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June 13th, 2019

Pet Label Trends: Minimalistic and Upscale Label Design

Kin+Kind 1

Why give your pup a bath, when what she really deserves is a spa treatment? Pets are not just animals who happen to live with us, but part of our families, and pet parents like to spoil their fur babies just as they do their human children. The pet products industry is attuned to the desire of consumers to give their pets the very best. Pet products, especially grooming products, are becoming indiscernible from those intended for human use, both in their ingredients and their packaging. If your company creates spectacular pampering products for pets, one of the best ways to communicate the quality of those products to customers is through your label design. Pet companies are taking a page from the health and beauty products handbook and going for minimalistic and upscale design to show their stuff.

Minimalistic Label Design – It’s a cliché of course, but when it comes to label design, a “less is more” approach is gaining traction across many industries. Over the last several years, pet product companies, particularly grooming products, are trending towards label design that mimics that of human health and beauty products. Minimalistic design for labels communicates sophistication and luxury, and we pet owners love to give our cats and dogs the best. A simple and clean design may be just what you need to differentiate your brand. We think Kin + Kind (pictured above and below) has done an incredible job at capturing minimalist typography and design elements while maintaining the bold color and pet iconography that people so strongly associate with pet products.

Kin+Kind 2

Upscale Label Design – Regardless of the industry of your company, if you make a truly outstanding or unique product, you want to do everything you can to show customers the nature of that product as quickly as possible. Differentiation is key. And there really is no better way than to communicate your product’s singular qualities than through exceptional label design. Dion can create labels with a number of features that will help to set your pet brand apart. We offer a variety of metallic options, from films and papers to foiling options for an extra element of pizazz. We also have holographic and textured material options. Dion-printed shrink sleeves can give you 360-degree design space and enable you to go the extra mile and select unique packaging containers as well. Giving your pet product a label with upscale design features may be just what your brand needs in the competitive pet product market.

At Dion Label Printing, we are pet people ourselves, and we love to work with companies that make outstanding products for our furry friends. Check out our guide to creating the “Purrfect Pet Label” if you want more information!

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