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October 11th, 2018

Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand on the Rise

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Labels

The market for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals has been increasing significantly over the last several years, and this upward trend is not showing any signs of slowing down. The category of OTC drugs is a large one, including items from cold and fever medications to various vitamins and dietary supplements. Part of the increase in consumer spending in this sector is due to the trend of people becoming health-conscious in new ways; supplements and vitamins are one sector in which growth is vibrant, as consumers are becoming aware of the possible health benefits of these products. Another predicted area of significant growth in pharmaceuticals in the coming years is the transition of some commonly used prescription-only medications becoming available over the counter. With the technological advances in many developed nations, consumers are more frequently considering themselves well-informed enough to make health decisions without consulting a doctor, which is another factor driving the outlook of this sector. For these and other reasons, the growth pattern demonstrated over the last several years is not expected to slow during the coming several years.

With the increasing demand for and sales of OTC pharmaceuticals, companies in this sector are finding themselves with greater and new demands for packaging. According to Label and Narrow Web, packaging demands for OTC drugs will increase by 6% per year through 2021.  While growth will be most dramatic in countries such as China and India where companies are currently diversifying into the industry in a big way, the United States will remain the largest market based on volume and mix of drug shipment. Although nearly all industries have their own specific concerns with packaging, OTC drug companies may face even more perplexing questions when it comes to creating the right label because of all the regulatory requirements and consumer concerns regarding medicine and health supplements. 

One of our areas of expertise at Dion Label Printing is OTC pharmaceutical and supplement packaging. From peel back to hinge labels and everything in between, Dion can provide the guidance and materials to make your pharmaceutical packaging stand out in an increasingly crowded field. With OTC pharmaceuticals and supplements, counterfeiting and other safety concerns are often center-stage in product packaging, and Dion has the tools and knowledge to create packaging to assuage any worries about safety and legitimacy. See our blogs, Peel Back or Hinge: Which Extended Content Label is Right for my Brand? and Keeping OTC Pharmaceuticals and Supplement Packaging Secure for more information on our offerings specifically geared to this industry. And as always, contact us any time for a free label quote or to request a free sample packet to be sent to you!

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