a matte coating. If you are looking for something with an appeal that is somewhat higher end than paper but not quite as exclusive as hot stamping, metallic film may be perfect for you. As with papers, we can print your brand colors right onto the film and create a look you and your customers will love.

Another wonderful way to achieve a metallic look without the high cost that can be associated with some more high-end packaging techniques (and something the craft beer industry in particular is doing more and more frequently) is using shrink sleeves. Because craft beers, along with many other products, use aluminum packaging that has a metallic look built right in, using a clear shrink sleeve showcases the metal of the packaging when the label design leaves unprinted space. If you have opted for packaging that already has metallic elements, using a shrink sleeve or even clear film as your label material can be an easy and economical way to achieve a metallic look.

Whatever your brand’s aesthetic is, we can help you find an economical response to this exceedingly popular trend. If you want to read more about the trend toward metallic labels in many industries, click here, and reach out to a label specialist to get started on the next metallic label for your brand!

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